Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ching-a chang-a Change-a

I really love Mama Kat Prompts!uh oh 4         I think they are Splendid.

(with a capital S)

I have been such a slacker with them lately-bike riding

so, I was bound and determined to whip up a great post today

using one of her prompts.

What would you do differently today

if you were starting a blog?david 10

Well…friday 1

I started my blog because some of my very good friends from college had blogs.kaishon 1

Gretchen, Danielle, Kari, Stephanie. Kristi and Erica.

I loved reading about their little adventures.

Gary had just married Kaish and I Rebeckah[5]

and I knew we were going to have some adventures of our own

AND, I did have the cutest kid in the entire universe…  kaishon bike At first I was nervous to tell people about my blog.

It wasn’t very exciting for a while.

My posts were long and way too wordy.novelette b&w

When I discovered I Heart Faces

a whole new world opened up for me.

Now I take pictures every single day.kaishon 9

I love it.

I am passionate about it.sophia sweet

It relaxes me!

Have fun

Meet other people.

Despite what you may think

this {thing called blogging} is NOT all about wednesday

I get super annoyed when people don’t ever say hi and comment back.

Now, of course, if you are a super star blogger,

you don’t have to comment and say hi back.akaish 029

But even some of the super star bloggers I know

(Scary Mommy and Angie from 7 Clown Circus)

go out of their way to say hi when they can.

Be nice.

Meet new friends.akaish 030

Have fun!

I don’t really think I followed Mama Kat’s prompt at all.

The truth is.

I love this blog.  

I love your blog.

I love going on adventures all around the world while sitting at my desk.

I share some of our lives.

And I love when you share yours.

Every day is extraordinary!abrooke 003_edited-2

Every single day is a gift.

Do you like how you blog?

What blogging style do you have?

Happy Thursday one and all!


Kristina P. said...

My blogging has changed over time. I think most people's blogs do. I would definitely change my blog name, and I wouldn't have had my last name.

But my writing voice has always stayed the same.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I know exactly what you mean about blogging - I love the community.

mindy m. said...

You are a super commenter. I used to see you on every single I HEART FACES blog that I commented on! You have always been a wonderful "cheerleader" and reciprocater and I just love reading about your life and viewing your photos. Blogging is great, I tell ya!


Marla said...

I agree with Mindi... You are such a great commenter. I try to comment as much as possible, but sometimes I have to fight the urge to lurk.

I am a picture blogger... Sometimes I wish that I spent more time telling stories, but I usually just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Marla @

jen@odbt said...

I have an ebb & flow relationship with blogging. I love that it's a way to document my family's life but sometimes I get disenchanted and overwhelmed. You are always so encouraging and positive. Happy Thursday to you too!

Living on the Spit said...

My blogging is evolving and I think that is what is frustrating me a bit as of late. I love coming to your blog though and having been a reader for quite some time, you never cease to amaze me. I love how your heart shows through in each post.

Mighty M said...

I want to put a little more thought into some of my posts, maybe write a little bit. I just keep telling myself "when the kids are older!". :)

I love blogging, so whenever I get the urge to stop I just take a break for a couple days because I know I could never leave FOREVER!

LOVE your blog and your pictures and YOU! :)

The Incredible Woody said...

My blog style is diary style. Whatever happens to be running across my brain is what gets posted. I wish I were better able to express myself with words.

Bec said...

I'm pretty new to the blogging world so I don't know if I've found my blogging groove yet! I started mostly to help fuel my creativity/use my camera more. I do LOVOE my blog though.

Unknown Mami said...

I LOVE this blog too! I've loved it since the first time I visited.

I like how I blog, if I didn't I wouldn't do it. My style is a dash of me, a dash of you, stir them together and we get us.

H.K. said...

Your blogs is one of the ones that I love to read even if I don't come over often. I think blogging is a great invention! My blog has definitely evolved the past year. At first it was going to be about writing on certain topics, it was going to focus on just being funny & lighthearted.

But, then I read other blogs where they wrote about their kids and the daily goings of their lives. One blogger said that her blog is a diary of sorts one that her future generations can read about her and her life- you can convert your blog into a book.

That's when my blog changed. When you write about what's going in your life, you never run out of things to say. I used to write to entertain other bloggers, now I just write for myself even if it seems boring to others.

I also don't spent too much time on blogging anymore, it took a lot of time reading other blogs. Now, I just concentrate on the ones that I love and the ones that comment on mines- it definitely is all about balance and still having fun doing it.

WOw, didn't mean to write a lot, I just like the topic-maybe I should participate on Mama Kat's prompt too. Sorry for the length!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

well, I just started blogging and right now, for me, it feels a little awkward to be posting my inner thoughts for all to see (well, my 2 followers, that is!) but, I'm going with it and hopefully it will lead me down a path where i can find a great community of spectacular women who share the same passions as I do!

Jen said...

This post spoke to me in so many ways. I loved it.

Blogging is fun and is totally about all the connects that you make with people and it is also a way to develop a talent like photography. :)

Love Letters To China said...

I have no idea how I started reading your blog, but I'm so glad I found you. Your photos and commentary are very uplifting. Thank you for continuing to post day in and day out.

My blog seems to be changing since the beginning. I'm starting to really enjoy photography so I now make that a major part of my posts. My intentions at the beginning are the same as today, I want to print it and keep for my children as a journal of their youth.

A Cupcake for Moose said...

Love the post! And I love blogging and especially getting nice hellos and comments. :) I used to think it was a selfish endeavor (on MY part) because I only talked about myself, my life, etc. Then, I realized that it is a true COMMUNITY. People sharing their lives, enriching others and showing sincere care for one another. It's quite lovely! Sharing my photos is my favorite part, and of course a good recipe or word of encouragement is fun, too. Wow, longest comment ever! :) I guess your post really got me thinking.

Have a great night!

TheShoppingGirl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I'm so glad you didn't because I discovered your wonderful blog. I loved today's post and completely agree with it. Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring. I also love your about me! Keep up the good work.

I'm still working on my blog style as I haven't been blogging very long, but I appreciate that I can learn from each post whether it was good or bad. When I find what works, it helps me to connect with people with similar interests, and in fact, people with different interests. But I still have told very few friends about it. I'm afraid they will judge me by what I write, and I guess it's easier to let strangers do that.

MACsWIFERia said...

i love your blog.always love to read and look at your photos. you have a lovely way with words. don't worry i'll be here to say hi when i can.
I have changed my blog many a time. but i think i finally found something now that i am happy with.
have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog. You are quite a photographer, too. I always wonder what type of camera everyone with good photos uses. Yours are so vivid and have great depth. Really nice - great subjects too.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Well I for one am so glad that you started a blog....... You are a wonderful blogger and have so many wonderful things to share with us.

Right now I am feeling extremely guilty because I have been a BAD BLOGGER...... I have not been by to say "hello" but all of my bloggy friends have been on my mind:)

Keep doing what you do girl.....because we all love stopping by!!

Sorry I didn't call you about the walk today... the day got away from me. Tomorrow or Friday?? Let me know!! So excited and looking forward to the big day!!



GunDiva said...

I have no idea what my blogging style is. I started my first blog, it was just an easy way to keep my friends and family in the loop. It's grown and I've added a weekly feature for my blogging buddies. My second blog was meant to share my horse life and to promote my book (which hasn't been published yet, but I can still hope, right?).

I do tend to be wordy (ya think?) in some of my posts and am working on cutting my posts down so they're easy to read when my followers only have a minute or two at work.

richies said...

My blogging style is writing about whatever is happening in my life or going through my head. Not much style. Like most bloggers, the idea of someone else reading my blog is one of the reasons for blogging.

An Arkies Musings

Wanda said...

Hey there,

Interesting discussion. I started blogging to journal my family life as we waited for DD#2 from China. I continue so the kiddos can have a journal of our life. But I had no idea all the other goodies that would come along with it. What a great community.

And you are a blogger extraordinaire. You have an amamzingly generous heart and it shows in every post and comment (a plenty). And you are so interesting. Bonus!!

Anita Johnson said...

I love the way you blog! My style? Usually just photos beacause a picture says a thousand words...right? But sometimes just a FEW more words are's my personality, I think! My husband would agree on the extra word part I'm sure!
I appreciate your comments too, thank you!

amy said...

i love your blog. i love your pictures. i love your comments. I'm glad you blog.

i started out blogging as a journal over at but then decided that there was more of me that i wanted to share that wasn't so journally (is that a word?) so i started the family trifecta.

i love blogging and the outlet it gives me. i also love making friends and looking forward to what they (you) are going to post.

lifebythecreek said...

Blog? What blog? Who has time to blog any more? My PHOTOblog is doing OK. My writing blog? Not so much. I don't know how you do it all. You work, you have a ton of kids at your house doing fun things all the time, AND you're a superstar blogger and photographer. I think I smell a rat; God gave you extra hours in the day, didn't He? I thought He didn't play favorites, but obviously you and He are pretty close...

Skeller said...

just wanted to say "hi". ;-)

i love your pictures. and i love IHF. and i've totally loved meeting you thru IHF.

Frau said...

Good Morning Philadelphia....and you and yours! Omg...too much coffee again! I would change my blog name for sure. I try to blog for me and my family. But try not to complain commentors don't like that! But then I feel like I'm changing my blog because I want a this is me blog. My writing is'nt professional or even good. Punctuation what's that...thank god for spell check. Pictures are not awesome but they are mine. I wish had my done professional layout but to cheap to spend the $. Have a great day!

Sonya said...

I just love your blog..have from the second I came on here! You make me smile every single time I come over..and I need lots of smiles in my life.

I wish I was a witty blogger,had more creative ways to describe things. I don't feel like I come across very well.

Marilyn said...

I do like my blog. No style at all. I just like a record of what I did so that next year this time I can look back. Love yours and your pictures.

Mental P Mama said...

Most of my friends now live in my computer...I love all our blogs!

Adeena said...

I've never thought about my blog 'style' - I started it for my kids. To have a record of their childhood.

And now, it's also for me. As I try to take better pictures. :) Mostly thanks to i♥faces, and all the inspiration there. (And here! I'm glad I 'found' your blog! :D )

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the best. Did you get your pasport stamped while you traveled all over the world??
My style has changed...but I really don't have a style.
I try REALLY really hard not to be wordy. I still think I may be wordy. and boring. But I really try to write it for my Mom...and if she likes it then who else matters??? Ok, you do and that other woman in TX, she matters too.

Lisa said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! WOW!

I love this blog too! I love your pictures! I LOVE seeing the kids grow everyday!

When I started my blog. I started it because my mother wanted me to. She wanted our family up North to know my father was doing okay.

At first I had NO! idea of what to do on the blog and I was afraid of the all about me syndrome.

You may remember my father died and pieces of us died too and I poured the feeling out into my blog....I wrote things I just didn't have the courage to say.

I still don't know what my blog is about but! I love it! I love that I have a place to go and put down memories I want to keep forever. I love that it is a place I can go and read about the toughest time of my life.....when my father was dying....and I can remember it with love and pride. I love that my pictures and writing seems to be getting better. But what I love more then anything is the encouragement I get from real woman, real blogging friends are people I would want to spend time with.

Sorry you asked??? I do tend to get wordy :)


June Freaking Cleaver said...

You nailed this prompt! I wouldn't change a thing in your blog - it's YOU!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Love this post! I'm so glad I found your blog... and to me, you are one of those super star bloggers who gets oodles of comments and has fantastic posts and you really do connect with others and that is awesome. YOU are awesome!

My blogging style is my own. I'm not necessarily a humorist and I'm not sarcastic. I'm just me and I'm honest and I share little slices of whatever is going on in my life at the time. Like you, I'm all about connecting.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Excellent post. Lots of nice pictures.

- dls - said...

You are a fabulous blogger with great connections!

I blog for my memories mostly because I no longer spend time scrapbooking. Sometimes I have short posts - sometimes they are quite lengthy. If I have time, I love to comment and stay connected with a few bloggers. The generosity in the blog world is amazing.

The blogging world also increased the photos I take - while I am learning more about my camera.
I so love i heart faces for the connections/inspiration I have found there...including you! :D

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am not even close to being as creative as you!

Nurse Nancy said...

I am still new at this blogging thing. I treat it the way I feel at a point in time. A picture into my life or just an opportunity to share a reflection. I love your pictures and want to get more into that piece of blogging. I enjoy learning about others through their blogs too!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Blogging has so much more social benefits then I ever imagined. It helps me to feel connected.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Hi, Rebeckah. I love your blog! I know there is always going to be something here to make me smile.

When I started my blog, I thought, "Oh, I will write or post a photo every day." It hasn't quite worked out like that. I'm amazed at how long I let it go between posts, because I truly love it. I need to be better about that.

I totally agree with you about the comments, though. LOVE them! The best part about blogging has been connecting with people I never would have otherwise met. Wonderful people, like YOU!

TechnoBabe said...

I think all of us gain confidence the longer we blog. And there are so many wonderful blogs to read we could not ever ever get bored in blogland. I like your photos today, yesterday, and the ones you take tomorrow too.

Soliloquy said...

I waaa-hhhaaaa-hhhhhaaaa-nnnna be able to take pictures like you.

I'm such a hack.

But you, notsomuch. Your photography makes me love looking at pictures of people I don't know.

It's just that beautiful.

As are you.

Erin said...

I think YOU are a superstar blogger and you comment on my blog and it makes me feel very special! I always try to come back and visit, especially when you put adorable pics of Kaish and of little Brooke, and those cheeks!!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love how you've used pictures to tell your story.

My blogging has always been weird. Once I was doing commenting on the aviation business, another blog was about writing, another about unsent letters, now is housewifery. I'm a little scatterbrained. :)

Brooke said...

actually i think i've grown as a blogger - so that i'd rather someone not comment than leave one that was obviously rushed or not thoughtful.

I love that your blog is always so cheerful - always a smiling face, fun activity. in my book that makes you a superstar!

thedulls said...

you have the BEST blogs, Becky. I mean the VERY BEST! I am just so impressed every time I see your blog. I love your pictures, your questions, your statements. You are awesome!

brainella said...

See...there you go again. Posting pictures of that darling boy. :) Your picture are always so happy.

Mark said...

Guilty! I'm way too wordy. But the better my picture taking becomes(Thank you very much for your help), the more my pictures will do the talking for me. Like yours do. Your Friend, m.

p.s. I won't forget about you when I become a Superstar Blogger. But don't worry, that won't be too soon anyway. m.

Jenners said...

You can tell your passionate about your blog, your family and photography! It is always such a pleasant place to visit when I come here. (Hard to believe you do this on Blogger! HAHA!)

And I do agree with you ... blogging isn't just all about you.

Dawn said...

you make me smile! and i love your photography. and i love that family in the frame picture! so cool!

Teacher Tom said...

I do love how you blog, Becky! Your pictures, your thoughts, your questions -- they all make me think and feel.

I blog to write, frankly, to tell the stories about the incredible things I get to do every day, and with a hope that I'll inspire others to do incredible things with children too. There is so much genius in every child -- listen and you'll hear it and it will thrill you!

I already know you do this, Becky!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

I love the way you blog because I love the big bold pictures you take. I am so NOT a reader, so I love picture blogs (hence the reason my poor HomeEd blog is so neglected too much of the time these days).
I stand guilty as accused though ~ I more often read than comment (I use google reader a lot), so today I'm catching up with you and hopefully making you feel loved ~ because you are!! :D

The Animator's Wife said...

: ) fun post, fun discussion, fun blogger.

Briana's Mom said...

Great post! My blog started out as my journal to chronicle the wait to adopt my daughter. I never imagined all the people I would "meet" in the blog world. And I actually ended up meeting and becoming friends with lots of people in real life. Now my blog consists of life with my daughter and all of the milestones she reaches. I love lots of pictures and I love keeping it real. :)

Mama Kat said...

Aren't you glad we don't have to start over? :)

I love the pictures you put on your posts!

angie said...

I loved this post. And not just because you called me a super star blogger.

I LOVE blogging and wish there were more time in the day to do it!

the monkeys' mama said...

Becky I loved this post for you--I hope you save all these comments--they speak volumes of your character because people see your honesty and love of life and people and can't help buy love YOU and respond. yOU are the best!

Gille said...

Such beautiful pictures and sweet faces! I have yet to figure out my blog style but you've got me thinking about it now.

JamericanSpice said...

Yes I love this blog and I love how I blog because I love meeting others and try always to visit and read and comment. It might take me a while to get around to everyone but I save the comments to that I will not forget.

I love too that I don't feel that I must be in everything about blogging or feel pressured into blogging etc. I am laidback and I love it.

I enjoyed reading this.

And I think a superstar blogger was once not a blogger and should not forget the early time when it was just 1 or 3 followers.

Donna said...

I love my blog and the creative freedom it gives me. But I'm often frustrated about how much I DON'T post because I don't want to risk offending anyone. This means I don't feel comfortable sharing my feelings about the top headline news of the day and that makes me sad (sometimes lonely).

I wish I could be more brave and less caring about what strangers think of me.

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

the Lola Letters said...

My blog is a total outlet and a place where I get to celebrate the good times, laugh about ridiculous times, and whine about lame times.

I think everyone should have a blog, and I think they should feel empowered to say whatever they want to say and share who they really are.

I think your blog totally does this...which is why your blog is totally divine!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Your blog is full of love and wonderful pictures. It always makes me smile.

Some very big bloggers are super-nice about commenting once in a while--I think they're very nice people.

Tracey Axnick said...

Excellent post! (as always). Your blog is one of my faves... ALWAYS makes me smile. LOVE your photos. They are beautiful and stunning (and, honestly, could win awards...) :)

Blogging, for me, started when I was at home, and needed a creative outlet. Now that I've returned to work in Corporate America (vs working for myself), I don't have as much time as I used to to read/comment/write, but I still love it. I treasure the people I've met and REAL friendships I've made through blogging... there are AMAZING people out there (and I hate the word "amazing"... it's so over-used! ...but in this case, it's THE CORRECT word!!)

Thank you for an excellent post and an excellent blog, my dear. YOU are wonderful. :)

jlo said...

My blog is a scrapbook for my family. I don't have time to sit and scrapbook any more so, I try and capture our everyday. Probably boring to most, but I love looking back at the past 3 years that I have been a blogger!

Megan said...

I love this post and ALL OF YOUR PICTURES!! You are awesome!!

I think I like how I blog. I'm not really sure how to do it differently even if I wanted to though.

And I have no idea what my blogging style is. "life" "personal". Dunno. lol

Kelly said...

I have been blogging for a long time, but not always the way I am now. First it was irreverent, private stuff for friends, and then it was mostly family stuff. Now I've found a balance between the two and I love it. Wish I'd found it sooner.

Also, I make it a point to comment. It is tough sometimes because I won't read if I don't have time to comment (which can create a backlog, such as I'm dealing with now), but it's worth it to reach out and say "I'm here and I hear you."

Monkey's Mama said...

I wish I had more time to be part of the community - I've been so lazy with blogging!! I get an idea and then it's suddenly a week later. Oh well. At least I can read yours and see your beautiful pictures! You get so many comments - how do you have time for them all! YOU are the super star blogger!

Sarah said...

I'm a new blogger. Don't really have a style yet, but am sure I'll come into one with each and every post. I stopped playing Farmville on Facebook and used the time I was playing that to blog and I feel so much better!

Jennifer Bowen said...

You know I'm bad about keeping up with my blog. My blogging style? What else... LAZY! LOL

I adore that first photo and the one of you and Kaishon. You are the best blogger EVER!!! You always make me smile with each post. =)