Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Parking.

I told you that I lost my job last Summer, right?
Our program shut down.
It really knocked me for a loop.
We had the best team ever.
My co workers were more than co workers.
And suddenly, they were gone.
I got a new job doing the same exact thing.
With significantly less money.
I wasn't too stressed about it because money has never mattered that much to me.
Gary was very stressed.

The new team at the new job is great.
Really nice people.
But, it just isn't the same.
So, here I am, 14 months later, still missing the old.
And the reason I am telling you all of this today...
the new job has TERRIBLE parking.
I mean ridiculous.
This morning I got to work 40 minutes before 9.
That is early, right?
And guess what?
All the parking spaces are gone.
And by all, I mean 8.
They have 8 parking spaces.
So, I parked on a corner where it says NO PARKING.
I am probably going to get a ticket.
This is what I felt compelled to tell you this morning.
You are welcome.
Now, let's get back to our regularly scheduled show:
 photo f0134ed2-6063-40ed-a667-426deece0d2c_zps07bd18de.jpg  photo 509e367a-62ed-47ae-98f4-151e8c5e3bec_zpsc97b7e59.jpg photo 8f938359-7c9d-4a01-a595-6a83a2ed9b7c_zps86a8c56f.jpg photo a62a534b-2a6d-42cd-a2d7-e2e42308be3e_zps67978166.jpg photo 014824dc-6bab-474f-8e7f-81e13c09c50e_zps24ab4329.jpg photo 120a17f6-77a6-4d22-ab40-a7d20b9974f8_zps0a9e61c1.jpg photo 349bb1be-f346-4706-8f20-00f887737704_zpsbd87f6a9.jpg photo cc9c881d-28de-4b99-ac39-bd5805c41ac6_zps0413eb30.jpg photo b746c9d7-0c13-457f-98c8-913a21c82f63_zpsa3eea3a3.jpg photo 2c08ae13-e648-4149-a620-d2c92a97d795_zpscc8f3a76.jpg photo 5213e09f-e555-46da-9dcd-caeefe1de225_zpseae171a6.jpg

Life is still beautiful.
Even when all the parking spots are gone. 

11 comments: said...

I loved this!

Tamar SB said...

Oy! That is annoying!!!

I am glad another door opened for you!!!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Beautiful!! I didn't know about your job but glad you found another..not glad about your parking situation! :(

Cindy said...

That's frustrating! Hope you didn't get that ticket!

Mari said...

I'm so sorry about your job - and the parking situation is the pits!
Your photos are gorgeous as ever. I love, love, love the bridge shot!

M said... At my work the school nurse parked way over in the back in the red zone because she was 15 minutes early and there were no spots. She had to do a check on my student at 9- diabetic and must be done on time. Well she got a ticket...the parking is making us all crazy and and I don't even drive to work!

Good luck- hope you didn't get a ticket!

Jim said...

There will always be a 'parking spot'....somewhere. And yes Becky, life is still beautiful and SO ARE THESE PHOTOS!!
The 'side view' mirror photo is lovely!!
Good to see Kaishon following in his Momma's footsteps.

Rebecca Stanley said...

somehow I didnt know that! Anyways, I hope you dont get a ticket today -- and I love your pictures. They're all seriously gorgeous my friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do hope that Karma is keeping up with don't deserve a ticket. Sorry Gary is stressed.....that is not fun.

/SBA said...

tst*tst* the least the new job could do was provide a parking stipend :P

(p.s: i LOVE that side-view mirror shot!)

Christina said...

Your pictures...always take my breath away!
I love Kaishon taking photos, too! :)