Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photographer Interview with Sandra Gri (Suki)

I met Suki online. 
It was love at first click. 
Her images were simple, stark and beautiful. 
One time she photographed trash and I remember thinking it was the loveliest piece of trash I had ever seen! I just about died when I found out I would meet her in person in Dallas, Texas. 
She was every bit as lovely as I had imagined. If you haven't seen her work, you must. You will fall in love with her images. Suki is truly one of my favorite photographers. 
She is also an excellent writer. I love going to her blog. She puts all of those 20something feelings and emotions perfectly onto paper (or know what I mean ; )
 Suki just became a mother and I know that she will adore parenting and all that goes along with it! 

 What is your favorite thing about living in Germany?
My favourite thing by far about living here is the open fields and nature. How I can wander around with the dogs, forgetting time and anything else around me. Breathing in the beautiful surroundings.
You came to the United States for the very first I heart faces workshop. What was your first impression of the US?
I was impressed by the many kind and open people I met there when I visited. I liked being in the US quite much, because I enjoy embracing new (to me) cultures. And I was really surprised how big everything is there. Haha :D
You weren't able to take pictures as much recently because of being on bedrest with the baby. Did that make you miserable?
Let's be honest, being on bedrest is not that much fun at all. I had a couple of days where I have just driven myself crazy because I had nothing to do, but after friends suggested I should pick up knitting I made quite much use of the time I waited for him. 
I am thankful bedrest is over and even more thankful for the bundle of joy we have been blessed with.

Tell us about your first 2 babies.
My first two babies are my dogs. I guess they prepared me for a real baby quite well ;) They are both Australian Shepherds, very cute and oh-so-funny. 
Akira is a big clown and likes to be center of attention at any time. Jonah is much more reserved and everbody's darling. They give me so much on a daily basis, although getting up every morning at 7 am when you could have the pleasure to sleep in is sometimes quite hard. I love them to bits and hope they stay another while with me.
What are you most excited to capture about your new baby Sandra?
I so excited to capture his look. I am constantly asking myself what he might look like. 
Also I will enjoy his tinyness. I can't wait to document his growth and every tiny bit about him. I don't think you can blame me though, can you?
How old were you when you picked up a camera and discovered the magic?
I was 18 when I got into the process of taking pictures with my point and shoot. But purchased my first DSLR when I was 19, because I wanted better pictures of my dog. 
From then on it was quite the journey. 3 years and 30 000 pictures later I still enjoy it like the first day.

What is your favorite thing to shoot?
One of my most favourite things to shoot are portraits of couples and babies. 
I really like how people interact with each other and the natural beauty that comes with being in touch with someone you truly love just for the person that they are. 
I do believe love makes everyone beautiful.
You love Flickr. Tell us about how that has helped you learn photography? 

 I really enjoy the compassion, support and encouragment that build up over time. 
The way you connect with people all over the globe because of your and their work is quite stunning to me. 
It helped me grow because of the feedback I got.
I tried many projects and loved them. One of them which has helped me grow immensely was my 365 in 2010. 
After that nothing was the same anymore.

Who are some of your Flickr faves?

or these ones:

You love Lightroom for editing. What is it about lightroom that appeals to you more than Photoshop?
To be honest, I never got the hang of Photoshop. 
I guess Lightroom just suits my workflow better. It is easy. For me, photoshop is much more complex, but that might not be the case for you. 
I guess it is a personal preference.
Do your friends love that you are a photographer?
Yes, they do. They like being able to get good photographs of themselves and their families at times such like Christmas.
Tell me about a dream shoot. Where would you go? Who would you shoot?
Wow, I have to think a bit about that. I guess I would shoot a young couple or a young family. 
We would go to my favourite spot in the woods and play a little. 
We would laugh much and goof around. Just to be finished when we have tummy aches and sore cheeks. ;)

Do you have a good network of photographers in Germany that help you grow?

I don't have many photographer friends living close by, so I only see them occassionally which is about 5-6 times per year. Yet we stay connected via Internet and the various social networks so it is not too bad.
You love music. What is a song you are listening to right now?
One of my favourites right now is The A Team by Ed Sheeran.
He is such a cute, sweet English singer. And yes I have a crush on him.
Were there any books you read that helped you learn photography in the beginning?
I didn't read any books in the beginning while learning photography.
 I had much more fun in the learning-by-doing concept. Last year I read Jose Villa's book about fine art wedding photography and this helped me quite much according to film and aperture.
 Everything else I just learned as I went through life and occassional research online.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What are your favorite kind?
My favourite movies are chick-flicks. Not seen any good movies lately. Maybe that due to the lack of me going to the cinema. ;)
You have a lot of food ready for after the baby comes. Are you a good cook? Do you like to experiment?
 I don't consider myself as a good cook, but I can prepare a decent meal that is quite enjoyable. At least that's what my boyfriend tells me. 
I really would like to get more advanced in cooking.
I actually experiment a lot. Making up meals is one of my speciality :)
What is your favorite time of the day to shoot?
Anytime. Every time in each day has it's own pleasures. But I do love myself some of the golden hours in late summer.
Do the dogs like modeling?
Akira does, she is such a ham in front of the camera. Jonah hates to be bothered by it. But I do enjoy capturing them in mid-play quite much.
Where do you see yourself in five years with photography? What are your photography dreams?
I am really not sure where I am running with photography. Because I will have a baby quite soon, I imagine photography will take a back seat for the next couple of years. 
I don't have many high ambitions on myself. If it happens to develop into a business anytime I absolutely happy, but if it doesn't I will shoot for my own pleasure. That's all fine with me, as long as I still can capture my life while we all grow.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

If you are out there just fumbling around with your camera, keep going. Even if they never get as good as the ones you see online. Challenge yourself to grow, save money and invest in good lenses.
That's all :)

Thank you for the honor to be on the blog and for this wonderful interview. I hope someone out there finds it helpful in any way.

The pleasure was all ours!
You can find Suki at her blog: Suki Photography Blog
or at her favorite place online: flickr


Buckeroomama said...

I love Suki! I love every single one of her photos. Every. single. one! She is such an inspiration to me. :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

love her! of course i would. that dog and it's eyes...mesmerizing. thank you again becky. makes me want to pick up my camera a lot more than i have been lately.

Tracy P. said...

Invest in good lenses is right! Suki is absolutely making the most of hers! How completely stunning!! Thanks so much, and best wishes with baby! :-)

Caseybumpinalong said...

Beautiful, beautiful pics! Inspiring interview once again!

Caroline said...

I have been following suki's blog for awhile now...I love her's soulful.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Her pictures are how she captures Germany and her pups! Congrats on becoming a mommy!

Skeller said...

aaaah, anyone's who's been around IHF for any amount of time is super excited to see Suki here!! :-) and how fun to see Heidelberg streets I've walked in my distant past and beautiful Bowen kiddos!! I love how the internet makes the big wide world so much more small & intimate & friendly! Suki - your images are beautiful, calm, sometimes stark, peaceful, and almost like a whisper ... I love your artistry.

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beautiful pictures...

thanks for stopping by my bog

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Adrienne said...

Suki is such an incredibly talented photographer--Her compositions are beautiful, and her photos always leave me feeling peaceful. I love her comment that love makes everyone beautiful. I couldn't agree more!

Great interview, Becky!

Heather Wood Photography said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her style! I want to meet her! She sounds like such an amazing person!

Sarah King said...

Beautiful Photos Sandra! Congrats on being a new Mom!! :)

photowannabe said...

Delightful interview.
I like her slant on life through her photos.
Suki thinks photography will take a back seat for a few years, but I think its going to take off once she sees that beautiful bundle and starts photographing every nuance of His life.

TheHouseWifeRookie said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for another awesome interview! I just love them!

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H.K. said...

I was amazed that many of the photos from Suki did not use Photoshop! That is amazing- I always assumed all photographers used photoshop. It's incredible how Suki can take everyday things that we see on a daily basis, like a pair of baby shoes, pile of leaves & make it look beautiful. I can tell by just looking at her pictures that she looks at the world from the point of view of a child- nothing goes unnoticed and "ordinary" things and can be beautiful too.

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oh goodness, i love suki!! she's such a sweet girl and a beautiful photographer. it's amazing how much emotion she evokes with one click of her camera.

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love love LOVE miss Suki :) It was such an honor to meet her (and you!) at the first ever I Heart Faces workshop in Dallas! What a lovely interview and beautiful pictures to go along. Suki is an amazingly talented photographer and I can't wait to see how motherhood impacts her talent!

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