Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be always helping.

 photo sparkler.jpg photo 8M8A6794.jpg
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 photo kaishon_zpsf8d5323b.jpg photo lenkaatherchristening_zps8e077efd.jpgMon 18th Feb '13 photo mommy_zpsf3870b45.jpg photo nandatomleilaleoblackandwhite.jpg photo schoolbus3.jpg photo babycakeyum_zpsd4279e92.jpg photo melissa_zpsdb330c57.jpg photo 8M8A2663.jpg photo herdingchickens.jpg photo kissthebride.jpg photo DSC_5572.jpg

 photo parko.jpg 

Fabulous summertime.
I was trying to pick a helping story out to share today,
but after reading helping stories for about one hour,
I can't pick a favorite.


adventsadventures said...

As always. . .these are wonderful! I saw a photo of Kaishon from way back when I first found you - Man! he has gotten big! Fabulous hair and all! Why do our kids grow up faster then we did Becky? have a great week! Love!!

Tamar SB said...

You capture the most amazing smiles and glimpses into people's lives!! I hope summer is off to a great start! First afternoon of vacation here and its pouring!!

S said...

Great photos!


Anita said...

You are the best at capturing the personality of your subjects and in showing the natural beauty of everyone.

Kaishon is losing his baby face. Awww... But it's getting replaced by teenaged handsomeness. :)

Okay, so how much hair is he going to grow? :)

Gigi said...

Your "helping" story is shown in these pictures - as in they helped me smile at all the love I see in them!

Buster and Buster said...

love it!

Anita Johnson said...

Your pictures make me smile!

Molly said...

There are just so many great images here. I can't even begin to pick a favourite


likeschocolate said...

As always your photos are a pleasure to look at! Have a great day!

jlo said...

Beautiful as always...summer is in full swing. Girls are busy with their show this week. Then off for a family road trip!

Raymonde said...

Thanks for visiting today and your encouraging comments. Kaishon is such a handsome young man!
Is that a recent photo of Yoshi? I love the b/w baby with dad kissing mum, priceless.
Take care. xxx

Jim said...

Oh but you did, Becky! Your 'helping story' was 'smiles'. Thanks, always good for the soul and that helps!
Oh yes, I WANT Kaishon's hair!!

Rachel said...

Be always helping? You did that with about eleventy smiles here :)

I cannot stop grinning back at that second picture. And your family... your family always makes my heart happy.

Lisa Tanner@Professional Doctorate said...

Thanks a lot for sharing that site. It made me realize how lucky I am inspite of the hardships I have. What really touched was the story of a mother’s love. I just can’t help but burst into tears while reading it. Again, thank you! It’s what I need, a little bit of encouragement and motivation. You are an angel!

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