Monday, April 25, 2011

56,000,302 things

So many things have been going on lately.
I can barely keep up.
I might have even missed my kid's play last Wednesday.
What kind of mother misses their kid's play?
Oh wait,
it gets better.
Not only did I miss this momentous event,
I failed to tell my parents or my sister or any of my other relatives
so no one came to watch him!
He told me he kept telling everyone that we were on our way.
He wouldn't talk to me for about a half an hour.
Can you blame him?
I thought he was kidding when he told me.
I just could not believe it.
I feel so guilty!
 I have a day planner.
It was in the day planner.
I just hadn't opened it that week.
I hope I haven't ruined him for life...

 I am keeping my fingers crossed!
And my toes too...just in case!

I have a super huge favor to ask.
Trust me.

Like, can-you-give-me-your-firstborn-kid-huge!
OK, not that huge : )
My friend, Fran O'Donnell owns a toy store in Philly called O'Doodles.
It is one of my favorite places in the city.
Fran's theme for the store is:
He wants kids to use their imaginations instead of video controls and batteries!
I love that!
Will you be his fan on facebook and like his store?
Thank you so much.
Oh, and if, perhaps, you DO want to give me your first born child,
well, that would be ducky as well.
I can't promise I wouldn't damage them forever by 
missing the most monumental event of their lives....
but I am pretty sure I would love them.
Kids make me melt.


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

If I was on facebook I would totally friend Fran! That place sounds AWESOME.

Hope it's a wonderful week for you, B!

Mari said...

I'm going to friend Fran - wish I lived close to visit that store!
I think Kaishon will survive - he'll hold it over you for a long time though!

Teachinfourth said...

I think I'm a bit too far away to visit the store, but the idea is awesome! I love these shots you have of Kaishon...that open-mouthed afro one is a classic!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh no! lol I can do that too... write something in my planner and then not open my planner for a while and forget something! :) I am sure he understands and forgives you! ♥ Just became a fan of O'Doodles... too bad we didn't live close enough to visit it!

Buckeroomama said...

Aww! I agree with Mari in that Kaish will survive. You, on the hand, might not live it down. The way my mom gets reminded all the time how she drew blood when she tried to cut my hair when I was little! Haha!

Already liked Fran's page! :)

beachy keen girl said...

Oh no, what an awful feeling :/ Believe me, i've been there too (I am awful with any type of planner.) I'm sure he will forgive you :) :) And beautiful pictures as always :)

Making It Work Mom said...

I doubt he is totally scarred! He will just let you think that for awhile. I have to miss my daughter's Interest Fair presentation in couple of weeks and she is not happy about it!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

o'doodles is such a sweet little store...I love the colors of their building!
Kaish will forgive you...but you might get a little grief the next week or so!

Tracy P. said...

OH NO! I don't even have a planner. I would be kidding myself. Sigh. Kaish definitely does NOT look ruined. You even manage to get his shining eyes from behind his glasses. He is amazing.

I LOVE 10,000 Villages. Great shot. Is the balloon one at O'Doodles? That shot oozes with charm.

And seriously, colorful water balloons in a coffee carafe? You are a genius.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't have a planner...but I do have a calendar. But I hardly look at it. I swear, he will forgive you. Soon. You do so much good stuff....he has to forget.
Happy belated Easter to you and your sweet family.

Brian Miller said...

i am packing my first born in a box...think he will still be sleeping when he gets there? smiles. ok i will put him back in bed...ugh on the play...imagine he will forgive you...

Becca said...

That toy store sounds just amazing! And I think poor kaish will be ok :-) you're a fantastic mom even when things get busy!

Wanda said...

Nahh....not to worry....there's only a small smudge on your superwoman's cape. (Thankfully....'cause I was getting a bit peeved at your standard.)
Oh, how I love you.
(Already liked your friend on FB.)

Casey Freeland said...

Oh, darn, crap, blast-it, frick-n-frack! I am so sorry. Yeah, course, it sucks. Yeah, course, we've all had that gut-dropping moment when we realize what we've done... or not done. Sure, he'll need therapy and stuff. But damn, I'm so sorry. Wish I could fix it. Buy him a pony.



Jennifer Bowen said...

Oh, no, Rebeckah! Don't worry. Kids are resilient. Kaishon will get pass this incident. There will be other plays and I'm sure you will remember to go to the next ones. Besides, Kaishon probably knows how busy life can get. He understands. Right, Kaish?

Lovely photos, as always! And as much as I would like to be a fan of your friend on facebook, I just can't. The reason: I no longer go on my fb account. After giving it up for Lent, I decided to completely say goodbye to facebook forever. =)

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Oh my gosh....I'm sure you feel worse than he'll ever know....and you just proved that you're human. I'm sure you'll make it up to him!!! We all forget stuff....hugs to you!!

Christina (fivewalkers) said...

I have done something similar so many times...from soccer games to piano lessons (and those things are regularly scheduled things...doh!). I sometimes feel like I have done so much damage to my kids they will never recover. Some therapists are going to be able to send their kids to school because of me one day! haha
I'm sorry about what happened, that is a major bummer. Maybe they recorded it?

Heidi said...

OMG, I'm sure I will totally be forgetting things like this in the future too Becky! Let's just count on it, OK? :)

PS: Liked Fran.

Michelle said...

Oh you poor thing, you must feel awful :( Huge hugs!!
I LOVE that big open mouthed photo, he's such a character!!

likeschocolate said...

oops! We mommies are not perfect and all make mistakes. Wishing you a less stressful week.

Anika said...

Such cute shots! Sorry you missed the show but I bet you never miss another, eh ;)
I don't FB or I would totally "like", sounds awesome.

Gigi said...

Oh no!! Should I tell you all about the various moments I've had that will surely land my child on the therapists couch? I'm sure that would make you feel much better!

ChantaleP said...

Oh man.. I feel your pain Maman! But haven't we all done this at one point or another? You will make up for it in spades and as long as he knows, he is super loved.. he'll survive. ;p Hope both you and he have a super week this week!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Oh Becky I feel your a once working Mom I missed many things and my child is fine and the quilt goes away eventually. Sucks though but he is a strong boy and will be fine. Off to be a fan of your friend. Have a wonderful day!xo

Dorian Susan said...

Stop beating yourself up...can't go back. Apologize and do something special in place. He'll survive-you're an awesome mom.
Love that first shot of the little red head, and the window reflections of the woman shopping. All those kids you photograph are always adorable.

TechnoBabe said...

Some really nice pictures in this post. My favorite is Kaish yelling.

Maddy said...

Oh...that sucks!! :( I know you feel terrible about it. But trust happens to the best of us! One time, Kleber and I took a day off of work, rode a train to the city that cost $40, walked the 20 blocks to Radio City Music Hall to discover that the Maxwell concert we were going to was actually the following week. I had it on my planner, but it was such a crazy week, I forgot to confirm. We ended up selling our tickets because we couldn't take another day off to go on the actual day. So happens! Hopefully, Kaish will understand :)

Mark said...

Don't feel bad. This time of year is crazy with kid's schedules. I'll be happy when June hits.
Also, I am #380 to "Like" your friends Toy store. I like the idea of his store.
Your Friend, m.

Danyelle said...

Aw, I know you feel bad, but it'll be okay. I set up my phone to ding me an hour before I am supposed to be anywhere these days because Things are hairy and I tend to forget. My mom missed one of my plays growing up, but I turned out okay. :) She let me play hooky from school and took me shopping to make it up.

That little fauxhawk is adorable!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Every one of these photos are PRECIOUS!! Don't worry, you are an awesome mommy, who does so many things to show love to her child that he'll remember a wonderful childhood, not one mistake. I forgot to tell the family about my kids last violin concert, too. Oops.

Marla said...

Oh gosh. That stinks, but I'm sure he will survive... And I bet you won't forget another play again. (He will keep reminding you!) :)

Marla @

Grandma J said...

Where the heck do you find the time?? You never skip a beat, and I love you!

Mighty M said...

Don't worry mom -Kaish loves you and will forgive you. But you're going to have to hear about it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! :)

Skeller said...

YIKES! YOU? miss Kaish's play?!?! Becky, that soooo doesn't sound like you. Too much on your plate, indeed. Luckily I'm pretty sure Kaish knows that you love him from the top of his sweet head to the tips of his toes. :-}

Love the "unplugged" vision of the toy store - absolutely brilliant!!

Woody said...

You are human, we are far from perfect. Don't beat yourself up over it. Someday you both will look back and laugh!

April said...

First of all...any friend of yours is a friend of mine, so consider your request DONE! I'll take care of it as soon as I sign off...PROMISE! Secondly, don't you dare get down on yourself about what happened with Kaishon's play. We moms are HUMAN, too! Let it go...tomorrow's a new day, my friend! You are awesome beyond compare!

Kim said...

oh my goodness! Sorry for your mommy snafu! It happens. I bet he knows you love him! :) Gonna go friend Fran! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Leovi said...

Excellent and funny pictures, I like for its spontaneity. Greetings

Shey said...

Oh my goodness! Becky I hope Keish's little heart was not broken, I bet you probably gave him hugs and after a while he forgave you! =D

Rachelle said...

I can relate... my father never came to any of my play performaces either - - until I was in college (he came to one). But he bragged to anyone and everyone about me all the time... I think it made up for his absence. And the one he did attend will always be my favorite.

There will be more monumental events (and if you are there whooting and hollering, he'll love every minute of it).

Ky said...

Oh my dear, sweet Becky, my heart aches for both of you. As a mother I can imagine your utter disbelief and then grief in missing your childs play.
I'm sure he's forgiven you already. He seems like that kind of kid. And, well, he will probably bleed the situation for all its worth. Lol!!!

Love, love the photos today. That one of the finger up the nose and plate of spaghetti made me laugh! Too funny!

Have a happy, happy day!
Love ky xxx

Lisa said...

Yicks! so you missed it huuu? I'm sorry! I have a day planner too but sometimes forget to open it. When my daughter was being confirmed I TOTALLY!!! Totally! forgot to write the "Love Letter" that was required by all parents and anyone special to the child that was being confirmed. The kids were to read all the love letters at a retreat. It was really, really bad because I TOTALLY forgot to tell anyone. I had all this information in my day planner too The worse part was. . .I was the confirmation teacher and I still forgot.

Then everyone was made at me asking me why I didn't ask them to write one and why would I do that. My sister was TOTALLY convinced I was just being mean not to ask... It was bad! REALLY BAD!!

I understand...maybe our kids can get group rates when they go to the shrink.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Oh, Becky! I'm so sorry that happened to you and Kaishon.

Tamar SB said...

The balloons in the coffee pot is so cool! Great shots!


Serline said...

Oh boy, you really committed one of the cardinal sins of child raising now, haven't you? Oh well, I've got an extra teenager to spare, but she's pretty high maintenance ;-P

lifebythecreek said...

Wow... I'm really sorry for Kaish AND you. BUT... I'm actually pretty glad for me, because YOU help me to realize that I'm not the only one swimming upstream. Imperfection isn't a sin; it's the failure to admit it (imho). I'm sure that Kaish WILL forgive you... really.
Oh, and btw.. I'm trying to figure out if I do blog linkups in my sleep now. ;<) xoxox...

Tiaras said...

oh you sound like me - I forgot to pick up my son from school one day - just totally spaced it out!