Monday, March 12, 2012

cupcake-y love

Today was a long day.
A long but good Monday.
Kaish is starting his PSSA tests tomorrow.
For some reason he gets crazy stressed before them.
I am sure it has nothing to do with the school district telling the students how vital it is for them to do well on the tests...
Oh well, Monday is winding down.
I was trying to listen to Garth Brooks Unanswered Prayers but I got some person who is trying to sing it like Garth Brooks. It is really bad but I can't turn it because I feel bad for the man. I am sure he thinks he is a great singer. 
Do you feel bad for people?
I think it is better to feel bad and to care than to be a heartless person.
I see people sometimes that are heartless.
I wonder what happened to them that they could become so self absorbed and heartless.
I hope it never happens to me.

Life is short.

These cupcake eaters.
These green eyed and blue eyed wonders.
These souls.
These are my everythings.
I would be nothing without my family.


Tracy P. said...

Becky, those are some seriously good looking cupcakes. I love the light in their eaters' eyes.

I have found that people have such very different ways of caring. My husband's way of caring for us is to examine the finest details of every decision or purchase or ...whatever...on our behalf. He is an engineer. We need engineers. And he so sincerely does care. He shows it other ways too, but he would far prefer to help you arrive at the best decision than to make you feel good. It is long range caring. I have learned a lot from him. He would not feel one bit bad for someone trying unsuccessfully to sound like Garth Brooks. He would sing along, or else turn him off and keep looking without a second thought.

Saying a prayer for Kaish right now! Hope your Tuesday is not so long!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I bet Kaish will do wonderfully. The school only tells him he has to do well because the government tells the schools if you don't, we are taking your money away. Testing will end the possibilty of creating smart, well rounded, thinkers. As teachers, we are only teaching test takers anymore. It's awful! I need a cupcake!

Buckeroomama said...

Whisper in Kaish's ear that I think he'll do just fine and then give him a huge hug!!

Sometimes I feel bad (and sad) for those people in reality shows, especially when they say or do mean things only to have those things come back and bite them in the behind... but sometimes I don't.

April said...

Best of luck to Kaish...I know he'll do great! I'll say a prayer for him! Sure would love to have one of those yummy cupcakes...even it if it early! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Gigi said...

Poor Kaish! I remember how freaked out my son used to get over those tests. There is no need to hype up those tests the way they do - mine had to come home sick in the 3rd grade because he was so stressed out over a PRACTICE test. Give him a hug and tell him to do his best and not to worry about it. It's only a test.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Such a sweet treat. :) I love your family, B!

The Blonde Duck said...

I want a cupcake.

Maddy said...

I chuckled at your Garth Brooks scenario :) I would be the loud person singing along and sounding awful! lol! I don't know how Kleber puts up with it!

mindy said...

I was just thinking yesterday on my drive home, when a mean person wouldnt let me merge in during a traffic jam, that some people in life may just be programmed to be heartless. I dont like to think that way, but man, some days it seems like it.
Abby was crazy worried about her PSSA testing, I told her it was more a test to see if the teachers were teaching the kids, than a reflection on her :) may not be entirely true, but it calmed her down!
I am bummed about saturday :( I hope you have a fantastic time, and I am definitely IN for any future ones you plan!!! M

Em S said...

Good luck with the tests! What lovely cupcake eaters!!

homeschoolceo said...

I hope he does great on his tests - I'm sure he will ;)

Those are some adorable cupcake eaters...with gorgeous eyes!!

Maggie S. said...

I craved cupcakes for a couple of weeks. Went to a wedding on the weekend...Lo and behold. The most delicate buttercream with that crystal-y sugar and cake with a little almond flavor.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh Becky... what a beautiful family you are blessed with! I have that same feeling... 'nothing without my family'. Adorable cupcake photos. I'm sure Kaish will do great on those tests! :)

Jim said...

And I am sure they would be nothing without you!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

cupcakes and family! what's not to love! sweet shots!!!

Tamar SB said...

Um now I am hungry!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

WOW- all have such amazing eyes!!!!! Gorgeous!!! The cupcakes look pretty yummy too.

kimmyskids said...

I agree that these are some amazing eyes! The colors in the first are just spectacular.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You could never be a heartless person. Me neither.
The photos are those eyes.
I"ve always loathed those standardized tests....whose standards are we testing??? :)