Wednesday, October 30, 2013

and round and round and round it goes

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Sometimes, I don't know how we keep on hanging on.
This month is crazy.
There is only one more day to it. 
Kaish doesn't think he is going to dress up this year. 
Have I ever told you that I hate that he is growing up?
It's true.
The days fly.
Sometimes words {that should not be said} fly.
There is stress and tears.
And happiness. 
And love.
Always love. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

a life filled with beautiful moments

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This week has been a whole lot of wonderful. 
And today is Friday. 
What could be better? 
Make the days count.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hoodditt :: Valley Forge Casino Resort :: Win an Overnight Hotel Stay!

Hoodditt is a new website that advertises for small businesses for FREE! Hoodditt is similar to Groupon and in that it it will share deals daily with consumers.  Unlike Groupon, you will not receive daily email blasts. 

 Hoodditt focuses on your neighborhood.   Hoodditt is currently based in Philadelphia and serve the surrounding suburbs as well as New Jersey and Delaware.  

The difference between Hoodditt and Groupon is that Groupon charges each business a percentage of the package fee they offer. Many times businesses are resentful of this. Just recently I purchased a car detail from Groupon. I was excited about the great deal. When I called the owner of the car detailing business he told me that he was very discouraged because he was actually losing money on the deal he had put on Groupon. 
Hoodditt will offer great deals that the small business wants to share to the public.  Each small business will put together a deal that they feel good about and share it with the consumers who participate in Hoodditt. Consumers will pay .99 for the deal. The companies that advertise don't pay a penny.

Valley Forge Casino and Resort is one of the premier Hoodditt vendors. Valley Forge Casino and Resort is giving away a hotel stay to one of the readers of this blog! I am so excited to have a fantastically fun giveaway like this on my blog. 
This would be a wonderful venue to get the word out about your small business even if you don't live in the Philadelphia area. If you have an online business, advertising on Hoodditt is free and can get the name of your business out into the public. I am excited to reach out to all of my friends that sell on Etsy and Ebay
As a customer, Hoodditt might be perfect for you. You have the power to select what offers you want to be emailed or texted. You will control what you want to receive or none at all. You can also search businesses and follow your favorites so that you will be alerted when your favorite business posts an offer. This offer from Gloss Salon of Newark, Delaware is a fabulous one. 

Please head over to Hoodditt and sign up. If you have a small business and you would like to sign up as a small business owner, please use the word Kaishon as your referral. 

There will be one winner selected to have an  overnight stay at the Valley Forge Casino.  Winner will be selected in one week. 

Hoodditt is on facebook

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dream Big with I Heart Faces :: 2013 Photography Conference for Women :: Columbus, Ohio

When you see the the I Heart Faces conference advertised next year,
sign up.
Stop whatever you are doing and sign up.
Trust me. 
This conference is unlike any of the other workshops that are advertised in the photography industry.
You will learn a lot.
You will shoot a lot.
You will create relationships with others in the industry.
You will grow.
You will have fun.
You will not want it to be over. 

 photo 58b65d36-0720-490a-b2dd-9b8c75fb3f2a_zps1b33c075.jpg
 photo 8M8A6522_zps945f13c3.jpg
 photo 8M8A6504_zpsbb1d599f.jpg
 photo 8M8A6494_zpsd587d450.jpg
 photo 8M8A6492_zps840ea190.jpg
 photo 8M8A5841_zps7e70a0f9.jpg
 photo 8M8A5887_zps04c488eb.jpg photo 8M8A5885_zps34b5c152.jpg
 photo 8M8A5884_zpsab574fbb.jpg
 photo 8M8A6316_zps003dbdf2.jpg
 photo 8M8A6079_zpsbc0b1cf9.jpg
 photo 8M8A58682_zps7590f559.jpg  photo 8M8A6076_zpsc797fd1d.jpg
 photo 8M8A6153_zpsc869f543.jpg
 photo 8M8A6077_zps7b60fe73.jpg
 photo 8M8A6311_zpsb973810b.jpg
 photo 8M8A5848_zps6fc414a2.jpg
 photo 8M8A6018_zpscdfc9262.jpg photo 8M8A6315_zpsa8a3f801.jpg
 photo 8M8A6305_zps10c90535.jpg
 photo 8M8A6296_zpsf1f1cdb3.jpg
 photo 8M8A6292_zps6bd10bcb.jpg
 photo 8M8A6285_zpsc2fa9f4f.jpg
 photo 8M8A6283_zps90406a10.jpg
 photo 8M8A6269_zpsad5b25e0.jpg
 photo 8M8A6133_zps35d9fbb4.jpg photo 8M8A6217_zps54c18ac9.jpg photo 8M8A6260_zpsc14aeee1.jpg photo 8M8A6253_zps0644a9f6.jpg photo 8M8A6243_zps6597825a.jpg photo 156c03b9-cd9c-4537-b3c1-6260855552af_zpsdf6a9ebb.jpg
 photo 8M8A6214_zps5091f986.jpg photo 8M8A6212_zps5b3c7070.jpg
 photo 8M8A6196_zps1e5cb136.jpg
 photo 8M8A6240_zps828caf97.jpg
 photo 8M8A6170_zps3bcd67a7.jpg
 photo 8M8A6149_zps94b45f4e.jpg photo 8M8A6148_zps8af00694.jpg photo 8M8A6143_zpsae35938a.jpg
 photo 8M8A6164_zps22b3cafc.jpg
 photo 8M8A6123_zpsf6dd07a7.jpg photo 8M8A6086_zps17f9fb1f.jpg photo 8M8A6129_zpsa6ec05e6.jpg photo 8M8A6122_zpsae0c4d28.jpg photo 8M8A61112_zps4be2f9b4.jpg photo 8M8A6117_zps8bccd183.jpg
 photo 8M8A6113_zpsd8247a88.jpg
 photo 8M8A6103_zpsc1477ad5.jpg photo 8M8A6099_zpsc481a913.jpg photo 8M8A6090_zps7ed1599a.jpg
 photo 8M8A6089_zps60e41ac5.jpg photo 8M8A6071_zpsda13e556.jpg photo 8M8A6067_zps0a9a7c38.jpg photo 8M8A5927_zps8bffb47d.jpg photo 8M8A6066_zpsdec163b7.jpg photo 8M8A6064_zps66fe708c.jpg photo 8M8A6062_zpsd6ba343c.jpg  photo 8M8A6041_zpsb46d3781.jpg  photo 8M8A6037_zps1a398143.jpg photo 8M8A6023_zps126eece1.jpg photo 8M8A6009_zpsbd174f42.jpg photo 8M8A5992_zps993edc45.jpg photo 8M8A5984_zpsd45ee755.jpg photo 8M8A5982_zps33e3145f.jpg photo 8M8A5978_zpsfd2d4b36.jpg photo 8M8A5964_zpsf677da6a.jpg photo 8M8A5961_zps1102cba1.jpg photo 8M8A5955_zpsa7b93065.jpg photo 8M8A5943_zps98bc2267.jpg photo 8M8A5936_zpsba3b7cef.jpg photo 8M8A5930_zps371ab4b5.jpg photo 8M8A5929_zps913826e5.jpg photo 8M8A5928_zpsb3536321.jpg
 photo 8M8A5925_zpsc661f769.jpg photo 8M8A5921_zps1ff82641.jpg photo 8M8A5919_zpsbe7f4203.jpg photo 8M8A58982_zpse61d6bae.jpg photo 8M8A58932_zps83f76041.jpg
 photo 8M8A6265_zps8cf2d97d.jpg

Here are some blogs and facebook pages of just a few of the women who attended this conference:
Michelle Valentine of Michelle Valentine Photography
Rebecca Jane Evens of Rebecca Rejoicing
Kristen Radicelli of Sweet Studios

A few conference sponsors:

3 of the conference teachers pictured above:
Susan Keller of Short on Words and A Beautiful Life photography.

Hotel Accommodations:
Cherry Valley Lodge, Columbus, Ohio

 photo 612a194c-31d6-4c0e-b09d-fab93e5af598_zps2a794d22.jpg