Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow, snow and more snow + a knock, knock joke

The snow is never ending in Pennsylvania this year.
Today we measured 14 inches in the back yard. 
The weatherman told us we only got 11.5 inches. 
Who knows?
There is a lot of the stuff, that is for certain.
Kaish had off school and I had off work today.
We are getting more snow and sleet tonight so we both have off tomorrow too. 
I am trying to get caught up on editing but I have a couple of books I am dying to read.

How much snow have you had this year?

 photo paigeinsnow_zpsacb12968.jpg
Knock knock! 
Who's there? 
Cows go!
Cows go who? 
No, silly, cows go moo!


Epic said...

OMG(osh) I thought it was only my little family that savoured a particularly cheesy knock, knock joke. Love it!


Kathy McB said...

Since I live close to you, you won't be surprised to learn that I am soooooo ready for Spring!

Camille Duque-Aguila said...

Ha! Funny!! Here in the Philippines we don't have winter. I'd like to experience throwing snowballs one day!

Thanks for dropping by my site

kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS said...

The amount of snow we're getting is epic this year!

Tamar SB said...

SO MUCH SNOW - they've run out of places to put it here in Boston!!

Jessica @EatSleepBe said...

I am so tired of all this snow. Enough is enough is enough!

Cindy said...

We're in the Seattle area and we'd LOVE some of your snow! We just had our first real snow in two years. Some areas got 6 inches but we only had 3 inches in our backyard. Stop laughing, around here, that's major! :)

Carrie said...

We're getting sooooo weird over here being cooped up all the time; crazy, funny, goofy, wild! Thanks for the knock-knock joke, can't wait to share it with the kids. :)

Carrie said...

I shared your joke with my kids and they loved it :)

Megan Chamberlin said...

Ugh, WAY TOO MUCH, that's how much. This is our first year back in Chicago after five years living in Las Vegas, and I am DEFINITELY not a winter girl anymore! And more due tomorrow! #SITSblogging

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Too funny!! The kids will love this one..

We're in the same "neck of the woods"... enjoying it but getting tired of it, just a tad.

It's when the kids don't have school... everyone gets a little stir-crazy. Funny thing is... we actually have cows out in our backyard and we just might end up startin' to talk right back at em.

Caitlin Mccormick said...

I'm not new to snow coming from Boston but it's so hard to be stuck inside when it snows in Philly! Boston rarely shuts down and the trains are still running. It's so hard!

Lindsey (or Paul) said...

Spectacular photo!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Wow! You have gotten so much snow. Thank you so much for stopping by today. It was like getting a visit from an old friend. Wait! That is just what it was.

Tracy P. said...

I LOVE that photo with that warm light on your sweet smiling subject. She's just beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So funny.
Hey, you don't want to hear me whine about all the snow we've had, do you???? ;)
I hope you got some good reading in with all the snow days!

Carla Bruns said...

LOL! I'm going to have to tell my granddaughter that joke. She'll love it!

We've had a lot of snow here too (not as much as you but a lot for the Midwest). My son has actually only had one full week of school this semester. The rest has been sporadic days.

Tish OConnor said...

The snow is ridiculous! I am not sure how much more winter i can take. Guess we are in for a few more inches tonight here. ugh!!!

BrettBMartin said...

We had 15 on Thursday, then rain, then 5 more inches going into Friday (valentines day). Saturday afternoon brought another 6 inches of heavy, wet snow here in CT.

I'm ready for spring now!

Jim said...

LOL! Funny!
I have lost count of how much snow we have had this winter.....we have 3! yes 3! storms coming to Nova Scotia this week!! This is like the storms we had in the 50's and 60's Becky! Just ask your parents. My grandmother used to tell us that the snow was SO HIGH it was up to the lamp post wires!! Am I turning into my grandmother?? lol

Sophi Belle said...

How awesome!! Our winter looked like an autumn... very very little snow. Now I'm waiting for flowers and blossoms and bees and tshirt weather. I love springtime! :)

Better life said...

February is always the hardest month for me, so that´s way we have to take extra care to make that month filled with fun and month we´ll feel that spring is in the air...I´m sure of it.

photowannabe said...

Love the silly knock knock joke.
I just can't believe the never ending snow for you...
No snow pack in the mountains,

No rain

No good!