Thursday, September 10, 2015

10th Grade :: Here's To Kids Who Are Different

 photo 31653781-54f5-41d5-a3fc-8d6424f5f2b2_zpsvmsob4zy.jpg
Here's to the kids who are different, 
The kids who don't always get A's 
The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers, 
 And noses that go on for days. 

Here's to the kids who are different, 
The kids they call crazy or dumb, 
The kids who don't fit, with the guts and the grit, 
Who dance to a different drum. 

Here's to the kids who are different, 
The kids with the mischievous streak, 
For when they have grown, as history's shown, 
It's their difference that makes them unique. 

Digby Wolfe 

Kaishon is excited for this new school year. For the first time in my life, I was not sad when it was time for school to start. 

Kaishon is very independent. It has been hard for me to step back and let him fly. 

The teenage years have definitely given us a jolt, but I know in the big picture of things, we will survive these difficult days. 


I didn't blog when Kaishon was in Kindergarten or 1st grade but I will find pictures for both of those years so I can make this time line complete.



Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Great photo!! I hope he has a great year. I have a 10th grader too!

Tamar SB said...

Hope he is loving 10th grade so far!

Mari said...

What? How can Kaishon be in 10th grade? Hope he has a great year!

Cindy said...

Great picture. He is looking more like a man and less like a boy. Hope he has an amazing year!

Skeller said...

Handsome Kaish! A thousand hip-hip-hoorahs for excitement for a new year - may it be the best ever! May he have fantastic, engaged, passionate teachers and good loyal friends who have his back and may he study and work hard and be rewarded for his effort!!

Anita Johnson said...

He looks so much older...prayers for all the kids, including Kaishon, starting a new year of school !

Tracy P. said...

Love that shot of your handsome guy! it is perfectly fine to be happy for school to start. I'm so glad HE was excited! It's not that easy to turn over the reins to teenagers. It seems a little counter intuitive sometimes, but it must be done. I try to remember to turn my worries into prayers. I forget. a. lot. Hugs to you!

photowannabe said...

I loved going back through your timeline and Kaishon's adventures.
Praying this will be an awesome year for him and that he continues to learns to fly into this big world with flying colors.