Monday, May 11, 2015

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Everyone thinks they have the best one, and so do I.


My Mom is the best for no less than 1,000 reasons.

grammy 1

She is the best because she taught me to be kind.
Every day, in every way she is kind.
She showed me that treating people well is a beautiful way to live.


My Mom is the best because she is creative. When we were young she made paper dolls with us.
She taught us to stitch. She helped us glue rocks into boxes for a rock collection.
She bandaged knees and told us she was a nurse. She made cowgirl costumes and told us we were real cowgirls. She filled up our plastic pool from Kmart and told us to pretend we were in a boat. Off we sailed.


My Mom is the best because she listened to my dreams. She told me that I could do anything in the world that I wanted to do. Everything I try, I try because I know I have a net to catch me. Because I am the daughter of John and Sandy, I can never fully fail. They help me rise up again and again.

And again.


My Mom is the best because she taught me to love reading. She read us books, books and more books. She read us Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Little Women and Charlotte's Web. She had us write stories and helped us imagine.


My Mom is the best Mom because she was always singing us songs. She has the voice of an angel. And she looks like one too. She has the most lovely soft hair and the prettiest green eyes in the world. I never saw a more beautiful woman than my mom. My Mom taught me that beauty is far more than a pretty pink lipstick and smoky eye.


My Mom is the best mom because she made every day an adventure. She took us to the 5&10 and let us spend a dollar on a treasure. She drove us to Sunday School in a station wagon and took us over all the bumps. She bought us ice cream cones from the Dairy Queen and told us about the Tastee-Freez where she once worked in Clarion, PA.


My Mom is the best mom because she cared for us and served us with love every single day of our lives. She made us meatloaf, and gravy bread, and pancakes. She fresh squeezed orange juice on Saturday mornings. She picked strawberries from the garden and served it over minnehaha cake.


She just loved us.


She loved us so much.


As I am knee deep in the midst of raising 2 teenagers this year, I am overwhelmed. I remember being a jerk to my Mom when I was a teenager. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking mean thoughts. I don't know how she kept on loving me. But she did. Thank God, she did.


Every Mother's Day I am reminded of how blessed I am to be her daughter. 


I love you with all of my heart.


Tracy P. said...

I'm pretty sure she IS the best mom. I can't imagine anyone she wouldn't be a good mom for, but she is absolutely the PERFECT mom that God picked out for you. He knew how many people would need her, and also how many people needed the kind of children she would raise! Isn't it good that we can remember being teenagers so we can see where all of this goes? Love to you and your amazing mom! (And WHOA to these phenomenal photos!)

Carol Blackburn said...

This is an amazing tribute to your Mother. She is a very blessed woman.

photowannabe said...

Becky...She's truly an angel.
Your Mom just oozes kindness, joy and deep contentment.
The last photo of her and Kaishon in an embrace is your Mom personified.
I think if I was in your part of the world that your Mom and I would be the best of friends.
This is the best BLOG ever!!

Teresa Norris said...

I love this tribute to your beautiful mom. I can feel the love through your photos and words.

Dina Farmer said...

So beautiful and well said! Thank you for sharing such amazing words about that mazing woman in your life.

Anita Johnson said...

Wonderful, happy Mother's Day to you too!

Jill Harrison said...

what a beautiful beautiful tribute to your Mom. I am sure she will continue to be there for you as your bring up your children.
Happy mother's day!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother and what beautiful photos! I loved this post! blessings, marlene

Skeller said...

Becky - You love like your Mom does!! And you're right, she does look like an angel. :-D

Tamar SB said...

Your mom must be amazing because she raised you!