Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photographer Interview: Kim Klassen

Kim Klassen.
Do you know her?
She is an artist, if ever there was one.

An artist and a giver.

Every week on her blog she gives away a texture.

That is pretty sweet, isn't it?
Come read her story and learn about

the art she makes with her camera-
and the art she makes with her life.

You are a giver. 
It is obvious after spending 
just 1 minute on your blog. 
What makes you give?

Fabulous question.  I'm a firm believer in giving...and trust completely in the process of what you put out comes back to you in multiples. A few years ago I found myself at a crossroads.  I basically decided to start my business path over…and one of the first decisions I made was to share freely…. put things out into the universe…This process has given me the most beautiful gifts of every kind in return.
I read these quotes by Eckhart Tolle…and really it sums the concept of giving up beautifully.  Whatever our faith I believe this principal applies and will work wonders in our life.
"Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world. Whatever you think people are withholding from you - praise, appreciation, assistance, loving care and so on - give it to them. You cannot receive what you don't give. Outflow determines inflow."
It looks like you started your blog 2 years ago. 
Did you ever think it would grow into what it is today?
Yes and no. :)
I think it was about 6 months before I started my blog that I really started to investigate the whole blogging world……  I was completely fascinated.  I told my hubby that there was this whole world online that I wanted to be a part of.  I said I was going to start a blog and make it grow.  
I was confident in that statement and knew it was a path I intended to take very seriously.  I believe strong stated intention is the beginning of successes.  But to be honest, it really truly amazes me that so many beautiful souls come and visit… sign up for my classes, send me emails.  It's a huge blessing in my life. And I am most grateful.
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Oh definitely the connections with other passionate beings…. who really 'get' me. In my 'real-life'…there are few people who live a creative life…. and who understand how passionate I am about it.  Blogging has allowed me to connect with so many other women who are exactly like me!  It's fabulous.
Do you still see Leanne and Shayla? I loved that story. So sweet.
Oh my gosh….. no!  I'm sad to say they have moved several times. Unfortunately their Mom did not let us know where or leave us a number to get in touch. They were the sweetest, most adorable kids….  I will always cherish those after-school visits. :)
You live in a small town. 
How do you like that? 
That's an interesting question! If you had asked me that a year ago I would have said I LOVE it….  and I still do love it…. But I have this growing desire inside me….. a desire to explore other places….live somewhere new!  And it's the strangest thing… so out of character for this home body!  I believe it's the connection to the camera….the need to explore….. that's pulling me.  Who knows where it will lead… 
I wrote my Mondo Beyondo Dream list about 15 months ago…. many of the beautiful dreams I noted have already come true. One of the dreams was to live for 6 months in France or Italy…. (anywhere in Europe would be amazing)…..  So who knows… but I trust it will happen when the time is right. :)
Your children are older. 
How have you been dealing with the fact 
that they are growing up?
I have to say I  enjoy having grown up children.  I'm so in LOVE with my work that I don't tend to do a lot of 'remember when'... we went thru a very difficult time when my younger son was a teenager… I am very glad those days are past…. But I do love remembering them as sweet little blonde boys. They were seriously ADORABLE. :)
You love board games with your family. 
What is your favorite?
Who usually wins?
We do love board games. Trivial pursuit, tri-bound, Scene-it…..really any trivia game is best!  But I SUCK at trivia…and John and the boys totally ROCK at it.  So I pretty much lose every game. 
Tell me about your boys.
Brett is my oldest. He is now 20 years old!  Wow…that's crazy to think about! He is a beautiful soul.  He's a lot like his Dad…with a little mix of his Mama.  
He was an easy child….never really had any worries with Brett.  He works with mentally challenged people. And he's amazing with them. He has the perfect mix of kindness, compassion and steadiness that works so well. The clients respond so well to him.  
He works one on one with a fellow who's about 50 years old.  He doesn't speak but has signs and gestures to communicate. Just recently he took him into the city for the weekend (just the 2 of them)…they stayed at a hotel and he took him to an Elton John concert (this fellow loves music).  I don't know many 20 year old guys who could do this on their own.  
I'm super proud of him….  so happy he has the gift of compassion.  Brett really wants to pursue other things… maybe go back to school, but he's just not sure what he wants to do!  I keep telling him to trust in the process and it will reveal itself.  
Bryce is our baby. He is 19.  Bryce is a deep, sensitive young man.  He's an artist, but doesn't really know it!  He's searching for more…..but not quite there. He dreams of being a movie director or a writer… which isn't an easy path around our little world… He would like to go to school, but really needs to do some upgrading first. But like many artists he tends to wander.  
He feels things very deeply…..and I believe that is partly why his teen years were so difficult.  But I trust in time he will find his path. He currently works on the groundskeeping team at our local lake.  He says he wants a job like mine…. and I believe he totally could do it! But he needs to find that one piece….  self-discipline….perseverance…. I think once he finds that… the possibilities will be endless!  We are a lot alike… which is probably the reason we 'lock horns' continuously…..  He is longing to travel as well. I hope he does…. The world is big and beautiful…. and why not explore it when you are young! As much as we struggle with our relationship, I LOVE him dearly and admire this depth and sensitivity.  I know God has big plans for Bryce. I can feel it.  

Did you ever want a little girl?
Yes! I have often wished there was a girl in this house of boys. But I'm thinking maybe God will bless us with a grand daughter someday. :)  
Do you ever think you will run out of words to paint?
No, there are so many beautiful words to share with the world. :)
Do you have specific studio hours? 
Or do you wander in whenever you can?
I start work in the studio around 7:30 and work till 5:00ish.  I usually come back to work for several hours in the evening as well. I do take 4 mile hike on the trail with our goldendoodle, Ben during the day. And after dinner we go for a 4 mile bike ride as well.  
I stop for lunch when my hubby and son come home… It sounds like long hours, but I LOVE almost every moment of it. It rarely feels like work! :)
If you could go on a photoshoot any where in the world, 
where would you want to go?
Who would you take with you?
Definitely I would want to go with my hubby!  And I would say Italy….  but the dream list is long for sure!
If you could only paint with 1 color for a week, what color would you pick? 
Oh what a fun question. I would have to say white.  I'm in LOVE with white these days!!  White makes everything look beautiful. :)
In February 2010 you had a photoshoot with a model, tell me about it. Were you nervous?
I wasn't really nervous….probably because it wasn't a paid job… So that pressure was off!  It was LOADS of fun.  I hope to do more soon… I have better equipment and more experience now…so it would be fun to put it all into action!  :) 
Do you ever think you would like to focus more on taking pictures and less on painting, or do you think you have a nice mix now of both opportunities?

Oh I would say definitely my focus is already more on photography.  I love the art of it! I do a lot of stills, nature shots and landscapes. I would like to try some life style shoots l…  But the days zip by so quickly…..someday I hope to!
I still love my painting and creating…. and I don't foresee letting that go.  But photography is the ART I am most passionate about!
How did you feel the first time your work was featured in a magazine?
I felt giddy!  It was very exciting!!  A complete thrill!!
What is your favorite season?
I would say Autumn.  I love the colors of autumn… the idea of cuddly sweaters and curling up to watch a movie...  But right now, I'm dying for summer to come.  :)
Do you have a quote to share?

 I have so many quotes that I love... but here's one I'm loving lately.

'Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!'
Dr. Seuss

Have you always been an artist? Did you ever have a job outside of the art field?
No, I didn't discover my artist until I was almost 30.  But I know it was there all along……  a part of me that I couldn't really name.  I worked for years in a department store….  I did a lot of display work… LOVED THAT…. I suppose I was creating art in a way….
 But after we bought our antique home… and I wanted to fill it with primitive art pieces…. I started to dabble with paints etc….  And that's how it all began.  It was completely life changing…….
What made you decide to have a class online? Have you loved doing those?
The online class offer was one of those 'in the shower' ideas…. It just hit me!! And with that, I went for it!  I LOVE teaching… 
I also love taking online classes! In fact I'm a bit of an online class junky!! It's so fun to learn right from your home. The talent and sharing online is phenomenal!
You are a big flickr fan. Tell me how that has helped you on your photography journey?
Flickr is the first place I would recommend new photographers to begin! It provides incredible inspiration! The community is so giving and uplifting! It's also an amazing place to network!  In my opinion, Flickr is a must for photographers!

Can you believe I have never used a texture? Can you give a quick little lesson on how to use one?
You must try playing with textures…..  Check out my 'textures in ten tutorial'…basically you open the texture in photoshop or elements….like you would a photograph….and you drag it on top of your image. You then can adjust the blend mode of the texture layer to allow your photo to show through. You gotta try it. :)
Who is one of your photography inspirations?
Oh gosh…there are so many amazing photographers out there….. i could go on and on…  lately I'm LOVING Irene Suchock. She photographs cities like New York, Montreal…. and on and on… so extraordinary…..  'sigh'

Are you listening to any special song right now that we could share?
It's funny… I do love music…. but I love silence very much too.  When i am working at my desk I love silence… When I'm making art/painting I listen to music….  A new fav song is 3 wishes by David Thomas Junior. 

I also love Andrew Belle, Jack Johnson, and Joshua Radin….

What advice would you give a mommy with a little one and a new Canon Rebel. Where should she start first?
I would say photograph your little one… as much and as often as possible. Move out of auto mode…. try aperture mode. You don't have to worry about jumping right into manual. 
There's tons of info online. 
I would love to go back in time and have my nikon with me as the boys were little. They are very uncooperative about getting photographed. I think if they grew up with the camera around it would be different!!  
The more you use that new Rebel the more amazing your photos will become. And study the manual or buy a good guide for your model….. get to know it well!  it really makes all the difference. :)

Kim on facebook

{This is what I did in my studio this week!
I put this post together ; )}


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Kim, this interview was amazing, just like you! So exciting to hear a bit about your personal life. I must say as a word of encouragement, and from the mom of 5 children, when they become full adults, like 25ish, they become your best friend! The frustration of a teenager is crazy, but in the end, it is ALL worth it! I promise you! Mine are now 22, 24, 25, 28and 28. Also, when they bring home the grandbabies (I have 6/one on way) it's the BEST!!!!!!

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