Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer days :: Life is Beautiful

 photo 5f8f391b-6aeb-4e24-9807-419b20e9c85d_zpsc3657cf3.jpg photo bb3bdd77-2a30-4b02-8150-f86f5715100d_zps1a63727d.jpg photo f2eb8404-0383-46c6-8b8a-bdbe54f6e829_zps73bbea44.jpg photo f83371d1-10c9-4e87-ae61-c2d85b7143b1_zps3e5ed5a6.jpg photo e1f8ba3a-db4c-40ef-870f-48d11045e569_zps9ce8218d.jpg photo b13d7b0e-cd88-49dc-94ba-e087e7023b47_zpsbf65d75d.jpg photo 7dddf302-cc0d-4eed-b35f-b5dfa01d9125_zpsecf5f351.jpg photo 7dc32216-6a94-42f8-9f99-013d04bde6db_zps0e8283e8.jpg photo 6cc009f9-3fd3-4dc3-a016-c9d32a459135_zpsa11f1ee4.jpg photo 31b109d8-5c49-4815-907e-702d2ae2315e_zpsbbce8ed9.jpg photo 03fbd5f6-e231-4c90-9a80-99cf929ead56_zps2913038e.jpg photo c0b80a66-e7cf-4e3f-9a54-760b4196c182_zpsd020f722.jpg photo 68785115-b217-476a-a2ec-b122812972d8_zpsad3b5846.jpg photo 5a277899-6743-4bcf-9680-0373b775dda1_zps059d918c.jpg photo c2eba485-a34e-433c-87e4-2a78bb3e319c_zpsd154b595.jpg photo b7f60bfd-a11f-487b-b779-31dbaa78441e_zpsc015b38b.jpg

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; 
to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
Henry James

Monday, July 21, 2014


This is my favorite picture from last week.

 photo 805c5e44-f751-48ce-92ee-0d59984ff7c8_zps5edc264a.jpg

“But there's a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begin.” 

Mitch Albom

Thursday, July 10, 2014

the Creativity Project :: July, 2014 :: Through the Window

 photo 7a486076-cf2f-4d5c-bdd0-4caf8f12104e_zpsa57c9aad.jpg photo fe4ab297-4f8a-4dea-9e0a-7af71f2cdac2_zpsac5a1f87.jpg photo 55477d62-5c52-4ecc-ad21-2b5992a0c59d_zps2f248ba7.jpg photo e0e54250-607e-44c8-8669-8b8749f92834_zps610eacc8.jpg photo e907f32d-44f7-4619-a8f3-71ec784d8bdf_zps7e8ad2a5.jpg photo b5c1d546-2d75-4a65-9bee-895d96d2fdc3_zpsb9750958.jpg photo c660f035-57dc-43eb-91cc-20a49d48341d_zps363e5a9d.jpg photo 50dd1c6c-4161-4170-a2e3-455d365e75b7_zps051b910c.jpg photo c4a8629c-7963-4b67-a27c-8ffe9a3891e4_zps03ab15fc.jpg photo 9bbf3e7c-53f8-4169-a007-0b64625b3c51_zps93e19147.jpg photo a661d8fc-aa10-47bc-b995-7726acbcbfc8_zpsc1592dac.jpg photo c9fbab61-d527-48c8-9d04-1f7848741c17_zps174da891.jpg
 photo 36aefe6c-70fe-44a7-8b23-c64dcf4ca63f_zps1c45617b.jpg

Please follow our circle. 
Next up is the lovely Erica Lee
We would LOVE for you to post any glass images you have taken

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SPLASH :: I Heart Faces :: Summer, 2014

 photo a16e6e95-c5f0-45b4-b091-6a5da38b1441_zps28d8408f.jpg

Are you splish splashing it up this summer? 
I hope so. 
As Kaish, Bria and Naji have grown, 
we go to the pool less and less. 
I am not going to lie, 
I miss throwing them in the car and heading to the pool
to jump and play every day in the Summer.
I was going to use a picture I had on my computer from Lake Nockamixon.
It was perfectly lovely, but it didn't inspire me like my friend Julie Rivera's picture did.
So, I borrowed Jacob and a hose and made something fun. 
I hope you are having fun splashing and shooting and smiling this summer.
Find joy in every day, because even though it can be illusive, it is out there.
It is always out there. 

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Monday, July 7, 2014


It's SPLASH week at I Heart Faces
  photo f74b66d8-57cf-4b0a-a9de-0ef80201c5b4_zps0ceecef5.jpg  photo c2edc9f0-5b7c-4953-aaf3-07db6f83059e_zps13351111.jpg  photo 6d489fd4-e093-4841-a98e-84f9b2b83677_zps29cbf2d9.jpgUSED photo raindrops_zpsc1c52006.jpg
 photo lovey_zpsbc9c1a37.jpg
 photo 8M8A1417_zpscaf0c35e.jpg
Perfect summer theme, right? 
I feel like all of my water pictures are a little blah so far this summer. 
I am going to make it my goal to shoot something fun this week. 
In the meantime, here are some old water pictures. 
I hope they help me feel cooler since we are going into our second heat wave in Philly this week. 

 photo 7de53e6f-8d6f-429d-a043-d0cd04bc0366_zps7d293c80.jpg photo 5e5dadc4-14ac-4268-8f6f-6432b26dcc61_zpsedf620dd.jpg photo c8d758bc-4612-4072-a90a-b53ecd040306_zps0d9e55dd.jpg  
Don't forget to enter your favorite water themed picture over at I heart Faces this week. 
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