Friday, August 15, 2014

the Creativity Project :: Home :: August, 2014

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It's a different kind of a home. 
A home for Senior Citizens. 
Mr. Adams is only 69. 
Barely a senior citizen. 

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The Dr's didn't know what was the matter. 
CAT Scans. 
Hospital stays. 

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He got sick suddenly. 
He couldn't walk. 
He can't feel things in his fingers. 
He was scared. 

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And still, we know very little. 
He is losing his eye sight. 
He is scared. 

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He is in a nursing home. 
We love the aides. 
We love the people he eats beside. 
We love that he is only 5 minutes away.

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Please pray for a miracle for Mr. Adams.
If you are ever looking for a way to make a difference and volunteer, I promise you, your nearest nursing home would welcome you.

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We would love if you could follow our circle. 

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