Monday, June 30, 2014

the best Babcia :: “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” Helen Keller

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Babcia is my favorite girl.
This is Jonny's Great Grandmom.
She was born and raised in Poland. 
She lived thru World War II and was sent to a German camp.
Her father was killed.
I wish I could talk to her more in depth but she speaks Polish exclusively.
Every once in a while I can get Jonny to translate for us. 
Doesn't she have the most wonderful smile?
She warms my heart.
Baby Lenka would not smile for us no matter how we tried on this day.
Lenka loves Babcia. 
Who wouldn't?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marsha & Dave :: A Love Story :: “Anything is possible. Anything can be.” Shel Silverstein

“Anything is possible. Anything can be.” 
Shel Silverstein

 photo 017cdca6-02f4-402a-9146-e3c108d2faa4_zps09a7e816.jpg
 photo 8M8A7293_zps16f14e7c.jpg Marsha waited a long time for Mr. Right. 

 photo cfc86e7c-ffcf-43c3-bab4-bc589f2e34b3_zps5694d2c3.jpg

Just when she thought all hope was lost,
she went on a blind date and met the man of her dreams. 

 photo da472e63-4a19-4d25-8a3e-fb30d1306042_zpsb466d978.jpg

Marsha thought Dave was too good to be true at first.
He was very handsome and very nice. 
He had a job and worked hard. 
He was ethical and kind. 

 photo acc4598b-1549-4211-ac7d-7de1775dff27_zpse4010d4c.jpg

Marsha thought there was just no way that Dave could be as great as he seemed.
She was skeptical, but  much to her delight, Dave was the real deal. 

 photo b8a7e14e-ba56-4a98-b7be-b0c5b85978c4_zps3830a75f.jpg

And Dave? Well, he was in heaven.
Not only was Marsha the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered, 
she made me him laugh and smile.
All day, every day. 

 photo d27af262-4b75-4cd4-b30b-3568f21aab99_zpse4b90812.jpg
Her texts were funny.
Her conversations were funny.
She was just about perfect. 

 photo 30ea8338-ac94-4579-a28f-668fce6b39f5_zps7779fa06.jpg

They love being together. 
Whether they are are hiking or hanging out with friends, they are always smiling. 
They bring out the best in each other.

 photo 5a560b3e-7f46-4aa4-ae7b-89f1a886dd82_zpsea381bcc.jpg  photo 8M8A7293bw_zps119de4c3.jpg
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“Where there is love there is life.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness :: Shari's Berries :: #inspiration

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How do you make the world a better place?

I got an email from Shari's Berries asking if I would do a post about random acts of kindness.
I decided to ask some of the sweetest people I know how they make the world a better place.

Here are some ideas:

Lauren writes letters.
Lauren is in a book club. Every month she brings cards for the other members and then passes them out to the girls. Every person takes time to write something special and encouraging to one of their friends during the month. Every one wins, because everyone gets mail. Who doesn't love mail?

 photo landscape_zpsb727e609.jpg

Heather gives coffee.
Whenever she is able, she will leave behind money with the barista. She tells the barista to either use it for a lunch for herself, or use it for people that are in need of a cheer up.
Heather gives in a million little ways every day.
She is one of my giving inspirations. 

Tiffany is on the lookout whenever she visits the supermarket or Kohl's for Senior Citizens.
She wouldn't call it stalking, but she tries to follow behind a senior citizen or two and assist them with reaching products or whatever else they may need.

 photo motherhood_zps85828721.jpg

AnneMarie lives in the country and doesn't have many neighbors. As a matter of fact, her family has  the only house on their road. There is one house at the top of the hill and one at the bottom and she has reached out to "be neighborly" to both homes. Last summer, when inquiring to one of the families about what was going on in their life and making chit chat, she found out that the husband had cancer and the wife was on disability. The couple was really struggling while waiting for their check. Because AnneMarie is a coupon cutter, she always a stash of stuff on hand to help those in need.  She waited a day or so because she didn't want it to be traced back to her. She and her son gathered up about a month's worth of food, toiletries, cleaners, toilet paper, etc. and waited until their car was gone and left them on their porch and drove home like we were on fire. The couple never figured it out. Every time she drives by their home she says a little prayer and hopes all is well for this dear couple. 

Barb is a teacher. She shared an act of kindness that was done to her. One day she got an email from a parent that she rarely hears from. The email told her that she was doing a great job and thanked her for all of the effort she made every day to ensure her students were learning and thriving. It made her day. 

 photo cutie_zps70f3c1c8.jpg

Frank likes to serve food at the Atlanta Homeless Shelter. No matter how down he is feeling when he goes in, he always walks out feeling like a million bucks. 

Fernanda pays for the person behind her at the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru line whenever she has a chance. 

Tina was at the grocery store and saw an elderly man struggling to put his groceries into his car. Tina asked him if she could help. She helped him get situated in the car and then unloaded his cart. Although the gentleman was skeptical to accept the help initially, he was grateful after the task was complete. Tina felt happy all day that she was able to help someone in need. 

Jana did an act of kindness by climbing into a goat pen with her husband (had to hunch down) and helped a baby goat feed from its mama for the first time. The elderly couple that own the goats (84 and 88 yrs old) could not manage it themselves. Jana's husband held the mama in place, while Jana helped the baby. 

Jennifer and her 2 daughters always take a few extra $1 bills into the dollar store. Before they leave, they tuck some into the toy section so that a sweet little child will find one and be excited the next time they visit. Jen and her girls have so much fun doing this. They smile from ear to ear every time they get the chance. 

 photo road_zps2a5a1933.jpg

There are a million ways to make the world a better place.

"No Act Of Kindness, 

No Matter How Small, 

Is Ever Wasted!" 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Storytelling :: Horseback Riding :: the Creativity Project :: June, 2014 :: Haycock Stables, Perkasie, PA

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 photo 8M8A0635_zpsd94ee7b3.jpg photo 8M8A0588_zpsb0c87056.jpg  photo 8M8A0585_zpsbd55c2b0.jpg  photo 8M8A0580_zps9f79161d.jpg  photo 8M8A0589_zps58169fc9.jpg photo 8M8A0597_zpsa4f45950.jpg photo 8M8A0665_zps3ad97b2d.jpg photo 8M8A0682_zpsdef38aa0.jpg  photo 8M8A0667_zpsba6132f8.jpg photo 8M8A0603_zps013afaad.jpg photo 8M8A0612_zps37bb6667.jpg photo 8M8A0599_zps3a1c17e0.jpg photo 8M8A0637_zps3922eeb6.jpg photo 8M8A0625_zps4f04fe0f.jpg photo 8M8A0709_zps2e52ccaf.jpg

Kaish, Bria, Naji and I have been coming to Haycock Stables since 2007. 
We love how friendly the horses are. 
Lake Nockamixon is gorgeous. 
Please follow our circle. 
Next up is the lovely Julia Goss
I hope her 'story' involves her lovely little girls. 
They completely melt my heart. 
We would LOVE for you to post any storytelling pictures you have on the Creativity Project Facebook wall