Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lemonlight by Angie Muldowney- an interview

Did I ever tell you that I like pretty pictures?

Well, I do.angie 6      I am in love with pretty pictures.

Totally and completely.angie 3

And one day I found a photographer

who takes the prettiest pictures.

Pretty pictures with so many different formats.angie 4

I can’t get enough of her work.

I thought I should share her with you.angie 2

So, ladies and gentlemen : )

I proudly present

an interview with angie 2

Angie Muldowney of Lemonlight.

angie 4

What is the main thing

that makes you unique?

I use a variety of cameras; from the most modern and high tech to quirky old vintage ones that use film. angie 5Each one has its own personality and makes me view subjects in a completely different light (literally).angie 5 Also, (I don’t think this makes me unique as such) but I like to think I see beauty (and a magical photo) wherever I look; no matter how 'everyday' something first appears. angie 4The most ordinary things can make the most extraordinary photographs.

angie 1 Pentax K1000 and my now favourite film - Kodak Ektar 100

(What can be more of a challenge is when you're faced with something incredibly interesting or beautiful to photograph - you can end up with a very clichéd shot, when this happens you need to seek a unique angle or some sort of juxtaposition).angie 7 Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film (+ND filter)    

If someone was to give you one gift,

money is no object,

what would you want to receive?angie 6

That's very generous, I’d like a Hasselblad camera, please! ;)

Where do you see yourself

in 20 years?angie 1

In 20 years I will have a really strong sense of what my niche is; about what it is about me that makes me genuinely different. I will be sharing this passion with others - passing on my knowledge and experience to as many people as possible. angie 4

Hopefully I will have travelled to some far and distant lands too - if I haven’t it’s probably because

a) I have spent all my money on cameras or

b) I have been buried under an avalanche of them!

What is one quality

you admire most in others?

I am very envious of people who can make a plan, stick to it and accomplish a goal without being distracted! angie 2

I attempt this myself but I am so easily sidetracked by all my other other schemes and projects that are continually grappling for attention. I need to say ‘no’ to my brain sometimes, so I can focus on one thing at a time. The 'one thing' (ha!) I'm working on at the moment is a series of photography tutorials on my blog angie 3

What is your favorite picture

you took this week?

I was lucky enough to fit in a trip to Brighton at the weekend. I love it there, it's England's version of San Francisco - anything goes, there's a surprise around every corner and it's got a huge beach!

brighton-belles (2)  This was my favourite photo - it's not particularly spectacular but it’s one of the few times in my life I have plucked up the courage to approach strangers to pose for a photo

(I think the novelty-factor of my quirky Polaroid helped )

  Who have been your influences?angie 5

Anyone who’s truly passionate about what they do and puts effort into sharing their passion is always a huge influence on my life, even if it’s in a totally different field to what I do.

angie 2  Pentax K1000 and Kodak Ektar 100 film

Many in ‘the media’ like to dismiss the impact and contribution of blogs, but they have much more relevance and influence over my life than what’s out there in the established media. Blogs totally rock (present company definitely included)... angie 1 In a similar vein, there are some truly super-talented photographers on flickr - easily as good as any traditionally published work
(My favorites on Flickr)

How would you describe your photographic style?angie 2

I don’t really use tripods or artificial lighting or spend ages staging photos (errr... lazy!) - everything tends to be hand-held and uses natural light. I always make sure I have at least one camera with me at all times (often there’s three or four)! angie 3I definitely feel that using old film cameras has improved my photography, both technically (many old cameras don’t have light meters so I am getting good at calculating exposures ‘by eye’) and artistically (when you only have 12 exposures on a roll of film you slooooooooooooow right down, really think about each shot and really LOOK hard at the world, the big, wide, wonderful world).

angie 3

Go visit Angie!

Here is her facebook link,

her etsy store,

and of course, her bloggity blog!

You will love her.

angie 1Do you have a favorite

up and coming photographer?

Do tell : )


Topic: A collector I know.

angie 1


I'm just the MOM said...

I want blueberries!! These pics are amazing. I would love to take photos like this.
And how are u by the way? and mr. kaish?

Mari said...

I love pretty pictures too - that's why I visit you!
These shots are gorgeous!

Jen said...

I like pretty picture too and you have some great ones here.

Anita said...

Everytime I see your photography or the photography of your quests, I renew my dream to take a course some day.

lifebythecreek said...

Wow.. she is really good! I love that she uses film. I have gotten too cheap and lazy to do that now! And to think that before I got my digital, I swore I would never,even let go of film. ha. Great interview, Becky. And apart from YOU, my fav up and coming photog is still Dana, of From Chaos to Grace. :<)

Gail said...

Awesome post and pictures...she's extremely talented. And thanks for the links. I will check them out. :)

Shay said...

I love the old milk jugs by the door.

RoseBelle said...

Somehow that wheat (not sure if it is) picture reminds me of a scene from the Gladiator movie with Russell Crowe. I'm starting to enjoy photography from meeting bloggers all over the world. You showcased some really neat and beautiful pictures. Great job on the interview too!

Angelia Sims said...

I'm in love with photography and REALLy love her eye and vintage shots. Excellent post!

Scarlett said...

I love visiting your blog Becky there's always pretty pictures here! great interview & her photos are lovely.

Ocean Girl said...

Beautiful people create pretty pictures.

Erin said...

What AMAZING shots, I could decorate my house with these!!

I have a friend who does photography and I think she's pretty good, so we took 3 of her shots of flowers and hung them in canvas on the wall in our master bedroom!

May said...

I have always loved pics taken on film. We have an old Pentax and all our shots of kids as babies were taken in them. Those pictures are some of the most beautiful ones we have. Right now, the Pentax is spoilt and i have been pestering my husband to get it repaired..
Your friend's pictures are beautiful and I am happy that she does not alter them in any way!!

Serline said...

Wow, so many interesting stories in these pictures...

Christine said...

This was great! You always manage to put a different twist on each of your posts. Love it....

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Great post! LOVE the stack of books capture!!

Anna K. said...

Wow. I'm loving Angie's photography! What an eye she has!

Thanks for introducing her to us...I might just have to hop over to her blog and check it out.

My cousin who blogs over at Boondock Ramblings (.com) continues to be one of my fave photographers.

Busy Bee Suz said...

A wonderful interview and beautiful photos...she is very likable!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks for introducing me to another wonderful photographer. I LOVE HER WORK!

Mark said...

Beautiful photos!
And thanks for the free lesson. You know I seek this advice.
Your Friend, m.

Uyen said...

wow, she is very talented! great interview and post! will stop by more often.

stopping by from mama kats's

angie said...

She does take amazing photos. What a wonderful feast for the eyes in the form of a guest post@!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Gorgeous photos. I especially enjoyed the picture of the blue flowers at the beginning. The format you used, interspersing the interview with the photos, is very cool.

Brooke said...

she is incredible! :)

TechnoBabe said...

These are so pretty. Your photos make all ordinary things extraordinary.

Brian Miller said...

ooo...these are some fabulous pics...i agree with techno...wonderful interview too. smiles.

Angie Muldowney said...

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Becky for featuring me on her brilliant blog!

Answering the questions she posed really made me stop and think about what it is I do and want to achieve - something I hadn't found the time to do up until now.

I've always enjoyed Beckys portrait shots, she seems to have a real knack for making people feel comfortable in front of the lens (even if they don't want to be there) and I love her shots of children best of all - they're so natural and relaxed - perfection!

I'm so glad I was invited to add another flavour of photography to the site - she is such a genrous and talented person, and I am blown away by all the supportive comments I've seen both here and on my own blog!

Thank you Becky and to everyone xxx

Laura said...

What an eye she has and she finds the beauty in the smallest spaces of life. She is a true talent and I can't wait to read more. BTW been to Brighton and its a little like San Francisco, with more of a pier amusement park feel. Would love to know some of your first newlywed test drive stories on Under the Sheets? Come stop by soon xoxo

Suzanne @ pretty*swell said...

Stunning photos. Beautiful words. LOVE this post!

Emily said...

Those pictures are amazing, and I loved the interview too! Absolutely incredible!

**Nicole** said...

I love pretty pictures too!!! And she definitely has some gorgeous ones :D

Anita Johnson said...

Thank you for introducing her to us...nice post and I enjoyed looking at her blog too. What would we do without pictures in our lives? Oh yeah...laundry, cleaning, cooking.

Kelly said...

She's brilliant! I love her images and creativity.

I've missed your 'pretty' little blog! Summer has really gotten a hold of me! Thanks for sharing these great images!

Mental P Mama said...

Ohhhh I love Lemonlight...And you are one of my favorite photogs;)

Jennifer Bowen said...

YOU are my favorite up and coming photographer, Rebeckah!!! =)

jlo said...

She's good! BUt, so are you and so id Pumpkin. Surrounded by talent, I tell ya!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Beautiful art, can't get enough. Keep it coming and thank you for doing what you do!

Modesty is Pretty said...

You have so many beautiful and inspiring pictures, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, You have a very beautiful family,I have a son too,he is 9 =)

Naomi said...

These are great pictures! I love pretty pics too!
Had to come check out your blog after you posted so many kind comments on mine. So sweet of you. Thanks!

christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!(and leaving a comment)! Anytime your welcome to say "HI"! I'm new to this blogging thing. I'm loving it so far:D Take care,
Hey, I added myself to be a follower to your blog! Hope that is ok. Please feel free to follow my blog too!

Marjorie said...

beautiful blog! your photography really impresses me, especially your use of old cameras which is difficult.

thanks for visiting my blog, i'll be sure to check back!

TUC said...

Wow, cool post, and what amazing pics. My fav photographer is Gail Nadeau. No blog though but here is a link to some of her mixed media work from a few years ago.

Caroline said...

What a great interview! Thanks for introducing her! I love her work. Hmmm...I don't have a favorite photog...there are too many to list!!!

Kelli-Rie said...

Thank you oh so much for visiting my blog today! I am always honored when someone visits and leaves a comment. I LOVE your blog and made myself and official follower:)
I love photography so very much! I have the eye but lack the technical abilities....note to self, need to take classes when I'm done with nursing.

Unknown Mami said...

Fantastic interview!

Marissa Nicole said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and for the sweet comments. I truely have found my calling and it is people like Jasmine that encourage me to get better and better.

Tracey Axnick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracey Axnick said...

AMAZING photos!

Claudia said...

Oh wow - those pictures are just breath-taking - all of them - and they are so many different styles. Don't know which one I like most - they are ALL so special!!

n. davis rosback said...

so great of you to stop by and leave a comment.

now i can come and visit with you!

cool, introduction to your photo friend and some of her captures.

i looked at the post of your friends and you at the party. they and you are truly beautiful.

God's blessings.

Puna said...

What a beautiful set of photos you have today!

Liz said...

Those photos are amazing! She's so talented!

BLOGitse said...

She's very talented. I agree with this: 'The most ordinary things can make the most extraordinary photographs.'
Have a great week ahead!


Suki said...

Great interview. Need to go and check out her blog. :) Love her work.

Mrs4444 said...

I do not, unless you count YOU, I suppose :)

I believe that in order to be a good photographer, you have to always be open to possibilities; that's what makes you see things others do not. People who are very goal-focused have a different kind of skill, obviously, but their focus often keeps them from being creative. Just my opinion....

Anonymous said...

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