Thursday, September 5, 2013

My heart belongs to you.

My friend Sarah asked for song suggestions tonight for her daughter's walk down the aisle.
I fell in love with this song.
Have a fun weekend with the ones you love best. 

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jaime said...

'I Won't Give Up' is one of my favorite songs ever. Love it. And what a beautiful version.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love that song; so sweet.
Your photos are so amazing....I can feel the emotion in them all. I hope the wedding was perfect!

Rebecca said...

Wow Kaishon is maturing!

photowannabe said...

Coming here is like a breath of fresh air Becky.
I love your take on the world.
What a great photo of Kaishon. These kids sure grow up quickly.
We survived our 100F temps this weekend. I sure sweated buckets but loved helping at the Ministry Fair.
My photos (2 segments) are up on FaceBook.
Hope your week is wonderful.

Heather said...

These photos are amazing - they look like they belong in an art show or commercial or something.