Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On choosing to support a small business

While I was shooting O'Doodles on Sunday I heard a teenage girl say to her Dad "The stuff here is overpriced."

I looked at what she was holding.

It was a jar of bubbles.
Priced at $2.99.

I just bought some bubbles at Walmart for $2.49.
Same brand. Same size.

The day after I bought the bubbles at Walmart for $2.49 I had to get more bubbles and I went to the dollar store.

You know how much I spent at the dollar store for a bottle of bubbles, right?

Bigger jar.

More bubbles for less cash.

I can't make a commitment this summer to buy all of our bubbles at O'Doodles.

I wish I could though.
I wish I could go to O'Doodles and spend money to help keep the store going strong.

I like Walmart's cheap prices.
Who doesn't?

What I don't like is the idea of our small towns and their charming stores disappearing.

 I am going to start shopping at O'Doodles for Birthday gifts.

 I will keep shopping locally for my camera equipment as well.
B&H is cheaper. 

I love my camera store though.
I love that I can go there and ask questions whenever I want.

I love that a real person looks at my eyes and answers my questions.

 I love that Cardinal Camera helps the economy in my little town.

 Sometimes it is OK to spend more money.
(For the good of us all)

What store do you patronize in your town that helps keep the local economy thrive?


Stepping On Cheerios said...

I love this and it is soooo true. I select local vendors whenever I can. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to support our neighbors.

Kristina P. said...

Being part of the review group, SassyScoops, I get to try lots of locally owned business, as that's what our goal is. To support local businesses and get the word out.

Our Beaten Path said...

What a great post and so true! I can't say I honestly shop at local stores all the time even though I would love too...I do however dispise Walmart and all that it stands for. Really enjoyed this tonight!

Meryl said...

What a beautiful post!

Your message is dead-on: sometimes our spending more in local establishments ends up helping us all.

And, I love your photos! I don't know your stores, but we all have them. Viva the small independent store owner!Viva having the choices and the service.

I have been thinking a lot about this as the mega store Borders are closing across the country after they put the small book sellers out of business. Proof we need to support the small guys.

lifebythecreek said...

Oooohhh, the thrifty side of me fights with my artsy right brain ALL of the time. It does. But you're right. There are two great towns, Acworth and Kennesaw, each a few miles from my son's school. And there are several cute shops and yummy restaurants in each town that are treats for me. I also just discovered a wonderful butcher shop nearby; the meat is SO fresh and tender and worth the extra money. Maybe I can't go there for our meat every day, but I can go there once or twice a week. And if everyone is able to do that (knowing that for some, even once a month is a stretch), these wonderful places can stay open. Free enterprise is the backbone of America, and I hope that my boy and his children after him will still live in a country where anyone can, with enough hard work, pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I love this post and your wonderful photos, Becky!

Grandma J said...

You are an angel. I mostly shop price, and I hate shopping so try to get it all done at once...that would mean Walmart or Target.

I do have a few specialty stores that I love and I love the people too.

I especially love you and all you do to keep me on the straight and narrow!!

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

i don't support very many local shops, simply b/c they are all located downtown and getting down there with 2 kids is hard. ;)

but i do support handmade whenever possible by shopping on etsy. a LOT. heh.

Marla said...

Totally agree with this post.

And I love these pictures. Good job, Lady. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Shey said...

I love my thrift stores! Does that count? Err let's see I know there must be one I support...errr...well I try to buy as much organic as I can so that helps the real farmers, does that count? I hope it does because good farmers who don't use pestecides on their crops need help too.

Brian Miller said...

nice. love the face paint pics...i hit the local coffee shop over the bux...we buy produce locally at the market...after watching the jamie oliver special tonight on beef we may start buying our meat local as that was just gross...

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous post for the M Day and I do love the thrift stores, but I do like to give as much business as possible to local and small stores. Of course, you don't find a lot of those in a city like Seattle! But, hey, we look for them where we can find them and give them our business! Hugs to Kaishon and you! Enjoy the rest of your week!

ABC Team

kneesandpaws said...

I believe what you write is the absolute truth...I know for a fact that you support local and handmade. Thank you for not only acting on your conscious but writing about it here. I appreciate you so much!

Christina said...

I don't think Chick-Fil-A counts, right? Just kidding. We really can't afford to shop at the local, more pricey places. Once I took my daughter Michaela to a store that a friend of ours from church had just opened, and our friend gave us a discount (50%!) on a skirt, and it was still WAY more than I normally spend (I kind of felt like I really needed to buy it once she offered such a discount). Her offer was very kind, but...I can't spend $40 on skirts that get worn one year by one kid, you know? I'll have to check around to see if there are places that I ought to be shopping at for our community's sake. :)

Tumblewords: said...

I always shopped local. Now circumstances dictate that I don't shop. :) Excellent post and the pictures are outstanding as always!

Wanda said...

Right on Becky. AGAIN!!! Love you for this. (Ever thought of running for office? At the White House?)

Petra said...

Love your photos. I really enjoy going to our little local grocery store here rather than the big chains. They might be a little higher, but it's local, fresh products, and you can't beat that!

Casey Freeland said...

We don't shop at Walmart. We shop at Target. I read an article recently that compared the two and they were almost equal in price.

As far as local folks, we try to stay local whenever we can. Money is tight and it gets harder. But the local hardware store is awesome (think Tim Taylor and Home Improvement), local sporting goods store and as many small ethnic food restaurants that we can find.



Dana said...

You know, this is so true. I try to do exactly the same thing. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a Cardinal CAmera in my town, but B&H delivers.

We patronize the local pizza joint, even though it isn't our favorite by a long shot. We like the family who runs it, and, for us, that means a lot. We also use the tiny overpriced grocery that's a 10 minute walk down the street from home, for very obvious reasons.

Nice post. Hopefully it has people thinking a bit.

Matty said...

You bring up a good point. If one shops around for any product or service, a better price can be found. Sometimes the extra cost is worth it depending on any number of things. Travel time and gas, convenience, customer service, ease of return, etc. And of course, the sense of satisfaction of patroning a local establishment.

I use Cardinal Camera too. And there is a small one man operation in Blue Bell where we get our propane tanks refilled.

Jennifer Bowen said...

When we were in TX, we tried to patronize most local mom & pop store and business if they had the things we need, though most of the time we were stuck with the big-named companies.

As much as I'd like to say I would patronize the local camera store if we had one, their prices are almost always too steep compared to B&H.

Comeca Jones said...

I love how you see the world.You make me think about things.(smile)I vow to "do" Mom an pop businesses whenever possible,really.

Roger Owen Green said...

My mother LOVED to shop at WalMart; I never understood the appeal. I NEVER shop at WalMart on my own volition; last time was 2 years ago when my mom and sis were there for FOUR HOURS.
I bought some books at our local book store, the BookHouse in Stuyvesant Plaza.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

American in Bath said...

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights. Amazon is way cheaper, but I need there to be book shops that don't just sell the popular! It's hard sometimes to see the money go out of my hands, but it's harder to see the end of small shops.

sophie...^5 said...

Sophie and I are ambling on over to our fave store today...Box of Delights Bookstore!

Colleen said...

These are lovely thoughts and I do so agree with you. I think it's so sad to see small excellent businesses struggling and having to close often because we can't really afford to shop there but they can't really afford to price things any lower. Sad cycle. I do try to support them when I can for sure. Especially independent book shops.

Have a great day Becky!

Diana...aka...MeMe said...
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Diana...aka...MeMe said...

I totally agree with you!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I try to spend locally when I can, but like you, I do like to save money! ;) Love all the shots - beautiful! :)

WW: Still Waiting for Spring

Tracy P. said...

These are wise words, Miss Becky! Yesterday I was over at the camera shop where I bought my camera instead of B&H, taking my first photography class. It was excellent. I got four tickets to classes with the purchase of my camera. They will more than compensate me for the little extra I paid! We can't afford to NOT help our local economies.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I totally agree with you. I like to go to the local restaurants instead of big chains.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I agree you go to Walmart for the everyday things but something special you go to the small town store. We have a famous 5 and dime it's huge and has beautiful housewares to old fashion candy I love supporting it and saving gas driving far to mall. Happy Wednesday !

I am Harriet said...

I'd probably go to the dollar store and then refill it with homemade bubbles.
Have a great day!

antoinette marie said...

the car wash....it's a small one but i will try to wash my car there whenever possible for the same reasons!

Kayce said...

It is so hard to shop local especially in our current state of world finances! I shop at a local grocery store...all the foods are from local vendors etc...I pay about $20 more a week in food but love the fact that it's all organic and supporting families in our area.
Love your pictures, as always!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I buy local when I can but I still shop around for the deals!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

I also go to my local camera store. They are the experts & I can ask all the questions I want, they are incredibly helpful and offer good prices and great service. I have abought all of my camera equipment there.
I made a new years resolution to not go to Target all year, and so far I've steered clear. I know I can go in there and get tons of stuff in one place, but I can also pick up a bunch of crap I dont need. Plus, i've found a few local stores that carry the same stuff, so it all works out in the end for me!

Dumb Mom said...

We have a very vibrant downtown area and we try to patronize the shops their often. There is a lovely toy store and a super cool handmade shop that I love!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a timely and SMART post!!!
We always try to support locally owned businesses (we ARE ONE) as well as Mom/Pop restaurants. IT just makes sense!!!!

April said...

Times are hard for everyone these days and I agree...it's important not to forget the 'little people' who make a community what it is. We really enjoy eating at Mom & Pop restaurants as often as we can, rather than choosing to eat at your typical 'run of the mill' restaurants. We enjoy the home town atmosphere so much more.

Mighty M said...

Such a great post - if we don't continue to try to support local businesses in one way or another they will all disappear! So glad you are doing your part too!!

Lisa said...

Great Post! Being one of the little guys ((My husband is a plumber and specialty contractor ~ We are self employed and get hit HARD when things go "south" with the economy.))

I love the fact you want to help! We need you! Working together will keep this country strong.

I always say ~ Be careful when you shop at these cheaper stores you just may get what you paid for AND I'm not talking about more bubbles! I'm talking lousy customer service were people don't care that your a person. They hate you for bothering them and making them do the job they were hired to do.

Great Post! Did I say that already :) OH! Yeah, and beautiful picture too...:) Like always :)


chubskulit said...

Nice topic and post for letter M!

My Letter M, hope you can come and see. Have a great Wednesday!

Jessica said...

This is so great! What beautiful photos. I like to frequent the local book stores.

Maggie May said...

Beautiful photos and I enjoyed the dialogue.
I do believe that sometimes we can't afford to buy everything from the local shops. Some times we have to get the bargains in the cheapee ones.
I do try though.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Karen said...

I agree! I love your photos!

Clayton Thomas said...

I am really torn on this one. In one sense, I completely see your point. In another, getting the lowest prices means I devote more money to my wife and kids. I guess in the end we all shop where we are comfortable. Terrific and thought provoking post. Following from Thoughtful Thursday.

twitter: @claylauren2001

Anita Johnson said...

This post was really interesting to me. I try to shop the local stores...meat markets, florists,craft stores, but when it comes to camera equipment, I go online. When I upgraded to a new camera body, our local camera shop...helpful people, I might add, were close to $250 dollars more for the same camera body that I looked at online (under $1000). I didn't ask them to match the online price, but they wouldn't even try to come a bit closer. I just couldn't spend that extra $250 I really didn't have in the first place. It's a real dilema.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

It is so sad to see all the small and family shops going out of business. We love those unique and personal shops... and try to use them as much as we can. We have often found the quality much better. We grew up shopping local and hope we can continue that! Great post Becky! ♥

stephanie garcia said...

This is not in response to your question but in response to my choosing tonight to go waaaaay back to the beginning of your blog (don't know why that didn't occur to me before!) I loved the two interviews. Especially your joy for life, Jesus and Kaishon (and Gary too.) God bless!

t@emmons-blessings said...

B~ LOVE that you are supporting local businesses. It truly makes a difference. AND, to give up an extra $.50 here and there gives back to those who make your town, well... yours.

be blessed!


Granny Smith said...

Way down on the comment for this post, I just want to add another voice to the "buy locally" supporters. Buying locally also means that one adds less carbon to the atmosphere by transportation fuel consumption.

Becky, you were one of my first blogger friends, and I treasure all of your blogs even when I don't comment on them.


Jim said...

Couldn't agree more, Becky! Keep it as 'local' as you can.....it will benefit everyone!
great post.

john said...

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