Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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This month we are doing a post about our favorite theme during the first 12 months of the Creativity Project. 
My favorite was Life at my house.
And I cheated. 
I did life at my parent's house.
And guess what? I am cheating again. 
My Mom and Dad are home to me.
They will always be my home. 

On the sunny Saturday of March 9, Kaish and I went to visit my Mom and Dad. 
The sky was blue. Our hearts were light. 
My Mom was baking and taking care of my Daddy.
Kaish was lovely enough to volunteer to clean the beaters.
The farm across the way belongs to Dick Moyer
He passed away a little over two years ago.
My Dad loved having a farm next to Mr. Moyer's. 
He had farmed in Pipersville for over 60 years.
 If you give my Mom just 10 minutes she will whip up a scrumptious dessert.
On this day, she whipped up a key lime pie. 
My Mom keeps this little table in the corner of the kitchen for the grandkids.
There are usually one or two little people roaming around her house at all times. 
My Daddy's favorite newspaper is the Lancaster Farming.
He is signed up to get this newspaper until the year 2026 I think.
Isn't that hilarious?
He extends his contract by a few years each time he visits the Pennsylvania State Farm Show
Whenever I try to take my Mom's picture she tells me she isn't pretty.
I thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
Her homemade rolls are so good they might make you cry. 
I love her hands. She always keeps them busy doing something for her family. 
Since my Dad has been hurt, my Mom has been taking care of the cows in the barn. 
There was some water leaking from one of the barn pipes, so my mom and dad have been filling up milk jugs with water every night to give to the cows.

Please be sure to visit Maddy at Mad Hearts Photography Blog to see her favorite theme from the last year. 
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We are excited about doing even more fun things this year. 

We have a special guest photographer this month who has created a unique album featuring lines.
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Maddy and Scarlett and I started this project as a way to stay creative. Over the past 12 months, we have had so much fun seeing each other grow and change. 
April :: The Girl________
June :: Colorful
July :: Summer
August :: Sunflare
September :: Life at my house
October :: the dark side
November :: Thankful
December :: Bokeh
January :: Goals
February :: Composites
March :: Lines

We are having a giveaway this month to say Thank you for all of the people who have followed along with us on their journey. The prize is a $25 gift card to Photojojo


Maddy said...

Becky - you cheater, you!! I love life at your parent's house. I should know, I've been there :) Full of food, laughter and warm faces. You are blessed to call this beautiful place home.

Scarlett said...

oh those bread rolls! they look delicious. Happy One Year Anniversary Becky, happy to have joined you on this creativity adventure.

Sharon Covert said...

I'm with Scarlett, I can't get those bread rolls out of my head now! This is such a great post, and tell your BEAUTIFUL mother to get in front of the camera! Thank you so much for having me join this group : )

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Beautiful! Your parents sound amazing! Your mom's rolls look so perfect!

Souffle Bombay said...

Such a great way to capture your life and the life of those around the candid shots!

Buckeroomama said...

Your mom looks like a teenager with the ponytail! I love it. :)

You could so easily tell that life at your parents' house is filled with much fun and much love.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this project. Like I'd said before, you are my 'godmother' when it comes to photography. =)

Tracy P. said...

Oh you lucky duck. To have a mom and dad and home to go home to. I am thankful that you know just how lucky you are, and that you shared its beauty with us. Smiling big! Get well, Becky's dad!

Carrie said...

What beautiful photos. I can't help but chuckle at the irony of filling milk jugs with water for the cows... Thanks for sharing!

amanda said...
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Rebecca said...

Looks like a lovely day to spend with your parents. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

amanda said...

This post tweaked my heartstrings.
Home is a wonderful place.
Your mom IS beautiful.
Hands at work are my FAVORITE.
I love farmhouses.
My parents lost a neighbor who farmed across the road from them, a great neighbor, and kind, old fashioned man, named Warren, this time of year last year.
My dad is like that about his papers, too.
He has gotten the Outdoor News & Filed & Stream all my life, & gives stacks of past issues of them to my guys to take home every time we visit.
My own home is pretty much a child of my parents'.. there are resemblances & little passed on traits & things here & there.
Did I mention I really loved this post?
Oh - and the pyrex mixing bowls with the flowers.. takes me back home for sure.

Lauryn said...

Reading this post made me happy. I love the sentiment that you feel for your parent's home. Your mother is a gem and I can totally relate to the habits of your father and the way that those habits make them all the more special. The photography in this post is fantastic. I so enjoyed reading it!

Katherine Vargas said...

love your son he so hilarious....

Anita Johnson said...

Everyone has already written what was on my heart...great the words just as much!

richies said...

What a lovely portrait of HOME
An Arkies Musings

Nicole @ One Punky Mama said...

I just love love loved these photos. You can almost taste the pie and the rolls. Awesome job. :)

Mari said...

I love posts about your parents farm. It always reminds me of the farm I grew up on!
PS - I keep forgetting to tell you that I loved the Beautiful Girl book. I could hardly put it down - thanks for the suggestion!

Lisa said...

Cheating is okay as long as you don't get caught right? Just don't say anything Beck. Know one will ever know, and I would never tell on you. Your secret is safe (like it is in the vault) with me. ;)

I love that Kaishon cleaned the beaters. He's such a good boy and helpful! always helpful! amazing - how do you get him to do it? ;) and I do love his crazy hair. He is one good looking kid!!!

Why don't moms see how beautiful they are? sigh! my mom does that too.

Your dad got hurt??? I totally missed that one. I fell off the bloggy and the facebook wagon for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to get back on but life keeps getting in the way. . . stupid school! anyway, I love this post as much as I love all your posts. I love going to my moms house too. It is home. A home a way from home.

I'm off to droll over more of your posts. and tell you dad I hope he feels better.


melissa said...

I love that your momma still has her hair long, it is so very beautiful. So sweet of her to take care of the farm and all, she is really wonderful :) What a blessing you have in your parents!

Oh and I'm with your boy on stealing those beaters! Yummmmmy!

Rachel said...

I really really heart your parents.

I love the love they have for eachother and for their family. I love that they gave you that gift.

And I think your momma is just beautiful. I am sad she doesn't think so. I wish she could see her like we do.

Bevy said...

Love this...

Your Mom & Dad..

and memories.

Sweet little pink table in the corner of the kitchen..

I want one of those rolls. Oh my goodness..

Skeller said...

I love how you love your parents. And I really love how they love you. I love these small details you captured (the mixing bowls, the yummy golden rolls, the lunch served chair-side, the beloved newspaper, the granddarlings' table ever ready, extra work on behalf of the cows ...). you've documented special details of lives well lived. And I teared up when I read that your mom doesn't think she's pretty. She's not merely pretty. She's BEAUTIFUL.