Friday, September 12, 2014

the Creativity Project :: September, 2014 :: Double Exposure

When Maddy and Scarlett and I started the Creativity Project in April, 2012, we did it to expand our horizons.

We wanted to do try new things and shoot for ourselves once in a while.

We have had so much fun over the past 29 months.

 photo 5e31da50-5777-4d09-8856-6684c5c60661_zps6db33c86.jpg

This month we decided to try the theme of Double Exposure again.
I am ashamed to say that it took me almost 3 hours to come up with these two mediocre images.

 photo b649e9af-bb13-4c75-b332-f07d2dfb6314_zps3dc0ba1d.jpg

I used this tutorial, and it was excellent and SIMPLE, but for some reason, nothing I was trying was clicking.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Maddy is next in our circle today. 
I just had fun looking at some of her old posts.
Maddy is one of my best friends in the world
She inspires and encourages me every day.

If you have any double exposure images you want to share on the Creativity Project facebook wall, we would be delighted to see them!


Tamar SB said...


Skeller said...

I'm fascinated by double exposures and keep meaning to experiment with them. (my camera even lets me do them "in camera" - but y'know, that's one more techie thing to figure out ... someday (smirk)

ginabad said...

Love the way it came out! Very approro for the fall.

Tracy P. said...

I love your farm photos. I think these blunted together perfectly. Your themes have wonderful depth, and have expanded my horizons from the very beginning.

Tomorrow I am going to shoot a family event. I love the way you have done this for so many people. I will be putting my Becky on. Thank you so much for inspiring me. :-)

Julia Hunter said...

I'm not a great photographer but I think they look great. I especially like the first one.

Heather said...

I like both images, too! And thanks for the idea. I might try playing around with this!

Deanna Robinson said...

I think they came out neat!!!

Caitlin Mccormick said...

love double exposures! I remember this happening on accident when I had a film camera and they were some of my favorite photos

Melinda said...

I wouldn't even now how to get a double exposure image. it's gorgeous though

Reesa Lewandowski said...

I'd love those as prints! Awesome pics!

Mommy Call said...

You are a talented photographer!

photowannabe said...

Love the way you captured the theme.
Perfectly wonderful.
I went to Maddy's post and wept.
How beautiful and poignant.
She hit the theme as perfectly as possible.

Sharon Covert said...

Becky I really love that first image! I bet your parents do too!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Love the Farm sign with the wheat. I just started blogging again and I wanted to hop over and see how your life with Kaishon is going. I need to go through your post to catch up. Edwina at the Picket Fence

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure doing the first double exposure with ya girls i so miss it miss ya all!

This are great Beck!

-Katherine Vargas

Jennifer Hoppins said...

Becky, I think because you are an artist, you judge your own work harder than the most severe critic. I love your photos and the way you see life through that lens.

Richard Lawry said...

Not mediocre! :)
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