Friday, May 18, 2012


The truth is:
 I have 3 interviews I need to post and a myriad of other posts I simply must do for the blog.
I used to be good at getting posts up regularly.
Not anymore.

The truth is:
I have a wedding reception pictures to edit,
a tea party,
2 family sessions,
 and a Birthday Party.
Pictures out the wazoo!

The truth is:
My real job has an excessive amount of paperwork...and basically, 
(is today the 18th of May?)
I haven't done it since the last day of April.
Oh. My. Good. Heavens.
I hope I don't get fired!

The truth is: 
I have to do mom stuff,
Like fold the bazillion pieces of laundry on top of the washer.
Bazillion is not an exaggeration.
I don't think I have done that since the last day of April either.
I would take a picture,
but it would make you cry.

The truth is:
I hope you have a happy weekend and you do not have to edit a gazillion pictures, do massive amounts of paperwork OR fold laundry until you are blue in the face. Even if you do have to do all those things, I hope you have joy, because life is beautiful. It is beautiful when the laundry mountain is growing. It is beautiful when paperwork looms. It is always, always beautiful.
Choose joy. 

Love, Beck


Tracy P. said...

Darling picture! That is May for you!! Keep living. The blog can wait. Have a happy weekend! :-)

Pam D said...

I so, SO understand. I keep telling myself that I am grateful for laundry because it means I have more than enough to wear and power to run my washer and dryer. But somehow, that doesn't make me love it any more. :</ xoxox...

photowannabe said...

Thank you Becky.
I do choose joy!!
Life has many ups and downs and chores to do but considering the alternative...
I choose joy and life.
Hang in there.
You will get done what needs to be done.
Life is definitely beautiful.

Nurse Nancy said...

Life has a way of taking over. Be sure to find some downtime and Happy Weekend.

Formerly known as Frau said...

You are stressing me out....get to work! But have a wonderful weekend too!

Shey said...

Oh Becky, I do hope you get some rest, please do! That baby!! Is so adorable, I can imagine smelling his baby neck and hands, babies have the best smell...except when they poop of course!

Gigi said...

Choose joy.....thanks for the reminder! I get so caught up in the every day routine that I forget sometimes!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I choose JOY too.
Please, do yourself a favor...take care of Becky first. Kaish second and Gary third. Then work on the photo stuff....that is life baby. DO you first.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I took a class this week and was gone for most of the day...every day. My house is now a pit and I'm always climbing out of laundry. It gave me such an appreciation for working women. I have no idea how you get it all done. You inspire me.

Christina said...

If a mountain of laundry is part of a beautiful, joyful life, then I have the most beautiful joyful life in the world! haha :) I hope you are taking care, too...thank you for the reminder.

sunflowerpatch said...

Your life sounds like mine too. Life is beautiful. We all need to be grateful for every day we have. Take care.