Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Over The Land Is April by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Our project has been going to see my Mom once a week for no reason at all.
Just for a hug and some love.
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Over the land is April,

The sound of singing goes.
Say, love, do you hear me,
Hear my sonnets ring?

Over the high, brown mountain,
Love, do you hear me sing?
By highway, love, and byway

The snows succeed the rose.
Say, love, do you hear me,
I sound the song of spring,

Do you hear the song of spring?
Hear you the songs of spring?
I throw the flowers of spring.
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Hear my sonnets ring? 
Over the high, brown mountain.
The wind of winter blows.

Over my heart a rose;

Over the high, brown mountain


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You always have the most thought provoking words and pictures on your posts.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Oh how I love RLS! That last picture is amazing!

Tiffany said...

neat perspective in the first two!

Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

I hear the sounds of Autumn here in New Zealand! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love your pictures today and the signs and songs are slowing playing here.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love me some Robert!!!! great photos.. well done!

Sharon said...

I can hear it!

TechnoBabe said...

The words speak of love and the photos do too. Nice combination in this post.

antoinette marie said...

i couldn't help but chuckle as kaish headed toward that tiny little swing and help but wonder was he going to try to get in it? LOL

Tracy P. said...

Yes I hear it! It's calling me out there...with my camera. Today I hope!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

you are a poet with pictures.

Maddy said...

I can hear it loud and clear through your pictures :)

sherri lynn said...

oh i LOVE the picture of the landscape with the tree to the far left. beautiful.

American in Bath said...

I really like the portraits. The eyes are so telling.

Skeller said...

another post filled with beautiful faces and beautiful words (you're great about that!!). know which is my fav this time? the tree. :-)

really.truly said...

Awww, Grandma and Kaishon....adorable. Love your photos.

Cecily R said...

That shot of your mom (at least I assume that's who it is) and Kaishon is WONDERFUL.

I want April to come back...right now it looks like December outside at my house.

Lolli said...

Gorgeous photos. I especially love the smiling baby. Beautiful, happy post!

debi9kids said...

Just beautiful.
All of it. Words. Photos. and Your project.

T~T said...

I do not hear spring yet - it's still too cold by me!

Run DMT said...

Simply lovely springtime photos complimenting a truly beautiful poem! Loved it all!

Cindy said...

I loved the words and this an original poem by you? So profound!


Jessica Monte said...

Fun black and whites! I love the accompanying poetic prose.

Casey Freeland said...

I would put that picture of that lone tree on my wall. It's beautiful. And the way you went through the fence(?) with the pictures of K was brilliant.