Saturday, December 19, 2015

What does the fox say? Happy Birthday to Max! That's what.

Max turned 1. 
His parents threw a fabulous party.

 photo 2373ab36-c61c-4b34-9db6-24019574019d_zpsbe7vdcke.jpg
 photo 64f7f188-8e9a-44cc-b16b-a860e2761c90_zpsenhdqt3f.jpg photo 43122e50-30a7-4d67-8c49-636747268084_zpsuadnfkai.jpg
 photo 0fafdf16-5858-4d34-b242-f391326bd12e_zpsa38ncp8c.jpg
 photo d93c09ef-fa20-4716-9d48-996d59a97eaa_zpsdaxzwmlv.jpg
 photo e3f0ccf2-e963-4155-b3d2-f2a9a1ddcd79_zps8pokqwcg.jpg
 photo feb66ed8-0415-4152-8461-530c3f6536f1_zpsvyj1nfst.jpg
 photo 3f1ed510-b8f1-4420-a2d9-3bc17e3fe412_zpsewepzhyg.jpg
 photo c49bb92f-0391-44b2-a5b9-f0138518f02b_zpsxrevsls3.jpg photo 5c4e3dbd-f6ca-40a9-8027-6c672e453a2b_zpsym573ack.jpg photo 15d25bcc-c42d-4c4d-974f-3bc5f4b6c802_zpshyuqpphj.jpg photo e881069b-67bc-401e-877f-abc37120d626_zpsb7eibibf.jpg photo 4e38e4e1-d6cf-4422-89be-0f7b1f7fc2f2_zpsmoxibflh.jpg photo 6b399ac8-67ba-4b03-a284-b63ab213ffa7_zpspk46sa7l.jpg photo 26ba6782-638b-453f-9d44-0f00d17ab91c_zpsgateziwb.jpg photo ff35dae9-30b5-410b-a56f-d6247cf02c6a_zpsy1wohphk.jpg photo 6331cc75-ce3e-4011-b4e2-3ef10105dc97_zpsjmqbgzmi.jpg

I learned a new song at the party. I have been playing it non stop. 
I can't listen to it without smiling!


Mari said...

What a cute party! I love that cake.
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Katherine Vargas said...

Adorable party.

Gigi said...

That cake is perfect! And the pictures tell a story of a great party.

*Jess* said...

That mickey christmas cake is adorable!

Tamar SB said...

He is so cute! Looks like a great party!!

photowannabe said...

Merry Christmas Becky.
That was a delightful party for Max. He looked a little overwhelmed but cake soothed over the rough spots.
Loved the shot of the little girl using the camera...too cute.
Poor Santa always gets some unhappy kiddos.
We had a nice Christmas even with my horrible cold.
Love having my Granddaughters here and just lazing through the day.