Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jen & Dom {Love Forever} Merry Christmas Wedding

Jen and Dom.

Their story is like a lot of stories.

A lot of stories where the boy meets the girl and falls madly, truly, deeply in love.
They had much to overcome on their way to the alter.

They knew that their love was worth it though.

With their daughters and families surrounding them,

Jen and Dom committed their lives to each other
until the end of time.

Their day was special.
Simple and sweet.

Wishing you a beautiful forever. 
Thank you for the honor of capturing your special day. 
I am humbled.

Jen's Dad had to work after the ceremony so he was not able to join us for photographs. Jen's Mom took the wonderful picture of Jen and her Dad. She also shared a picture of Shannon and her Pop Pop for Jen's wedding album. 
Shortly after the wedding, Jen's dad passed.
Jen is thankful she was able to get married with her Dad by her side. He is in heaven today.


Anita said...

You captured it all very well. Everyone is happy and glowing.

I'm sorry her dad passed; maybe she'll name her first kid after him. :)

Freeze Frame said...

Beautiful pictures.

I love the wine bottles and the glasses and the picture of the lights....INCREDIBLE.

As well as the ones of the bride and bridal party.

You did such a great job.

Sennie said...

Awww, so beautiful! Wonderful photos, and what a special wedding story<3

Unknown Mami said...

Gorgeous couple! Wishing them many years of love and happiness.

Beautiful pictures.

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry for the shiny-objects distraction, but that was a very impressive-looking Santa! Yes, yes; the bride and groom are beautiful. Gorgeous family :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a beautiful love story!!! Fantastic photos, as always!!

Jane said...

These are lovely photos. The bride and groom have such young love in their eyes. The whole family is caputured in such a happy spirt, I enjoyed visitng this blog.

Stefanie said...

Such a sweet love story is captured in these photos... great job!

Tamar SB said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Her dress is gorgeous and they look so so so in love! My total fav though? The one looking up at the lights!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful family you really captured there spirit and wow she is a gorgeous bride! So sad her dad passed but happy the memory of him at her wedding is there. Thanks for sharing their story...great job on the pictures Becky you rock! Happy Sunday !

Leovi said...

Beautiful photos you have captured the smiles and expressions of happiness and love, the nicest of people. I wish you a happy life together.

Tracy P. said...

So beautiful! My favorites are the candy cane shots. LOVE!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

beautiful wedding photos

Keetha Broyles said...

Wedding story photos.

What could be better.

Shey said...

Such beautiful pictures and the bride is just gorgeous!

La Principessa Errante said...

What a beautiful family, and your photos do them justice.

Diane said...
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Diane said...


Tara R. said...

These are gorgeous wedding shots. I love the ones with Santa.

Wayne W Smith said...

Beautiful bride, fabulous wedding. Best wishes to the couple.

April said...

Incredible love story! So very sorry about the father's passing, but rejoice in the fact that he got to be that wonderful moment.

photowannabe said...

Becky, you captured the joy and excitement of their special day.
What a great story teller you are.
So sorry her Dad passed soon afterward but how wonderful that he was there for her Day.

Ashley Sisk said...

My heart pours out to Jen - what a beautiful day but I hate that her father passed away so soon after. Glad he was able to be there for the ceremony.

Rachel said...

What a sweet love story. So heartbreaking that she lost her father, but glad he was able to be part of her special day!

Amanda said...

Great pictures! Love the sash on her dress.

StarTraci said...

What a lovely tribute to a beautiful day. My husband and I were married at Christmas, as well. Within the ten months that followed I lost both a cousin and my brother to tragic accidents. I feel blessed by the photos of that day as I know Jen must be.

Happy Sunday!

Kim Cunningham said...

You always draw us in to your journalistic stories and photos. What a wonderful post. My sympathies to the bride on the loss of her dad.

Anita Johnson said...

...and the greatest of these is LOVE!

Farmgirl Paints said...

great job becky. they were just lovely.

Jim said...

This was beautiful Becky! So candidly and sincerely done. What great looking people too!

Ami said...

You're truly amazing. You capture the entire spirit of those you photograph... and not in a scary, losing your soul sort of way, either.

Thank you so much.

MG Atwood said...

Great job. They will treasure these for years to come. Joining you from Snapshot Sunday

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh my goodness- these photos are stunning & the message at the end just grabs my heart tight.

Katherine said...

gorgeous photos Becky!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Beautiful, touching and bittersweet. So sorry she lost her Daddy. :(

Maddy said...

You captured everything so beautifully! So, so sorry to hear about her father's passing :(

Teachinfourth said...

The angles and crops of these shots are great...I can only imagine that they love the images you gave them to remind them of the day.

Sharon said...

Beautiful. So sorry about her dad.