Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook Faux Pas

Facebook faux pas

(in my humble opinion)

#1 Mother’s that let their ten year olds sign up.

You have got to be kidding me.

I can’t even expand on this because it is

so extremely ridiculous…

thursday 2 #2 Why in the world would anyone join as

BobandMary Whatever

SueandStu Something

HillaryandGeorge Pompous

Are you serious?

Can’t you be just ONE person?thursday 1

I don’t care if your husband

(or wife)

hates technology.

You do not need to combine their name with yours…thursday

it is so annoying.

I am about to erase all the people I know like that.

It just bugs me.

Be yourself.thursday 3 And be proud!

If you are really nosy and want to see if their friends

want to find them…

well then,


open an account in their name…

clearly you are smart enough to do that

if you are smart enough to name yourselves

LouandChoo Hammelthursday 5

#3 You love your boyfriend.

Or your spouse.

Or whatevah.

You do not need to tell us every minute of every day.

It makes me feel ill when people have to repeat that

over and over and over again.

It is so super-duper exciting that you have found love!

Yay for you.

Now shut up about it.thursday 4

If you want to post about your fabulous love

how about this:

once a month

and on holidays and birthdays.

It will still be annoying

but it will be bearable.thursday 6

#4 Status Updates every hour


Stop it.

Do you have a life?

I do not want to know what anyone is doing

every single hour of every single day.

The end of my rant!

I have to throw these posts out sometimes

because otherwise everyone thinks

I am too happy and sunshiny and fake.

I am just keeping it week 3 Alright!

I have to go now…. I haven’t updated my status

in 33 minutes.

I need to tell Gary how desperately I love him.

The world must know!

I also have to leave a comment on Kaishon and Shoshi’s page

so they will have something to read

when they get home from school!

*the boys really DO have facebook pages.

Hopefully you can see that I am making fun of my OWN self in this post!

If we aren’t friends yet,

look me (us) up!

BeckyandGary Nutso

What don’t you like about facebook?


Alex @LateEnough said...

HAHAHA!! I hate farmville, yogaville, and mafia wars.

PS. You can drop the hint to you overly updating facebook friends that they should be on twitter... it's actually acceptable to let everyone know what you are doing every hour. Although no one wants to hear how much LOVE you are in every time. And PLEASE don't sign up your ten year old for twitter. Seriously.

Julie said...

That CRACKS ME UP!!! So totally agree with every point!

Thanks for the great post!

Amy said...

What I hate about facebook: All those STUPID, pointless groups that people "like" or "join" and then send to me in invites.

And the 10 year olds, which you already mentioned.

Mari said...

You are soooo right! My additions to your list are people that do status updates every time they build a barn, win a game, get a heart... and the people who feel they need to invite you to join every group out there!
I have to say I am just blown away by that dandelion picture. It is just awesome, perfect, wonderful!!!

Dayna said...

I don't care how many boards you need. I'm not playing farmville... or feeding your fish.... or whatever else you do!

I laughed and laughed and laughed. My thoughts precisely!!

Dayna said...

I'm going to share this with my friends if you don't mind!

jen@odbt said...

You are cracking me up girlfriend! Too funny. LOVE the last pic of the dandelion! Now I'm off to update my FB status...not!

Kelly said...

I totally let Javi sign up for Facebook last summer so he could farm on his own. He loved it for exactly 3 days and hasn't touched it since.

I hate the political and chain status updates that claim if I don't post something, then I don't love my mother/support our troops/believe in God, etc. It's facebook, people. Tell me how cute your kid is but back off my religion!

Samantha said...

I love my husband, don't mind when people combine names, and allow my kids, under very strict supervision, to have an account. Our family is all out of state, and it allows them to feel connected. For those blessed with close family, it may seem foolish. To us, a lifeline.

Dot O said...

I'm with Mari - I LOVE the dandelion photo!! The clarity, the color, the bokeh, just everything. I feel like I could just blow on it and all of the little wishes will float around me.

Now, about that FB thing - I hate any of the applications - hate, hate, hate. I update maybe once a day, sometimes not - and it's usually about chocolate or caffeine - because I love both. Is it okay for me to say that? I do love them....

Oh, I did tell my hubby I loved him on his wall Monday, but that was only because he was going for a colonoscopy the next day and had already started preparation and I felt bad. I hope you still like me.... :)

Denise said...

I also can't believe it when 10 year olds want to me my friend...not going to happen! This post made me laugh...thanks!!

keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

LOL!!! I agree with ALL of those!! I also hate the Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. crap, but luckily figured out how to block those so I don't have to see them.

Alicia said...

LOLOLOLOL!! You are hilarious! Actually, I let my 9 year old sign up because he wanted to play Petville! LOL, and all his friends are our friends from church who once in a great while will write on his wall, or vice versa. But, he's really only into PV.

I'm totally not one of those people who exclaim how awesome my husband is because he washed the dishes..LOL!!! Majority of the time, my status is a verse from the bible.

One thing I can't stand is when people join all those nonsense groups!

brainella said...

I love you. :-)

I hate the daily mirror-shot self portraits from a cell phone. Grow up. No one needs that many pictures of themselves looking blurry with a cigarette in their mouth. Unfriend.

Soliloquy said...

1. I hate that parents from my kids private Christian school let their 11 year olds lie about their age on Facebook. Seriously. Where do we draw the line on honestly and rule-following. My 11-year old is "so not cool" because he's not on Facebook. Gah.

2. It's so sad to me that people basically document that they're not working AT WORK by playing all those stupid games and posting their stats real time.

3. I'm on Facebook, but I rarely update my status. I'm convicted on two counts.... 1. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me and 2. John Piper said that Facebook and Twitter (and probably blogging too, if I'm honest) is the proof God will have that people DID have time for Him - they just didn't want to spend it that way. Whoduthunk Facebook and Twitter would come up on Judgment Day? Scary.

4. Also - and MAYBE my biggest peeve? Just as there is a minimum age limit - there ought to be a maximum age limit. It's just WRONG that my mother-in-law is on Facebook. There should be a Facebook for Seniors.

Marla said...

I agree with all of these. I actually know a girl who created a facebook for her two babies- they are like one year and three years old. What the crap?! I don't even understand that.

I also hate it when people share their marital problems. I don't want to know that you hate your husband. It just makes me feel bad, especially if they don't have a facebook.

Haha. I love facebook though.

Marla @

Anita Johnson said...

"What don’t you like about facebook?", you ask?
Everything. Absolutely everything. I'll cut some slack :-) with the commenter above with the colonoscopy and the person with the family out of town, but that's it! :-) Seriously, way too much useless information in most cases.

Angela said...

What don’t you like about facebook?

Pets having facebook pages. What is up with that??

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I agree with you.. and I will add to the mix that I can NOT stand when I make a comment back to someone about something they said like: The bathroom @ Kohl's is really clean and I am like: REALLY? WOW. THAT IS SOOO FACEBOOK WORTHY..and then guess what..a whole bunch of idiots bombarde my email with comments like :How many squares? Did you leave your purse on the floor, did you wash your hands...To me everyone feels like they need to be a comedian and last I checked there has been ZERO people hired for Conan's job based on a facebook status or comment....WHOA I unleashed a dragon....

Thanks a lot BeckyandGary I am in trouble!

She Writes said...

I don't do it. It is too much work to blog and keep up with FB for me.

TechnoBabe said...

I don't like anything about facebook. I like blogging. You are so funny. Telling it like it is though.

Ami said...

I was on Facebook for about three weeks.
Hated it.

Haven't changed my mind.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I let the almost 15 year old get on FB, he almost never uses it. And if he does, it's to play Yoville or Mafia Wars.

Of course, he knows I'm watching him. My grandkids, however (13 and 11) should think before they post some of the stuff they do.

Oh, and will someone teach them how to spell?

He & Me + 3 said...

Have one...never on...only had two status updates in the whole time I have been on there. Oh wait Stunt Man sent one once. It looked like this...


Good times!
I'll stick to blogging. I don't twitter either.
I know. So old school.
I know you will hate me...but my girls use my account to chat with their friends that actually have Facebook accounts:)
Sometimes they send flares so it looks like I am in love with Justin Bieber. I just crack up.

Teacher Tom said...

I do like FB a lot, Becky, and my 13-year-old has a page under the condition that I be her friend. I really like the way she behaves online -- she understands it's a public place and to act accordingly. Like it or not, our kids are going to need to know how to deal with social networking. It's both their present and future. Personally, I like being able to coach her along a bit before she gets any older and goes entirely off my radar! =)

I'd have to say my biggest pet peeve is all those stupid game updates. What I like best, of course, is learning that there are quite a few well-endowed young women searching for me online. At least that's what the ads seem to imply. Who knew? =)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Those are my petpeeves too. I have to admit that I have hid a few people who constantly talk about their barnraising or their need for more pipes for fencing. Enough already!

Unknown Mami said...

Okay, Whackadoodle!

I love that last picture. I want it in my house.

forever folding laundry said...

Too funny. :) I'm with you on all of these.

And Farmville just needs to go away....


Hilary said...

Funny lady. :)

I don't like a single thing about Facebook. It's incredibly invasive and intrusive and I don't like it one bit. I've got an account because my sister kept sending me pages to view about our home town and I couldn't see them unless I signed up. That novelty wore off about an hour later.

Caroline said...

That's so funny! My brother and SIL joined together...sooooo annoying! I never know who is giving the up date. And it's super corny! And stupid. :)~

Erin said...

I don't even have a face book account, but I am thinking about signing up the little miracles...they are only not quite 3 and 20 months....that's okay right? =) Should I put them as one?

H.K. said...

I totally agree with you! I went off Facebook and now my husband has one since we have some of the same friends, sometimes I'll comment on a picture or status, but rarely.

Facebook brought more headaches and surprisingly more drama!

mimbles said...

My Facebook status is updated by my Twitter feed :-)

Games and quizzes leave me cold so I block them from my news feed whenever a new one pops up, consequently I rarely see more than one status update from any given game. That improved my FB experience enormously.

I hate chain status updates and will no more participate in them than I would in chain emails.

My 8 year old son and my 11 year old daughter both have FB pages which they used to play the games for a while and have subsequently ignored. My 13 year old doesn't want one yet. They also all have blogs and I've offered to get them Twitter accounts but they've so far declined. (Anyway, I gather Twitter is for us oldies - the younger types don't seem to use it.)

I'm with Teacher Tom, I reckon it's part of my job as a parent to teach them responsible and safe use of social networking and it's a lot easier to do that when they're still happy for me to monitor all their on-line activity than later when they're asserting their independence as almost adults and perceive everything I say through the teenage filter of disdain for parental paranoia ;-)

~dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Yeah, facebook... don't love it, don't hate it, know it's a big part of the next generations social scene so am moderating the kids use of it as much as possible... which will probably prove to not be enough.

Great blog!

Dave said...

I thought you're talking about me! lol

Sonya said...

I hate when you leave a comment on someones post that you then get everyone elses post every single freaking time they add one. I HATE that. I also hate all the facebook applications..I dont wanna be your neighbor on farmville..i have stuff to do you know?

I love it though because I am able to post pics of the family since we are so far away and keep everyone up to date.

Let me know if u wanna add eachother. I keep myself hidden due to my husbands work but we can be friends:) lol

Shrinky said...

Facebook scares me! I took my page down less than a week after putting it up - I never realised I had so many stalkers - eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Well, I too don't like those sickly sweet confessions of love. Ha I do like seeing what everyone is up to though. My 'friends' are mostly former students and I do truly love hearing about what they are up to now. Some of them have just amazed me with how they are turning out and others are still bums. Love seeing pictures of their kids too and OF COURSE of the sugarplums. So I guess I like more than I dislike about facebook.

Mom24 said...


Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG. I love you.
I have been thinking of this rant as well, but I am still trying to keep up the sunshiny part.
My ex-step sister is married to an idiot. ONE week it is all: I hate him. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.
The next week: I love him. Love. Love. Love.
Gag me with a spatula.
I just want to respond that way...but I ignore it.


Dot O said...

P.S. A BIGGGG downside to FB - Last September, my MIL passed away with us by her side. We stayed with her for a while afterward and then hubby says that we had better call the kids so that they don't find out from FB. I told him not to be silly and nobody would post that. Sure enough, on the way to our car from the hospital, I called and my daughter answered with "Did grandmom die I just saw a post on FB.....?" Ugg...

Everything has a downside and that is one example of FB's downsides.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Hilarious - thankfully I only know *one* couple who are one account on FB, but I think I'd get crazy annoyed if everyone started doing it!

Justine said...

Heeheeheee! Add me girl! Justine Ferrara Oko.

What I don't like is people who copy and paste every damn scare warning about bots, FB spies, etc. It drives me insane!

Just be warned... if you add me, block both Farmville and Mafia Wars or you'll hate me too!

Justine :o )

Mighty M said...

I agree with you on most fronts! I also hate seeing all the games and getting all the hearts and love sent to me.

But I DO use my maiden name on my profile with my husbands as well. Just warning ya. You know, in case we get to be "friends".


Teri Peter Milnes. :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Farmville...please! People need to be out in a real garden! Keep on keeping it real Becky. That's why I love you...I mean ya'll! Great shot of the cutie with the freckles. I love freckles!

Brooke said...

my niece thinks she has a facebook page - its really my sister's. but every now and again we cleverly leave comments for the princess and my sister reads them to her.

i LOVE that i found a way to block all those mafia war posts from showing up in my feed!!

Adeena said...

Hysterical!! :D Can I say I agree with everything in your rant? ;) My 11 year old has email... I won't let him have fb... yet.

LOVE the 2nd pic and the last one.

Jessica said...

LMAO! This post was hilarious! I am so glad that I visited! Haha!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Also, I think I will follow yours based entirely off how awesome this post was.

panamamama said...

Love it!

Amie said...

I'm probably going to get a lot of negative feedback here but I HATE Facebook. I never joined MySpace when it was at its height, and I will not join Facebook or Twitter. It will blow over in the next couple of years and everyone will stop updating... then move on the Xanga or whatever the new cool thing is.

And I dont' get how your pictures go with the post, but I love them anyway!

Nurse Nancy said...

I hear you....this is very funny. We do not do Facebook in our house.

Samantha said...

AND....there were only bugs in the suitcase! lol Chris needed some sanitizer after carrying it around. It was a Samsonite!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Too funny ~ I almost thought you were serious for a minute!! :D Won't allow mine FB until they are 13 though ~ call me a stick-in-the-mud I don't care!! :D

Emmy said...

Yes!! You are so right. Or how about the people that are always playing all of those games and always asking to help them out or accept a gift, that drives me crazy too

mamamia said...

i absolutely loved the green picture with the puffy dandilion! loved it! I want to frame it in my house, even! Please send me a picture pronto, you can email it to my facebook maryandchrisloversmoopums

mamamia said...

I don't like pet pages on facebook. whose pet wants to keep in touch with my cousin's pet? the hourly updates are a bit much. I don't like when people don't put pictures up of themselves, I don't want to see all of their pets and greatgrandchildren....i know, I am so coldhearted.

themrs said...

this is awesome, i totally agree~ and to the person who hates getting the emails of all the comments after yours, you can change that in your notification settings so you don't get those. worst FB thing ever? my brother's wife decided she was mad at my parents and myself and blasted us in her status update. i mean, seriously, OMfrickinG trashed us on the internet. as if we were all in seventh grade. then when i called her on it, she told me her page is personal and i have no right to tell her what she can and can't put on it. i was mortified. we are not THAT family. you know, the stupid trashy ones who fight on the internet?

also, if you have to convince everyone online that you love your husband- you may just be trying to convince yourself. just sayin!

He Who Laughs Last said...

Love this post!

I wrote one so eerily similar that I was going to post next week...

Dianne said...

I don't facebook and I rarely twitter - or is it tweet? or twit?

it's just all too much

love your rant, it is fabulous and funny and oh so true

and to be treated to incredible photos in between!! bonus!!

kanishk said...

I agree with you on most fronts! I also hate seeing all the games and getting all the hearts and love sent to me.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! You were steaming mad! We all got the hint.You are something else,Rebeckah. Definitely opinionated! No wonder Ilove you so much!!!!Sunshine

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...and, amen!

Los said...

You hit every point on the nose! I hate the fact that some people have to tell me that they are "enjoying the day." Really? I need to know this? I usually only post a couple of days a week ... and it's usually witty (or at least I like to think so).

Ruby Red Slippers said...

This is so funny!
You pretty much nailed my irritations on FB!!!
I will be posting my garage sale on FB though-that is bound to irritate some! ;)

RR Mama said...

Hey Bec, I left you an award on my blog for tomorrow! And I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

This sounds awful, but as long as we are griping, I hate how everyone acts like their life is soooo perfect on facebook. According to facebook, everyone is going on vacations, getting engaged, welcoming babies and buying new houses. What a bragathon.

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

Oh, yes and I know this won't make me any friends but I have to say it: I HATE when someone refers to their husband as DH.

themrs said...

oh my word i TOTALLY have to agree with penn belle! i tend to lean more towards status updates chronicles how insane my children are personally, no perfection here! and i can't stand the DH abbreviation either. i prefer to reference my husband as "that guy who keeps knocking me up".

Sarah said...

You are hysterical!! I was cracking up at this -- these are all my pet peeves about FB too!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

You are just hilarious, my dear Rebeckah! There are a lot of things I don't like about facebook and I'm sure everybody else has mentioned most of them. I'll just dwell on what I like the most... finding old and new friends. =)

I still love that last photo... just beautiful! Great shot.

myorii said...

You are priceless! Too funny :)

Stacey said...

You crack me up! We've had the same conversations about Facebook here at our house.

Hey, I saw where you left a message at Marilyn's that you are shooting a wedding tonight. They are so lucky to have you! Don't be nervous - you are awesome!

Brian Miller said...

haha. too funny...and some wonder why i am not on it much anymore...hmm...

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, Becky --these posts of yours always crack me up! But so true, though --especially about those status updates. :)

(Happy Mother's Day!)

Matty said...

I agree with you. I do have a FB page, but I can't remember the last time I posted something on it. I rarely go there anymore.

RoseBelle said...

Hilarious (but oh so true) post! I don't have a Facebook account and thanks for giving me more reasons not to have one.

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

That was hilarious! Another thing I can't stand are all the Farmville updates, etc. I also hate the horoscope updates. Who the heck cares? I went over to Facebook because I got sick of the juvenile tone at Myspace, but it looks like Facebook is headed in that direction too.
Oh, another thing I hate about Facebook is that they have the audacity to delete photos of breastfeeding mothers and their accounts as well. Yet...they'll let other people create hate groups. What is this world coming to?
End of rant.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

PS Almost forgot...Thanks for stopping by. :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I was thinking, wow she's such a hater!! And my SEVEN year old has a facebook! He likes to play the games on there and we can send eachother gifts :) I'll look you up :)

sheila said...

Love this post and love your first commenters thoughts, lol!

And love these pics! Especially the freckley boy.

noellemonique said...

Ha! This post totally cracked me up!! The drama that comes from facebook is unbelievable!!
I met Lauren through truly is a small world!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

And that is a large part of why I totally deleted my Facebook account. Especially #4.

I. Can't. Stand. It!

I've been on the run and out of town. I'm catching up this weekend and off to read your posts that I missed.

Hope all is well with you and the family! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

xo jj

CRAZYMOM said...

I don't come by here often enough, but when I do get over here I stay for such a long time. I just love your photography. I LOVE that green one with the dandelion...and the black and white, shadowy dandelion one in an earlier post... wow!
I want to hide people on Fb who tell me about their farms. like. I. care. LOL And I have a 10 year old but I am too scared to let him on there.
Happy Mother's Day to you!

The Paper Mama said...

Facebook is perfect for me to spaceout on when I'm stuck rocking grumpy baby. :)

Christina said...

This made me laugh and laugh...and the end?? Perfect!
The thing I don't like about facebook is all the games and invites. That is totally weird to me.

Suki said...

You are so funny :)
Love the dandlion shot so very much.

SymaK. said...

haha I loved this. Like someone recently brought up, there needs to be a 'who cares' button on facebook for all those status updates that we don't care about.
And I hate all those Ville games. And if you need to change your status update every two minutes, seriously get a twitter account.

SymaK. said...

haha I loved this. Like someone recently brought up, there needs to be a 'who cares' button on facebook for all those status updates that we don't care about.
And I hate all those Ville games. And if you need to change your status update every two minutes, seriously get a twitter account.

Grandma J said...

Funny, funny lady!!!!

Have a Happy-est of Mother's Day, or should I just put that on your facebook page?

I have to scoot along and go tell Gary and Kaishon how much I love them ha! Yes, I think I will :))

OH, and I love you too!

Anonymous said...

Great dandelion pic!
And I don't care about your farm and how many whatevers you need or won! I refuse to find out :)

Baloney said...

Why aren't we Facebook Friends? I will warn you that I like to update my status. You would only know how often if you were actually checking that often, though. ;o)
You can find me at BaloneyandDoc TrueLoveForever.

Seriously - friend me.

Tracey Axnick said...

Holy Cow... and here I just stopped by to say Happy Mothers Day.... (I think I'll just quietly slink off into the woods now...)


OK, here is what I HATE about FB: Farmville. I don't CARE how many goats you just bought for your frikkin farm, and NO I don't want to help milk them.

NO, I don't want to play "Bedazzled" (Bejeweled?) with you.

I could care LESS that Tony Soprano just made you 2nd Lieutenant in Mafia Wars.

Those are the things I hate about FB.

Other than that, I'm a little bit of an addict. AND, they're one of my accounts (shhhh...... I'm not supposed to tell anyone....)

Anyway, Happy Mothers Day. I'll try to only change my update 3 times a week from now on. :) :)

Adrienne in Ohio said...

LOL, Becky! I agree with you, especially on the couples pages. Do they really not trust each other enough to have individual pages?

I love Facebook--it's allowed me to reconnect with so many people from high school and college that I'd lost track of. But I have to say, do I really have to know about the farming, mafia and pets that everyone else seems to be fascinated with? I like the "Hide" button. :)

Pam D said...

Hmmm... I think I shall post a link to this post on my new Facebook Group called "Good News"! I haven't read the other NINETY TWO comments on this post (hello, can I say I knew you when once you win Blogger of the Year?), but I'm sure that someone mentioned Betty White's little Facebook rant on SNL last night. "waste of time" indeed... hmmmph. I do love her, and to see her doing such a great job at 88 years young was truly refreshing. Like you... refreshing!

Mrs4444 said...

You're so funny. You know I'm going to go on there and see if you're serious, right?

Cara and Jenn said...

so funny! Sent you some blog award love come on over and get 'em! Have a great day!!!

lizcooper said...

OMG! That cracks me up!! LOL!! Thanks for a morning laugh...and for making me feel even better about my facebook addiction ;-) said...

This is great! I totally agree..especially about letting 10 yr olds have an account and many other of your points as well!!

Well said!!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh my stinkin' word, woman! You are cracking me up!

And yes, my 8yo and 10yo have accounts. But it is not really them. I have a Mafia Wars addict for a husband and he opened the accounts for them so "they" could play. Yeah... it is really them. Just like it is really ME on there playing MW. Really- my husband logs on under my name! AGGGGHHHH! Drives me insane.

But I love him.

Hey, we just had lunch.

It's hot outside.

I love my super duper husband!

Can you send me a pig for my farm?

How about some loot from the bank for my Mafia?

:snort: At least in FB you can hide all sorts of things. Don't throw anything at me for irritating you on purpose-- on your own blog no less! I have no shame.

Karin Katherine said...

The couple who sign up with the combined names are the same couples with the shared email addresses. I don't think it has anything to do with the tech savvy skills of either party---its a TRUST thing. Of course they will claim its about "we have nothing to hide from one another" but I don't buy it. I've known too many people like that.

Tracy said...

So stinkin TRUE! Love the post and the last shot!!!

Cranky Mommy said...

Such a funny post, but mostly I'm commenting to tell you how much my kids like your photos. All the kids look so happy, it makes them happy to look at!

(P.S. Thanks for visiting me)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

LOL! I love this post! I have the same thoughts! Really, must I see you and your boyfriend in the same pose in your photo album? Must I really know that you just found a raisin in your non-raisin bran flakes?

It drives me crazy! My mom is a violator too. Her ass has a facebook and when I call her she won't answer the phone but if I send her a message via facebook, I get a reply in 2.2 seconds! MOM! Pick up the phone! We live on the same side of town!

she will just put on my facebook page..."how daughter how are you?"

Mom, don' t you have my phone number?!?! USE IT!!

Okay. I feel better!