Thursday, November 8, 2012

We acquire the strength we have overcome. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today we are having an audit at work.
I love everything about being a social worker...well, everything except paperwork.
My ideal social work job would be for a company that said:
Go ahead out into the big bad city
and make a difference.
Any way you can.
Help children and babies.
Help mamas and papas.
Make the people smile.
And you don't have to write down a thing!
Just tell us how many people you helped at the end of the week.
We will pay you enough for all your needs plus as much as your husband wants you to earn...
The end.

I looked all over career builder for such a position.
I couldn't find one. Imagine that.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was done college and I got offered a teaching job in a housing project in Washington DC.
The pay was $10,000 a year.
It was 1998.
I thought that was INCREDIBLE!
I was so excited.
I called my Daddy to tell him.
Let's just say he did not feel as excited as I did.

The great thing about my parents is that they said go for it.
Try it.
Go and make a difference.
For that I am so grateful.
Lately, life has been feeling overwhelming.
There just don't seem to be enough hours in each day.
Work and photography and homework and cooking and {on rare occasion} cleaning....
There is just so much to do.

What matters most is being kind.
Kind to the families.
Kind to my family.


The pictures in this post are old.
Filled with technical imperfections.
Soon I will find time to blog my most recent sessions!
I have an engagement session coming up that you will go crazy for.

10.4.10, My Uncle Tom can eat Corn on the Cob very quickly. It is definitely a fast food for him : )
Go out today and show kindness.
Life is too short to be anything but kind.
8.31.10, Swinging and laughing our way thru the last few days before school starts.
Oh, and cross your fingers we do well on our audit!
Pretty please.


Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Good luck-great post!

Wanda said...

Becky, my fingers are crossed, and my prayers for your audit. Helping people, showing kindness, that's what life and fulfilment is all about. And YOU do it so well.

My post today is about Elizabeth, and how I plan to visit and show kindness to a lady 96 that I've befriended.

Love you Becky and what you do! You are my kind of gal!

photowannabe said...

Becky, I just read this post and have a huge lump in my throat. I'm not exactly sure why that is. Perhaps it's because you are under pressure and your heart is So BIG and caring.
If I needed a social worker I would want you to be it.
Paper work...the dreaded paper work. praying you can get yours done in record time and put a smile on the day.
Praying your audit at work goes well too.
Loved seeing some of these photos again. I really like the kiddos on the merry go round thingy and happiness is a juicy ear of corn.
Love you my friend.

Tracy P. said...

I'll just PRAY that your audit goes well. I love your social worker heart. I love your husband who wants you to be paid what you're worth. I love your photos, old and new. I made $6400 my first year of teaching. That isn't even close to enough to pay you for your paperwork. Much less all of your loving and difference making. Hugs to you!

Debby said...

I love this pictures. Good luck on the audit. All the paperwork takes away from quality time doesn't it.

Meghan said...

i hope your audit goes well.
i really dig your heart...and you have a great eye!

Gigi said...

I didn't see any imperfections in these pictures! Not one. But then I'm not a photographer.

Bless you. You do so much good - with the social work and the photography. I'm sorry the paper work has to get in the way. I imagine you could do so much more if it would just go away.

Christina said...

Technical imperfections, my bottom. Your pictures couldn't be more perfect. You capture just who a person is, so wonderfully. :)
The way you help people is amazing, a gift.

Tamar SB said...

Good luck with that audit! And here here - paperwork and the legal side of special ed makes me want to pull my hair out - but seeing kids make progress - makes it ALL worth it!

Bevy said...

Knowing you... You're amazing at what you do - out there in the field.

Praying for you, today!!!

Skeller said...

you were joking about the "cooking" part, right? ;-) praying your audit goes well!

Buckeroomama said...

You always write such light, uplifting, and encouraging posts. ♥♥♥! All the best with the audit!

stargurrl13 said...

I love this blog! If I could give you a present, I would come and cook for clean for you (and we could talk about all the reasons there are to be kind to everyone we meet)!

Nicolle said...

You are speaking my love language here about kindness. Love this post, and the pictures are pretty fabulous! I just wish in my heart and soul that this world would turn into a much kinder place. That is all I want! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your motto here; be kind. What else is there to be? Right? Well if everyone was as kind as we are......
Enjoy your peeps this week.