Monday, May 12, 2014

treasure :: the Creativity Project :: May, 2014

To me, 
the greatest treasure in life is children.

I've always adored them.
I always will.

They make gray days grand.
They make sadness disappear. 

 photo 4065f258-4613-4964-a779-43cc6ab6b288_zps30181962.jpg  photo 1cfed323-1a40-4f8a-b0ca-5da215635f12_zps7b4a024f.jpg photo b765e5db-fb2a-490d-8cf3-9725215b4671_zps80a26894.jpg  photo 33af2eed-502a-4d7c-bab7-a768939d4655_zpsac4701c7.jpg photo ee8c5f0d-7bc1-4fd9-a4f3-dac26a4b241a_zps1e9a7ede.jpg
 photo 733f7d17-0419-4287-ad55-3a69ca0a1670_zps0bb375b3.jpg photo cd28be47-82e8-47a4-a181-52463a5217c9_zpsc5660cad.jpg photo ea2031d2-50a4-4b42-893e-dd72c91eb2eb_zps6b34b642.jpg photo 70321aa7-1b40-41fc-bd66-8145ae4908c4_zps89cb5a56.jpg photo 5618a8e5-e4f3-4f45-852a-40d59e9774e0_zps45af7e66.jpg photo 448203a3-e49d-49c0-a5b6-49d0880cd988_zps7e33928e.jpg photo ff054915-505b-488d-b197-90561e333e59_zps1375d71c.jpg photo ef6209e7-1cd6-4d95-ab15-440099a1cb48_zps02f0839c.jpg photo 56160a41-62a2-4353-881c-628abfbb9122_zps7aff6a53.jpg photo 7a69a437-7d4c-4dd4-8338-bbf663d6efe0_zpsce22528e.jpg  photo 5827fe3b-a422-4d75-8ee7-015fb7bdb02c_zps3ee7f07f.jpg
 photo 16e26708-a0dd-4778-8602-affba85a9a64_zps2fd49628.jpg

I'd Love to be a Fairy's Child 

By Robert Graves

Children born of fairy stock
Never need for shirt or frock,
Never want for food or fire,
Always get their heart's desire:
Jingle pockets full of gold,
Marry when they're seven years old.
Every fairy child may keep
Two strong ponies and ten sheep;
All have houses, 
each his own,
Built of brick or granite stone;
They live on cherries, 
they run wild—
I'd love to be a Fairy's child. 

Head over to visit our friend Sharon at the Covert Lens to see what treasures she found around New Jersey this month. 

 After you take a moment to visit our circle this month, we would be thrilled if you would share a treasure picture on our facebook wall. It doesn't have to be award winning, it just has to be real. We are big fans of real over here at the Creativity Project.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Let's Hear it for the Girls :: Happy Mother's Day :: I Heart Faces

 photo girls_zpsb65b188f.jpg

Tribute to Mother

A picture memory brings to me;
I look across the years and see
Myself beside my mother's knee.
I feel her gentle hand restrain
My selfish moods, and know again
A child's blind sense of wrong and pain.
But wiser now,
a man gray grown,
My childhood's needs are better known.
My mother's chastening love I own.

by John Greenleaf Whittier

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