Sunday, November 13, 2011

What did one leaf say to the other? I'm falling for you.

I found a couple of funny jokes I could put in this post,
but, instead of a joke today I am going to tell you about my Daddy.
It isn't his birthday,
or Father's day,
or any other special day when I normally celebrate him.

It's just a regular day.
My Dad deserves to be celebrated on special days and regular days.
Every day really.

My Dad is the best dad on planet Earth.
When I was growing up he worked very hard.
I remember when he had 3 jobs at one time.
He was an exterminator Monday through Friday.
He was a gas station attendant Monday through Friday at night and sometimes on Saturday.
He was a night watchman on Saturday and Sunday over night at a meat packing company.
He worked hard to give us a bright future.

As I look back on my childhood I remember so many things.
More than anything I remember that my Dad thought I was great.
Really great.

He thought I was great even though I never got all A's.
He thought I was great even when I never made the cheerleading squad.
He thought I was great when all my friends had boyfriends and boys didn't pay me any attention at all.

He used to take me to the grocery store with him on Monday nights.
Fox's Market in Perkasie.
He always did the grocery shopping because he could find the best deals.
I remember talking non stop the whole way down to town and the whole way back home again.
Whenever I would look over at my Dad he would be smiling.
He liked to hear me talk.

Sometimes he would let me get ham salad for my lunch even though it was $2.49 and 
sliced ham or turkey was only $1.99 a pound.

My Daddy taught me to love people.
People in our home,
people in our church,
people in our community.

He taught me to be kind.
To give and share.
To work hard.
And perhaps most importantly, to be happy.

I hope and pray,
every day,
I can teach Kaish these things as well.

We never had a fancy house or a fancy car.
We had so much more than a lot of people that had those things though.
We had extraordinary love.
Big love.
And we still have it.

I am so thankful for the Daddy Jesus gave to me.
I love this picture. 
It shows a Dad's love in such a perfect way.

Can you tell me a favorite story about your Dad?

Have a happy week.
Hug your Daddy if you can.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. that made me feel all kinds of warm...very nice...sounds like a great dad!

Skeller said...

happy HAPPY sigh. I'm so glad you had such a dad! And I do so love the daddy's love you captured in this beautiful photo!

Becca said...

Love this! :-) and the post title too!

Teresa said...

Your dad sounds like a truly wonderful man. I love that you are celebrating him today!

Rachel said...

I think your Dad was one of those unconditional-love-glad-sacrifice-always-there kind of dads like mine :)

My favorite memory? My dad - who worked insane hours to pay for my surgeries - unexpectedly showing up at my school to take me to Jack In The Box for a birthday lunch. Just the two of us.

Never happened before, never happened again.


Love the same feeling your photo captures.

ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

Hi! You have a very nice blog that makes me smile when I read it :) Thanks for visiting ReMadeSimple and for your kind comments!

Teachinfourth said...

It's too late to share a story of my own, but thanks for sharing yours...


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

My dad is pretty great, too. LOVE that shot. So, so sweet!

Michelle R Photography said...

Oh my goodness, I love the image, but I love the post about your dad, too! He sounds like a very special man.

Gigi said...

Great post and picture! Your dad sounds amazing.

Lisa said...

He's perfect! If I didn't know any better I would think you were talking about my daddy.

Dear Rebecca's daddy, we all love you! Thank you for being so great and teaching her so well. Thank you for smiling when she wouldn't stop talking ...thank you for showing her how to love extraordinarily and extravagantly...for that is the most important love of all.

xoxo, Lisa

PS ~ Rebecca I love this photo! and this post...lots of smiles from me today. Your beautiful!

Team Lando said...

This is a great post!

Right now, I am watching Matt give Ellie sweet hugs. And that makes me happy that she has a great Daddy. (I have a great dad, too.)

Yay for Dads!

Mari said...

I love this tribute to your Dad and to all the other great Dad's out there. I think Dad's often get a bum rap from the Hollywood folks - they tend to portray them as bumbling fools, and they are so important!
I have a wonderful Dad too - and I'm going to be seeing him tonight.

MonaBL said...

Here in Norway we celebrated Fathers day yesterday... :-) My dad taught me to love the nature, to love beeing outdoors, hike in the mountains, go fishing, smell the spring and the taste of homemade blueberry- jam. He taught me to be greatfull for what we had, even if it was'nt much... We're also trying to pass this on to our own kids...
And my sister said a few words I want to qoute: I really feel rich... but sometimes I wish I had a little money....

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You have a great dad. Love the photo too.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Becky, your love for your dad is so precious! I especially liked the part about you talking and looking over at him to find him smiling. It is a special thing to give your kids your undivided attention and make them feel like anything they could say at that moment would be the most important thing in all the world. Honestly, that convicted me. As a single mom, I am often distracted. This reminds me that I want to do better! Thank you!

My Daddy is a treasure. He taught us to be generous, loving, and the importance of doing right even when everyone else might not. But when we messed up and followed the crowd, he was so quick to forgive. I love that about my dad. If I felt like I was in trouble, I would go to him before I would tell my mom. Which seemed strange at the time because my mom was always around. But I suppose I knew even then that if the person in authority could forgive me, then everything else would be okay. I sure am thankful for him!

Laurie Endsley said...

Not sure if I love the write up or the picture most! You not only have a way with the camera but with the pen!! I have missed seeing your posts at IHF the past few weeks!!! And I love this image!

Niki said...

Nothing like a sweet Daddy and his daughter!

Nurse Nancy said...

My Dad was the one person in the whole world whose only concern was that I was happy. He never asked me for anything in return. I miss him and miss hearing him call me Tiny - even though I was taller than him by the time I was 13.

Jeanna said...

Aw, I love that picture. <3

My daddy has always been a musician and as a girl what I remember most is him playing his guitar and singing. He'd always take my requests and as I got older he would have me sing with him because I could hit the high notes. :)

tiarastantrums said...

aww - so sweet - my father died when I was 18, so I don't have too many memories of him. He was always working and not around much.

Sandra said...

What a sweet post! When I was about 14 and went out to a community dance my dad said "Be careful and if you can't be careful name it after me!" LOL We still laugh about that to this day!

lifebythecreek said...

I love the photo...glorious fall color combined with big love. Can't go wrong with that! And I can't remember just one story. I just remember a dad who loved me, read the Bible to us every night and prayed, worked hard and saved up so that what we had was ours. He encouraged me to work hard so I could go to college and helped as much as he could, even though he was on medical disability. He was a good man, and I miss him every day.

photowannabe said...

Love your beautiful tribute to a loving Dad.
I still miss my Dad. He's been gone for 25 years. I know he loved me deeply and I was his "favorite"!! I was an only child so I got that privelege. He let me play beauty parlor with him and I could curl his hair and do silly things. This happened on our special night home together when Mom went to choir.
He loved the Lord and was a fantastic Bible teacher. Boy did he know how to study and he had only a high school education. He was very industrious and somewhat of an entrepneur (sp?)I think he could make a silk purse out of a sows ear!
He gave me a love for the outdoors, camping, fishing and photography. We had little but I never knew we had little. We learned to make a big deal of celebrations since we had no relatives around. Precious times. Thanks for letting me reflect on my Dad on no special day too.

Trisha Sheehan Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer said...

What a wonderful post! I enjoyed everything about it! <3
Thank you for stopping by my blog last week! I had no idea my picture got picked until I saw your comment. ;)

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said...

What a wonderful photograph, the composition, the color, nicely done!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think you were so darn blessed with a fabulous Daddy...and it almost makes me mad. But not really, cause I am happy that you have him...and you will teach Kaish all the same special things that your Dad taught you.
I miss my Dad, even if he wasn't so wonderful.

Kelly Quinones Miller said...

I don't have a great dad, but my children have been blessed with one. It makes my heart happy all the time.

Barbara Marcella said...

This is absolutely beautiful in every single way. <3

Cindy said...

This was a great post! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

My dad wasn't as great as yours when I was growing up. But since my sisters and I have become adults, he's become a changed man. He's thoughtful, loving, and adventurous. I've known my dad has driven just about anything with an engine, but I just found out this week that he also used to drive a tow truck!

He lives in San Diego and I'm in Seattle. I wish I could see him more often than I do.

KazVik said...


What a sweet post and a beautiful photo. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful father.

I grew up without a father. And sometimes I wish I had one. But it helps me to come to my Heavenly Father when I feel that. Also it makes me appreciate my husband even more, since he is a wonderful father to our boys.

Thanks for all your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog.

heather nan said...

Beautiful words coupled with a beautiful image... as always, well done!

Jessica Deane said...

GREAT AWESOME moment captured!!

Mama Zen said...

This made me smile. Lovely shot!

maddie said...

This is a great tribute to your father. He must be wonderful.

Jason, as himself said...

Well, the best thing your dad ever did was you. And that's about as awesome as it gets.

Loukia said...

Oh gosh, this was lovely! And I hdve tons of special memories of my father...

fairlycandid said...

You always inspire your readers Becky. Thank you. My dad always made Christmas special. When we were young and money was tight, my dad would go out on Christmas Eve to get a tree (usually free then), and when we woke up on Christmas morning the tree was decorated and the ceiling was hung with a carousel of garland in a perfect pinwheel. In the middle of the tree was a manger scene. I had a wonderful dad. Best of luck on your beautiful entry. Mary

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Now I miss my dad:-) Love your post and gorgeous photo!! We Heart YOU!!

Erika B said...

Such a beautiful shot. Perfect for your post.

Erika B

Anita Johnson said...

Beautiful photo! My dad passed away when I was 13, but he wrote most of my baby book in his beautiful engineer handwriting. It is a treasure. He left us with a faith that lives in us today.

Valeria said...

that is the sweetest picture and the sweetest post ever!