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Photographer Interview: Shawna Percival {StyleberryBlog}

I just met this girl.

Oh, not this girl : )

styleberry 1

This girl’s Mama!

I totally feel like I was missing out.

Shawna is so Cool.

(Yep- With a capital C.)styleberry 9Photo Credit here.

You are going to dig her blog.

There is photography, art, style, baby goodness, gourmet food…and best of all, oodles of fun!


Were you surprised at how much you enjoyed shooting when you started doing it regularly? style 1Tell us your shooting story. styleberry 4

Picking up a camera was something I did on a whim! I was working as a drug rep & had experienced some success that got me a bunch of company "points" which I cashed in to snag my first camera (Canon Rebel xTi). shawna 1 I took it with me on a company reward trip that I earned that sent me Germany & that is where I fell in love--mostly shooting flowers. On the streets of Berlin & the mountains of Bavaria. shawna 2 My heart was very happy in those breathtaking places click-click-clicking away! :) style 8The rest is a long story, but the day I started shooting newborns, I knew I found the place I was meant to be. styleberry 3

You are all about style, so tell me about your ultimate outfit for a work meeting. Don't leave any details out!

style 2

Hmm...what kind of work am I doing?! In my corporate days, my favorite outfits were my winter clothes--FAVE being my French Connection brown fitted giant cowl neck winter coat, with a tweed skirt & well worn Via Spiga sleek knee high boots.  If I am shooting clients, it is something comfy & I always wear white to increase the reflecting light. & since I now live somewhere HOT...I tend to be a flip flop gal--rainbows are my flop of choice!

shawna 1

Now tell us about your favorite 'Run-all-over-town-with-baby-in-tow' Mommy outfit.

styleberry 5 I wore True Religion Bootcut Jeans tucked into my Steven Intyce cognac colored boots with a short sleeved polka dot shirt that I found at Marshalls years ago. I carried my Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall. & of course, wore my giant Grapevine prescription Oakleys on my head! :)

shawna 2

Do you love dressing the baby up? What is your favorite outfit of hers so far?

I do love dressing her up. My husband often jokes that I dress her just like I would dress myself! HA! This is my favorite outfit of hers so far. I have a zillion more, but I just love this. There is nothing cuter than baby skinny jeans & a handmade headband!

shawna 3

How often do you get pictures printed and framed for your home?

style 12

I am pretty good about this! I don't frame everything...and actually I have a blog post coming up about the new gallery ledges (that I just built myself!) that are 11 ft long & run along a whole wall in our playroom! I just ordered 8 images, mounted, all larger that 16x16 to anchor the wall! & I will rotate, add a couple of canvases & fill in with smaller prints along the way. Images have GOT to get off the computer & be enjoyed!!! style 10The image on the right is my *in progress* reveal...still got a couple of canvases coming to fill in the blanks! & the left image is my hallway upstairs.

shawna 4

You are a part of a military family, right? How many times have you had to 'start over' since you have been married? How difficult is that for you? Are you good at staying in touch with people you have to leave behind?

style 3


We are a military family! Our military relationship started in 2000. My husband & I dated long distance while he went to USAFA & I stayed in California for college. Then we moved to Omaha, Nebraska for four years. Then to San Antonio, Texas & we'll be here for six years. I don't mind moving one bit & love the joy that blank walls and a new space gives me.

Facebook--oh I LOVE facebook to stay in touch for all my collected friends!

shawna 1

You made a Blurb book of your entire 2010. How many times have you gone through it? If you had to estimate how many hours it took for you to assemble your book, what would you guess?

styleberry 7Was it worth it?

I did! My daughter & I look at "dadeeee" & "babeeee" every day! I used the book + a groupon deadline to force me to organize my computer & deleted over 8,000 images & processed over 200 additional images in the process of making it. It took me 18 nights, 4 hours per night--but only because I was purging!

styleberry 6

My new system will make it a cinch now! (& big photo of me below is by nicole dina photography) shawna 2 You enjoy cooking. What is your favorite meal to make?

Hmmm...Thanksgiving dinner!!!  But nightly...we LOVE Mexican food! (like these yummy Carne Asada Tacos you can find over on my blog!)

shawna 3

What has been your favorite shoot so far?

style 6

That is TOUGH! I prefer shooting my daughter. So my favorite shoot of her so far was probably the one at Halloween. She started to walk ON Halloween, so I have such fond memories of her stumbling all over in her little kitty cat costume & mousie shoes!

shawna 4

If you could shoot any person in the world, who would you like to shoot? Where would you like to shoot them?

I prefer babies. So right now, if I could shoot any person in the world, it would be my future child or children, since I am not certain that I will get to have any more. :) My dream is to have another. & I cannot wait to shoot a baby & my daughter as a big sister.

shawna 5

Did you ever think when you were in your late teenage years, or early 20's, someday I will be writing on a blog about cloth diapers?

(Love that post : )

style 7

HA! NO! I am pretty sure I never told my parents that one day I aspired to be a photographer or a mommy blogger or have a youtube video with over 23k hits. style 5I am certain that I always wanted to be a mother. & a wife. & an entrepreneur of some sort. I am so lucky to get to combine it all! shawna 6

Have you always been this organized?

styleberry 8

Read her answer 4

Is your husband like you, or does he balance out your routine?

Ahhh, yes. I have always been this organized. I was a straight A student all through school & college. I'm a wee bit crazy like when it comes to things & their place. & my husband is equally as crazy. He is a surgeon in the military. Neither of which happened by accident. We are both workers. HARD workers. & we pride ourselves greatly in working VERY hard at our jobs. We should probably have more fun. ;)

shawna 7

Is there a blogger that inspired you? Is there anyone you (loosely) based your blog upon?

I started blogging five years ago, before the blogosphere blew up. & before I ever owned a fancy camera. My whole journey is in the archives.  I have always shared my projects & made styleberryBLOG a place of creativity, growth & inspiration. My blog is what I want it to be. Nothing more & nothing less. It has evolved into a lovely place for all of the things I enjoy--creating, decorating, cooking, mothering...and some photography. :)

shawna 8

How did you decide on pricing for photo shoots?

style 11

It has been a journey. I knew my end goal (newborns) & the kind of client that I wanted to work with (high end). It took time to gain confidence in my work & acquire the skills, both business & technical, to consistently create something that was unique in a world of lackluster photography. I am sure this is something that will continue to be dynamic, but for now, I am very comfortable with my pricing & niche market.

shawna 9

What is something you are looking forward to about the Spring?

The bluebonnets here in Texas!! I love bluebonnet hunting & am so excited to get my girl out in a field of them! We need to go shopping for the perfect outfit!

shawna 10

The reason I love photography so much is because it helps me tell stories. Thank you for asking me to share mine over here on your blog! :)


styleberry 2 mint chocolate chip ice cream

Styleberry Blog

(go here to learn how to make yummy homeade ice cream! All pictures that appear to be polaroids in this post were taken with Shawna’s cell phone.)

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shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for featuring me. ::blush:: really appreciate it! :) *s

Caroline said...

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Love your style, Shawna and your photos are just wonderful!

I had to look twice to see that infant in the bowl in that one shot and I think that is so cool! :)

And I feel a certain kinship since you currently live in San Antonio and I have family there and grew up in Austin, TX.

Lastly, please share where you got your baby girls crocheted hair flower/headbands. I need one for my little girl!!

Now I have to go check out your blog...

Gretchen Johnson said...

I love this girl!! I want to go follow her blog and on Facebook right now. She has got to be the coolest chic around!! Her photo's are breathtaking and what a talent she has with children. Best interview to date Becky!! Shawna..I can't wait to see what you post next!!

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I'm not much on the style and dress side of things, but those newborn pictures are incredible. When those simple, sleeping babies can make a dude get teary, you know you're doing something spectacular. Much success!



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What a fantastic and fun interview Becky! Thank you so much for introducing us to Shawna. The photos are amazing and her story is wonderful! I love the shots of the babies in baskets and bowls... so, so precious! And what a great way to end the interview... with some homemade ice cream! :)

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becky, your interviews are always so inspiring.
i love finding people who take the everyday and make is something stylish, precious, and special.
shawna, the best takeaway is make prints and photo albums! in this digital age, we all have tons of pics on our computers but forget that we still need a solid photo album to enjoy on the coffee table.

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Terrific interview and her style if fantastic.
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