Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Mother Teresa

 photo d283c102-0092-44a7-a377-0e99d79a3669_zpsecbf5585.jpg

This is Alexander.

Tomorrow will be his 69th Birthday.
He has no family.
He told me he can't remember ever having a birthday party. 

He was an only child born to alcohol dependent parents.
He grew up in poverty and was sent from relative to relative. 
He has lived in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Florida. 

Alexander wears at least 2 jackets every day.
He gets his clothes from a thrift store.
He is always very happy when he can find shoes that are the right size. 
His current pair are sketchers and they cost him $8. 
He thought that was a steal. 

He has a rip in the back of his pants right now.
His shoes are tattered because he walks incessantly. 
He hasn't washed his hair in quite a while.
He can't remember the last time he had to get dressed up. 
He carries 3 totes with him wherever he goes.
He has to keep all of his possessions in the bags.

He likes sardines and crackers.
He likes ginger ale.
He likes people.

He doesn't like living in a shelter.
He doesn't like taking medicine for mental health issues.
He doesn't like when people try to take his bags away from him.

He likes to talk about his life.
He likes to draw and write things down.
He likes to read. 

He is special.
He is loved.
He is my friend. 

Every person matters.
Happy Birthday Alexander.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

“The eye always fills in the imperfections.” Rabih Alameddine

Technical imperfections galore.
Real life.
I am getting excited about the I Heart Faces conference in October.
Are you coming?
Be there or be square. 

 photo 2fc2f6b9-8a9a-45ab-9c73-d722ee90f4e8_zps4f0b66c2.jpg photo 80ec2b53-cba2-491d-aaff-43e1727524d0_zpsc0121ebe.jpg  photo 927c8d7f-1d7a-4147-9577-d0016b5e7345_zps1153c30b.jpg  photo c1f3b8aa-b81b-4b99-9c56-e0eaa42178b4_zps510b9ee8.jpg photo 4be722c6-6a8a-43e2-9452-8aaf58405d46_zps6b30169a.jpg  photo 167e48fb-8393-44f5-a5b4-086850ad52f4_zps33e5e76e.jpg photo 9e1ac551-8793-45f4-9d65-e85a5c2ff17f_zpsa888440b.jpg photo 5c09b424-ce8e-4194-94c0-4506ae2757ad_zps8a2b78a5.jpg  photo 4049c77b-e4a7-47a2-9eaa-a61bdf28ed4e_zpsfb882152.jpg photo 8342d29d-607c-4cc9-beb0-c2875ffb244d_zps9a01c017.jpg photo 83ea99d0-8da8-4bbc-ac73-b770914ce4b0_zps842012cc.jpg photo 877cd887-37da-44fc-9224-7c5a0ae41e31_zpsfd1bc2f1.jpg photo c7f63bbc-63a6-4b37-a35b-9c6a0fc0d33f_zpsc8853bdf.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

We are too cool for school...but it's starting anyway. Darn it.

 photo b774437b-28fd-44c1-a779-5bf2dd2d1629_zpsb550732c.jpg

7 more days until school starts.
No one is too happy about that at our house.

I saw Jobs this weekend by myself. 

I was sitting with the kids in a kid movie and all of a sudden I realized I wanted to see something else. 
So, I just got up and left. The kids didn't miss me.

I wasn't impressed with Jobs
In the movie, Steve Jobs, was not a very nice person.
I truly dislike unkind people. 
I don't care if they are a billionaire. 
I don't care if they have the most fabulous company on the planet. 
I just don't care. 
Why are they unkind? 

Steve gave this speech towards the end of his life: 

 I love this speech.
I think he changed.
Change is good. 

The bad thing about going to a movie by yourself is not having anyone to talk about it when it is over.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Uncle Tom

 photo 2226290a-5d55-4540-9ae8-79688368c6bd_zps4ba23832.jpg

This is my Uncle Tom. He looks like my Grandma. We grew up about 6 hours away from my Grandma and my relatives. I only saw Uncle Tom once a year in the summer when we visited Clarion for vacation. 
He was always a little bit of a misfit.

My Grandma had 6 children. Tom is the oldest. All of her children, except for Tom, went on to have a family and career. Tom was different because he always had a new girlfriend and he had a lot of different children with a lot of different women. 
He never had a career.  

I liked visiting him when we went on vacation because he was a little bit eccentric. He had two sons that would play with us named Jason and Michael.  We played in the creek near my Grandma's driveway. 
My Grandma loved Tom very much. 

Tom is getting older. He is 72 now I think. He lives in a trailer. He is a member of a church and they come and help him out sometimes. They help clean up things around his property. They bring him new clothes. 
I am so glad that they do. 

Even though my Uncle Tom has made some very bad choices in his life, he is a human being. And ever human matters, right? 
Every single one.

Kaishon, Sabriah, Naji and I are going to make Uncle Tom a care package this week. We are going to write him letters and send him some special gifts. I heard people talking about Tom after the reunion and they said things like: 
"It's his own fault that he is so poor." 
"He could have worked like all the rest of us did."
"He is never going to change."

They are probably right. But does it matter?
Does it matter if he made terrible choices for 72 years? Doesn't it matter that we are his family and now he needs help? I say we should step in and love. 
Love wins. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

the Creativity Project :: August 2013 :: Water

 photo de583ac2-17aa-483b-a88b-1fc96c0f57ab_zps252cb668.jpg
 photo 8da47450-26a5-4c26-abe6-456c62fce8d2_zps0421f9a6.jpg  photo f94d3bd7-6a4e-4f15-bf97-41f11df111d5_zps28ce2a10.jpg  photo d77cbb09-19d6-49ee-9130-c699e961bf43_zps8d6696e0.jpg  photo 6b6848e2-1fd1-4177-90a4-c1b6da698c13_zpsd7902c70.jpg  photo c3d0c5b1-e35e-4ff0-8c02-5478f9189df4_zpsb1d4516f.jpg  photo 6f195bff-357b-4238-9f8b-06dd58ba01bb_zps82345307.jpg  photo 98d98931-d279-4ec0-8fca-32bbb6627c91_zps36f91ec7.jpg  photo 7de53e6f-8d6f-429d-a043-d0cd04bc0366_zps7d293c80.jpg  photo 7b0fa822-c4fc-43cd-b314-0db99e6e023e_zps9eda7cf7.jpg  photo 273b8bd3-b378-46a1-9051-8100510573d6_zpsa0250828.jpg
 photo 4c5aca0e-debd-4da5-a972-fc514c0cda6f_zpsec86e482.jpg  photo 0f5018aa-175e-447b-aa9b-0b077e411e09_zpsb643beb5.jpg

Please visit my friend Marvett Smith at 
Savoring the Simple
She is one of my favorite photographers in the world. 
I love her take on our water theme. 

If you have a fun water shot you would like to share on our facebook wall,
well, we would be thrilled. 

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer time!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye MeMom {Delores Toth}

Delores Toth

 photo c5dddf62-734c-474f-b5e0-09645e9ae57c_zps94ffd985.jpg

 Delores E. "Sis" (Johns) Toth, of Willow Grove, passed away July 30, 2013, in Lansdale. 

Born November 2, 1932 in South Fork, she was a daughter of Herbert and Thelma (Peck) Johns. 

Sis attended South Fork Croyle High School and The Johnstown Tech School of Practical Nurses. She was in the second class of Pennsylvania, passing her State Boards in 1953. 

She worked at Lee Hospital in Johnstown before moving to Willow Grove. She was one of the first LPN's employed at Abington Hospital. She worked at Holy Redeemer Hospital, Albert Einstein Hospital and did private duty nursing for many years. 

She was employed by American Olean Tile Co. in Lansdale for 30 years, retiring Dec. 1, 1992. She is a member of Bridge Community Church of Lansdale and Ben Wilson Senior Center in Warminster where she was a board member and volunteer in the kitchen. 

She is survived by a daughter, Darlene Blood and her husband George, Jr., of Telford; a son, Darrel Toth, of Willow Grove; grandchildren, George (Nea) Blood, of Quakertown, Jennifer (Timothy) Connors, of Richlandtown, Kelly (Thomas) Ardt, of Lancaster, Samantha (Matt) Bell, Seth Klimen, of Maryland, and Joseph (Michelle) Toth, of Warminster; great-grandchildren, Christina, Danillie, Michael, and Anthony Blood, Grace, Ty and Julia Connors, Alayna Ardt and Cameron Bell; sister, Helen Tousendot, of Johnstown; brothers, Richard Johns, MD and Rev. Terry (Pauline) Johns, of Telford; sisters-in-law, Gail Johns, of South fork and Judy Johns, of Portage; and many nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and many cousins. 

She was preceded in death by husband, Gaza Toth, a son Marty and two brothers, Herold and Clyde Johns.