Monday, December 26, 2011

A farm and a dream in Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Their story:

He was born in Doylestown Hospital to Myrtle and Irwin.
Their first son.

They were poor by the world's standards.
Myrtle worked, as an aide, with children that had down syndrome in Norristown.
She was a kind and loving woman who made the world a better place.
She was a very hard worker.

Irwin was the caretaker on a farm in Pipersville,
which is right outside of Doylestown 
in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The farm was fairly large.
The boy lived there with his Mom and Dad in a small shack down in the corner of the land.
The little boy grew up loving the farm.
Although the family was very poor, the boy grew up thinking he was rich.
He had everything he could ever need or want on the farm.
He loved the land and the crops.
He loved the tractors.
He loved the animals.

He helped his Dad and the farm owner whenever he could.
He despised school and would race off the bus every afternoon ready to work.
He did chores, drove tractors and milked cows.
He grew and grew.
His parents got older and decided to move to the middle of the state to farm.
Somewhere a little less expensive than beautiful Bucks County.
The boy, who had now graduated, went to help his Dad on the new farm.
He loved Swengel, Pennsylvania just as he had loved Pipersville, Pennsylvania.
The boy worked hard at many jobs.
The boy was a very good worker.

He loved the new land and the crops.
He loved the tractors.
He loved the animals.
The boy started working at Farm Bureau.
He sprayed crops for farmers.
He loved his job.
He met a girl.
A teacher girl.
They fell in love.

The boy and the girl got married and moved to the farm in Central Pennsylvania to help his parents on their farm.
The boy worked hard.
He always had at least 2 jobs.
The girl taught school.
A baby came.
And another.
His parents were getting older.
Irwin and Myrtle could no longer live off the farm.
The boy did not think he could provide for his growing family on their farm.
They put the farm up for auction.
They all moved back to where they had started their lives:
Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Another baby came.
Irwin and Myrtle got older.
They got sick.
They died.
There was much sadness.
How could life go on?

The boy wanted a farm more than ever before,
but now he had a growing family to support and he could not afford it.
He dreamed of farms.
He loved the smell of manure on crops.
He loved barns and silos and the creatures that lived there.
He loved the land.

His children grew up knowing that farms were the best places on earth.
They admired them from car windows.
They went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show each year and said thank you to the men and women who were working the land.
Years passed.
The boy and the girl and their 3 children bought a house in Perkasie.
From day one, everyone knew, that boy wished he had a farm.

The boy tried to make the house as much like a farm as he could.
There were 3 gardens.
There were old tractors and chicken coops.
There were animals galore.
Life went on even though the house in Perkasie was not a farm.
The boy continued working hard.
His children grew up feeling blessed just as he had years before. 

In the blink of an eye, 
school was done, 
college was done, 
and the boy and the girl were alone.
Alone in Perkasie at the house that had once had gardens and tractors and kids.
Alone on the acre of land that had been a psuedo farm for the boy.
One day, the boy was reading a farm paper and he saw that the farm his dad had worked on when he was a mere child, was going to be auctioned off.

The boy, who was now a grown man, told his wife
and his children that he was going to go and look at the farm of his childhood.

He went to visit the farm in Pipersville.
It was exactly as he had remembered.
He called his kids and said,
"It is going for auction in the Spring, 
but there is just no way we could ever get it.
That much land in Bucks County will go for over a million and a half dollars.
I am glad I looked but now I know I can not get the farm."
Everyone felt sad for the man and his dream.

The auction came.
The man took off work and went just to see who would live at his childhood farm.

 As the auctioneer began that day in the Spring,
the numbers that were being bid were not as high as he had suspected.
 He decided to bid.
And suddenly...
the gavel struck.
The son of Irwin and Myrtle now owned the farm his parents used to work on.
The man was finally a farmer.
He called the Woman and said.
"Are you sitting down?
We just bought the farm."
He bid and won his dream.
Preparations began.
Packing up 25 years of life on a little rancher in Perkasie, Pennsylvania was hard work.
Saying goodbye to the best neighbors and friends was difficult.
Home inspections and insurance agents and life-
it all got crazy as summer eased it's way into Bucks County.

The farm house, that had once been the home of the landowners,
would now be lived in by the Man and the Woman.

The kitchen was re done.
The barn roof was patched.
A tractor was purchased.

Finally, one day in June,
the man and the woman moved onto the farm.
A smile like you have never known was seen on the face of the man.

If you visit the farm today, 
you will see that there is hay in the barn.
There are children playing with basketballs and bicycles.
In the Spring there will be a steer in a stall.
The most important thing that is on that farm is not the hay or the tractor or the barn.
It is those 2 people.
Those 2 people who gave up every dream for their children.
And then, when they least expected it,
their dream has come true.

Of all the things I am thankful for this year,
I am most thankful for my Daddy and my Mommy who dreamed big and took a chance.

At age 60 they went after their dream.

And now,
they are living
Happily Ever After.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry, Merry Christmas from your favorite procrastinator in the whole wide world.

We STILL didn't get a tree.
I guess we aren't getting one this year.
I don't think Kaish cares that much.
If it is bothering him, I likely won't find out until he is 19 and in therapy.
I guess I will take my chances.
 I finally started addressing the Christmas cards.
I can't find my address book.
You know the last time I used it?
Last Christmas.
I bet it is with the leftover cards from last year.
Who knows where they are?
Certainly not me.
I opened the garage door to take a gander and see if I could find it amongst the wrapping paper or the unused ornaments.
Seeing all of the things that I needed to be doing depressed me so I slammed the door and decided to text the people that are getting cards.

I texted one of my co workers for his address.
When he sent it I thanked him and told him to be on the lookout because I was coming to rob him soon.
I don't think he believes me. 

 I took Kaish and Jonathon to youth group on Tuesday night and then proceeded to the store to buy the first and ONLY present I have gotten so far.
Are you wondering when exactly I am going to go shopping?

Me too.

 I am shooting a wedding tomorrow.
I am very excited.
There is not going to be a fancy dress
or an artistic venue.
There is not even going to be a bouquet. 
You know what is going to be there though?
Big love.

 I love that.
Don't get me wrong.
A fancy wedding is very exciting.
I love adore a fancy wedding every now and again.
This, though, 
this feels so right.
So perfect for 2 days before Christmas.
Simple and uncomplicated and perfect.
 We are going to make gingerbread cookies tomorrow when the kids get home from school.
They have off on Friday and they are eager for vacation to start.
Gary has off- are you ready for this?
3 days in a row.
I know. I know. CRAZY, right?
Saturday, Sunday AND Monday.
Next weekend he doesn't even get off on New Years Day.
I am not going to think about next weekend though.
I am just going to focus on this weekend.
3 days.
I feel like I won the lottery.
 You know what else makes me feel like I won the lottery?
These kids.
I love them so much.
Every day they are a blessing.
Every day.
When they are messy. And grumpy. And ornery. 
I love them.
 Wishing you the most happy holidays.
Hug the ones you love.
And if you are without anyone to hug,
go and make a new friend.
Everyone needs some love.