Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Step Dance :: Briana Pray :: Philadelphia, PA Dance Teacher

Tonight is the First Step Dance School's premier performance.

For 10 months, Briana Pray, has been working with her girls.

Night after night she has practiced with the girls.

She has called to them from the steps of the Community Center. 

She has called over into the housing project where so many of them reside.

Come and dance. 

Come and learn.

Come and feel special.

And they have.

A year ago in June, the 29th to be exact, Briana lost her job.

It was a frightening time.

Briana quickly found a new job at a local community center. 

The job was part time. 

She could be a dance teacher to girls in the community.

Briana has been a dancer her entire life, so she quickly agreed to this position. 

The hours have not been ideal. 

The parent involvement has been minimal, 

yet, Briana has remained a steadfast anchor for these girls.

Tonight they will dance their hearts out. 

They will leap and laugh. 

Briana has taught them that they matter. 

They can be anything they want to be in the world.

Anything at all. 

We can't wait to sit in the audience and be mesmerized by their performance. 

Thank you for making a difference in the city of Philadelphia, Bri.

Your light shines so bright. 

If you live near the city and would like to see some amazing little dancers tonight, please come! 

Hank Gathers Recreation Center
2501 W. Diamond Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Showtime: 7:00 PM

too busy to blog

How can anyone not adore the summer time?
Everything about it is wonderful.
Well, maybe not the sticking to your car seat in the heat, but besides that, pretty much every thing else! 

 photo flythroughthesky_zps2b1f1d32.jpg
So, what have we been doing?
The pool.
Ice cream eating.

 photo momsparty.jpg

I think that is just about it.
I have a lot of special things I have shot over these past few months that haven't made it to the blog yet.
I am trying to find more time in each day for blogging again.
Hopefully soon.
I hope you are having a fabulous summer wherever you are.
Eat ice cream.
Go on adventures.
And LOVE big this summer.
Time is fleeting.  

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be always helping.

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 photo kaishon_zpsf8d5323b.jpg photo lenkaatherchristening_zps8e077efd.jpgMon 18th Feb '13 photo mommy_zpsf3870b45.jpg photo nandatomleilaleoblackandwhite.jpg photo schoolbus3.jpg photo babycakeyum_zpsd4279e92.jpg photo melissa_zpsdb330c57.jpg photo 8M8A2663.jpg photo herdingchickens.jpg photo kissthebride.jpg photo DSC_5572.jpg

 photo parko.jpg 

Fabulous summertime.
I was trying to pick a helping story out to share today,
but after reading helping stories for about one hour,
I can't pick a favorite.

Friday, June 14, 2013

the Creativity Project : June 2013 : the Men in our lives : my Daddy-o

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, 
he believed in me.” 
Jim Valvano

9.6.11 My Daddy got bit by a monkey last week at work. He was in the hospital overnight. It was very scary. So thankful his hand healed and he could come back home. photo poppop2.jpg photo farmpapers_zps76e6fae9.jpg 11.29 photo family15.jpg photo pop.jpg photo popthefarmer.jpg photo barn.jpg photo pretty11-2.jpg photo benny5.jpg photo bully-3.jpg photo poppop.jpg3.12.10 Where I would like to be today photo wildwood09.jpg5.27.11 photo sun5.jpg photo bullysbottle1-2.jpg

Happy Father's Day to the very best Daddy in the world.

Please visit Maddy for her take on the Men in our lives this month.