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Photographer Interview: Arden Prucha

You might have heard of this shooting sensation- Arden Prucha.
She has a fun and colorful style.
She sees the world in a beautiful way.

Today you will get to learn more about 
a great photographer's
and values.

You were a teacher and now you are a photographer, what was the biggest difference between those careers? What is similar? 

The biggest difference: Being your own boss, heading to meet a friend at lunch anytime I please and not having to hush conversations celebrating intelligence, religions, holidays, and life!
Similarities: when working with kids - you gotta bribe them baby! Whatever it takes to get those little stinkers smiling and happy.

You have 2 children, do they like having their picture taken?
Pierson is seven and he goes back and forth behaving for them. Sometimes he will pose for me, but will start making goofy faces rather than being handsome for me. He is just a doll though. Parx is 18 months and will often times ignore me the moment she sees big ole'Markii come out. I say things like, "Want a snack?" to get her to look up. However she will now come up to me and say, "Pitcher!" to see images on the computer. I will scroll through our photos and she really enjoys them.

Did you like having your picture taken when you were little? How about now? 
Yes I did! My sister would do my hair and make up and pose me. Then when I was about eight or nine, I would take photos of my neighbors, Barbies, animals and parent's garden. I loved taking and posing for them - heck I still do!

LOVE the story about how you photographed your barbies wedding when you were young, do you think you knew in the back of your head you would one day do this for a living? 

Honestly I had NO idea. Which is actually cooler, I think. To have this 'GIFT' just appear in the midst of life was completely unexpected and a huge breath of fresh air. It was like, "OH, this is what I was meant to do all along!" I guess it felt very intimate, personal and quite frankly relieving. I have never 'fit in' specific roles or jobs.

What has been your favorite shoot during your lifetime so far?
How the heck do I answer this? Shooting two of my girlfriends' births was pretty awesome! I nearly cried both times, which is rare for me. I also have LOVED my destinations - nothing cooler than capturing love in a completely unique and stunning environment!
If you could shoot anyone, anywhere, who would it be? How come?
I think I want to shoot a steamy gorgeous couple in Greece. There is something about the stark white architecture and blue accents and water that is absolutely intriguing to me. I imagine a hot little Grecian couple just oozing love and passion... Okay, who can make this happen?

You love a good deal and can shop all day, so tell me, what has been your best bargain find ever? 
I got my 85mm 1.2 for $600 after some trade and bargain action - I love my local camera shop, they are so good to me! Also bought my $50k car for half the price - oh how it makes it even more special to me.

Food is an important thing to you. I laughed when I read that you out ate your guy friends when you were growing up. Can you still out eat them? 
Fortunately NO, my appetite has diminished quite a bit now that I have gotten 'older.' I do loooooove eating GREAT food and will nibble all throughout the day. Listen, I love chick-fil-a with the rest of them, but if it was my choice and if we were rolling in the dolla'bills I'd rather sit at a finer establishment, sip wine, laugh, talk and relish in the tasty bites daily. 

What is your all time favorite meal to prepare? 

One of my newer staples as a married woman is ropa vieja, coconut cilantro rice with traditional cuban black beans. My husband is half Cuban and grew up around his entire Cuban family - so Cuban foods are extremely important to him. He ate them for most of his life before me... so I enjoy fixing him something that brings him 'home.' In fact when I fix this, my entire family comes over and we all devour it!Are your kids good eaters?

They are pretty great eaters actually. Parx has recently decided that crackers and bread should be eaten 70% of the day, but we are working on that. My son will eat almost anything and will order a salad when my parents take him to Jack in the Box. He loathes Blue Cheese and Goat Cheese, but I promise... I will get him there! :) I am not the woman who will fix my children something different for dinner. I also do not have sodas or a bunch of treats in the house. I want to set them up for success as adults. Junk food is only good for rare occasions. 

You are having a baby boy, right? Are you excited about that? Did you have a preference since you already had one boy and one girl?
Actually this baby is a complete surprise! People keep checking out my hips and booty and tell me it's a boy. Is my butt big? We are actually THRILLED to have absolutely no clue. At first I was a little miffed and wanted to know, but once we got past the BIG sono - I was excited. My husband said, "Arden, when will we EVER have a surprise like this in our life?" He is right. It will be the best gift after a hard core labor! (I secretly hope for a girl, because they are so much more gentle, softer, and snuggle anytime. Boys are busy, movers and shakers - could I keep up?!)

You just went to NYC. If you had to sum up your trip in just 6 words, what would they be?


Delicious. Challenging. Beautiful. Neverending. Fun. Captivating.

What was your favorite thing about NYC? 

Aside from my amazing clients bringing us there to create GORGEOUS engagement photos all around town? The time spent enjoying the city and foods with my husband and seeing my best friend!

Oh gosh, it's a city that is amazingly full of life and energy. Makes you want to follow your dreams, enjoy every day to the fullest, embrace all cultures and unique desires. The amazing architecture - the history - the neighborhoods that are so diverse, but flow beautifully together block after block. I fell in love with that city at nine years old and thought that one day I would live there. If I become very wealthy, I just might!

What do you love about living in Texas? Have you always lived there? 
I have lived here for 99% of my life. I love the kindness of the southern folks. I love the heritage of western flare; I mean we have some die-hard TEXAS lovers here that will salute the Texas flag over the American flag any day. I find beauty in the wild flowers, flowy fields and amazing sunsets. Fort Worth is growing into an artistic and slightly cosmopolitan city... I am very proud of the progression here. Too bad there isn't a gorgeous beach a mile away, it would be perfect then!
Give us a little history of your cameras. What did you start with? And what do you have now?
With DSLR: I started with a Nikon Kit from Costco - I think it was the D50 back in the day. One day my house was broken into and it was stolen; I was thrilled (even though it was a scary experience)! I had been wanting to upgrade and swap to Canon, because my mentor shot Canon and I wanted to learn more easily. I then purchased the Canon 30D and a few Tamron lenses. As time progressed I moved to the 5d, then the 5dMarkii and new that the Canon lenses were the ONLY way to go. So now my bag is filled with: Markii, 85mm 1.2, 70-200mm 2.8 IS, 45mm TS, 24-70mm 2.8, 50 1.4 (great starting out lens for newbies!), 580EX flash, and pocket wizards.

What is the lens you can't live without? 
I must say I love the 85, the crisp yet butter image it produces is stunning. My 24-70 is so versatile, it will provide great images on ANY shoot. I hear that the 35 1.4 is fabulous, probably my next purchase!

Do you shoot every single day? 
I go through phases. Some weeks I rarely pick up my camera and others I pull it out to be artistic and shoot whatever: food, flowers, bugs, kids, my products, life, but - the more I work, the less I shoot for fun! So, I have to try to balance it. I have more untouched personal images that I care to admit. It's sad, that there is rarely time to focus on my personal photos - I am sure most photographers feel the same way!Are you jammin' to anything great right now? 
YES and pretty much anytime I am awake music is filling up my ears! I have Pandora on the Portishead station and Beck is playing at the moment. I fell in love with Portishead in High School - very chill and sexy music.

You model occasionally. Tell us about that. How do you come across opportunities like that? 
I have modeled for I Heart Faces workshop - I love Angie and Amy - they rock! I have also posed for other photographers and for ads of local companies, it's been so neat being in front of the camera and I think it's helped me on both sides of the camera. I have become a better photographer and poser!
I love it ALL, honestly. Feeling pretty is something that doesn't come every day, so when someone can produce a beautiful image of you, it is very heart warming and can lift you up inside.
What is the best thing you have ever done to promote your business? 
Gosh, I guess when I created a FB photo page- which sounds so simple and easy. I am not a great marketer and haven't put myself out there yet - with ads, promoting, tying into local businesses, etc. I am pretty plain jane when it comes to that stuff - I guess I am content with my amount of shooting.
I am not turning stuff down, but I am not 'not shooting.' With the third bambino on the way, I want to be very cautious about how I work - I do not want to let anyone down: clients or family. I really enjoyed writing for Inspire Me Baby a couple months back and still get feedback on it!
Linking up online has been great exposure for me: Groom Sold Separately, I Heart Faces, The [B] School, Inspire Me Baby, Facebook and my blog! I love to cyber-socialize.

Do you ever get tired of spending weekends away from the family since that is when many photographers are most needed? 

Well, I tend to keep my weekends pretty open. I don't want to primarily shoot weddings - they are very time consuming, but I do love them. I like to keep it at a small number so that I continue to enjoy them and have weekends free to spend time with my loved ones and not be overworked. I love shooting Mon-Weds when the city slows down and my sessions can be more private. Luckily my husband has a fairly flexible job and can come home to hang with the kids.

Does your son ever want to shoot your camera? Do you let him? 

I actually let him take photos of us - or me should I need one for something when Paul isn't around. The first time I ever let him use it was on a trip to New Orleans. My husband and I were sitting in front of Jackson Square and Pierson was probably four years old. I handed him my big'ole camera - we were cracking up at how huge it was as he stumbled around... he got some great images from it! He knows how to Back Button Focus now and is very helpful for me. 

Do you have regular office hours? 

I wish. I know I should, but my day schedule is so thrown around with an 18month old that I answer emails and calls whenever I can. I am a very laid back business person. 

What is it like working with your husband? 

We only work together on destination work. I would love for him to be my teammate, but know it's unrealistic with his job, our children and his passions. He's an artist at heart, so he can catch some great images and unique perspectives. I am sure it's hard for him to assist and second shoot for his wife, but he is pretty laid back too! However when I get in shoot mode I am always working against the light-clock, so I am go-go-go and do this-this-this! He may tell you I am bossy. ;)
Who hosts your blog? How often do you post? Do your clients love being in blog posts? 

I am a with ProPhoto3 girl - hosted by BluDomain. I really like to post often to be consistent and probably do so 3-5 times per week. I hope my clients love being in them and most of them have been so generous about spreading the love on their posts. It's such a great feeling when they show them off, that's when you know they love their images and believe in you. I also post ALL of my clients' sessions. I know some people pick and choose, but I think that can burn some bridges and hurt hearts. I love my clients, their images and showing their life and love.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I really hope I excel on the artist and business side. I would love to create incredible images that make people's jaws drop. There is no way I want to end things anytime soon. I may have to slow down a tad, but I truly love photography and want to grow so much.

I think specializing in certain sessions will be in my future and hope to support my family with this job. I now know how much work goes into creating this art as well as running a business. This is something that isn't quick to create or easy (or cheap) to run. I am an artist, therefore I want to be hired as one.

Do you have any inspiring tidbits to share? 
Yes! I am a firm believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. I taught for 3 years and when it was time to close that door, I ran through this one... full speed with open arms. 

I have never regretted making this transition. I love everything about it, even in the hard times, the questioning if I am good, the "Oh my gosh what do I do?" moments - I am still extremely passionate about it and very thankful.
I think living your life in happiness is so important for the mind, body and soul. I feel so blessed that God uncovered this gem hiding inside. I am a much happier, grateful and easy going woman now.

I concoct these little interviews in my Studio every week.


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Formerly known as Frau said...

Another great interview Becky. Love her pictures I wish she could photograph my family her style is amazing.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful interview....she is full of talent!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful interview....she is full of talent!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful interview....she is full of talent!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful interview....she is full of talent!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Hiccup. :0

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