Saturday, September 17, 2011

Philadelphia Engagement Photographs {Jenna & Dave}

Jenna met Dave when she was a freshman.

She thought he was OK.
Nice...but basically like all of the other 9th grade boys.
You know what they are like?
Annoying. Weird. Boyish.
OK. Just OK.

Now, Dave, on the other hand,
well, he was enthralled with Jenna.
It was love at first sight.

Sadly, Dave's face got burnt shortly after the first day and he missed school for a while.

Jenna wasn't thinking about Dave though.

She was thinking about high school 
and fun and friends and all of the things 
9th grade girls think about.

Somehow, someway, Dave stole his way into Jenna's heart when he came back to school.

And they began dating.

Dating and learning all about one another.

Through the ups and downs of high school 
and the ups and downs of real life,
they have been doing life together.

If you ask Jenna her favorite thing about Dave, 
she will tell you she loves his personality.

Dave can make anyone smile.
And he does.

Dave made Jenna look at life in a different way.

A happier and funnier way.
Jenna is thankful for that attribute because 
life can be overwhelming sometimes.

She appreciates comic relief.

Dave loves Jenna's determination. 
She doesn't settle.

She seeks the best and she obtains it.
He also loves how she mothers her daughter.

Jenna was completely surprised when Dave proposed. 
Even though they have been dating for 11 years,
she was not suspecting to be proposed to the way he did.
Jenna and Dave are avid Philadelphia sports fans, 
so she was thinking he would surprise her at a Phillies game.
Dave is sneaky though. 
He knew she was suspecting that, 
so, he thought of something better.

Jenna was right in the middle of a Lia Sophia jewelry party 
at their new home.
All of her friends and family were gathered around her 
in the living room 
when Dave came home after being out with his friends.
Jenna wasn't paying much attention to him 
since the house was full of guests, but then,
she turned around, and there was Dave,
down on one knee.
She knew what he was going to ask.
She cried.
He asked.
And she said yes.

In 7 months Jenna will be marrying her best friend.
She can hardly wait.

Their future is as bright as the sun.

Without a single thought, 
two hands collide and the world 
finally makes sense again.  
~Kayla Dawn


Cedar said...

Very sweet post and great photos!

Raymonde said...

Gorgeous photos throughout and my favorite is the last b/w of the hands. Love it.

Hope you are all keeping well and that Kaishon is enjoying his new term at school. Take care. xxx

Teachinfourth said...

Very nice session!

Tamar SB said...

So so stunning!! I see boat house row and the water works in these pics and it makes me smile!! I still have a dream of getting married there one day, I think I should meet a guy from Philly!

Caits said...

You nailed it! What a heart-warming post, with beautiful photos to accompany it!!!

Gigi said...

What a beautiful story, complete with pictures, to start my day!

Puna said...

What a lovely couple!

TechnoBabe said...

This is so sweet. They certainly know each other well by now and have a solid relationship. Best wishes to this lovely couple and I hope all the days approaching their wedding day are full of love so they as a couple on their wedding day are able to share some of that abundant love with the people at their wedding.

Rachel said...

Beautiful life story! Fun pictures too!

Martha said...

awesome photos...great story

Amy said...

What a sweet story and beautiful couple.

Tara R. said...

A sweet story told in gorgeous photos. Best wishes to Jenna and Dave.

Vidya Sury said...

Beautifully captured love story. I just loved the series of pictures. So happy I came by!

Welcome! said...

And then they lived happily ever after :) So sweet!

Ami said...

A beautiful story. Wishing them happiness. And thank YOU for illustrating their story so well.

Unknown Mami said...

Wonderful love story.

Marjorie said...

Love your new blog background! Very nice photos. Can't wait till you post some interviews!

genderist said...

oh the one with the cheek kiss and the sun flare is magical

rumpydog said...

*sniff sniff* I'm so happy! I love your photographs.

Little Mochi said...

Oh my goodness! Love everything about your post today. :)

Leslie said...

Awww! What a sweet story! And what a gorgeous couple.

Beautiful photos!

Merrill said...

What a wonderful story. Love your photos of the happy couple!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, this is such a beautiful love story.
They have grown up together {practically} and now they will grow old together!!!
Beautiful photos Becky!! Congrats to the happy, lucky in love couple. said...

Your pictures are always so happy and heartfelt.
Thanks for sharing.

lisaplus6 said...
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Adrienne in Ohio said...

Very sweet story, Becky. You did a beautiful job with their photos!

lisaplus6 said...

this is the sweetest post... the photos are sensational and the words beautiful!!

Renee Weatherford said...

So sweet!! <3

Erin said...

So beautiful! What a great story and your photos told it so well!

- dls - said...

i super love the story - along with the great photos!