Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weakness? What? Get out of the city!

Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.
Well, of course I am going to pick this prompt

from Mama Kat today!

Writer’s Workshop is fun!arishi party 006

I mean, I don’t know if you know by now or not,

but I am practically perfect : )


Stop laughing.

I asked Shoshi first.

Shoshi has this amazing melt your heart smile

and he hangs out in our house just about as much as Kaishon

so I just knew he would give a good answer.

‘Hi Shoshi honey. Can you tell me a weakness I have?’

“I like your chocolate chip cookies.”

I knew he would have something brilliant to say!winter 4

Clearly he didn’t get the question.

That was just fine with me.

Kaishon over heard me asking Shoshi.

He told Jonathon.

Jonathon came racing over and started to rattle things off.

I told him to stop after the twenty fifth problem.winter 9 Whatever, little boy.

See if I feed you hot pockets or chocolate chip cookies anymore…

The nerve of Some people.

Well, of course Kaishon had some weaknesses to tell me about.

Darn it.

kaish 2 I try so hard to brainwash him into thinking I am perfect!

“Well. first of all Mom, you make me go to acting class.”

‘Ummmmmmmmmmmm, Hello, honey chile,

you need extra curricular activities to get into college!’

(So what if that is 8 years away.)

We have to start early.

Then he said,
”You make me take too many baths.”

I told him those things were NOT weaknesses.

These were typical Mother jobs.

There is a rule book out there for Mommies

and the number one rule is

“Make your kid take a bath

and change his underwear every day.”

He didn’t believe me.kaish

Since no one was getting it : )

and even though I am [practically] perfect,

I did think there might possibly

be one or two actual weaknesses to mention.

I sat them down and explained what a weakness was.

And then, well, they had a million weaknesses to mention.

Oh my.

All three of the boys mentioned ‘the yelling.’

I won’t tell you ALL of the issues.

I think I would scare you!

Let’s just focus on the yelling for today.

Yelling is a problem for me.

So, right then and there,

I made a commitment to the boys

to make a real effort to stop yelling so much.

I don’t think it is healthy.

Or Godly.

Or kind.

What is one of your weaknesses?

Care to share?bokeh 030

XO, Becky

{Soon to Be} an non yelling MamaStudy 1 - black border (resized 150)

PS Communal Global is having


WAY cool

contest next week!


Skeedaddle over there and check it out!



Angela said...

Your photos are always truly amazing.
I know my weakness!! Don't even need to ask anyone :) But would love to hear their responses.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am a yeller too-I guess I should work on that, now that you pointed it out! :)

Catherine Anne said...

Love this real post~~~

Mari said...

This is such a great post! The picture are gorgeous and story telling is fun!
I always tell my family I'm perfect too - but I'm not. :( I'm not a yeller, but instead I grumble to myself and hold a grudge!

Jenny said...

LOL, this was so cute... I am a yeller too. I try really hard not to but after the fifteenth time of telling my son something the yelling starts.

Donna said...

These photos are GORGEOUS! I especially love the one of the cookie-dough eater! ;)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Love Letters To China said...

I am so the yeller too! I hate myself after the fact. My daughter is always telling me to stop yelling. I find she's starting to do the same thing. I try everyday to stop, but somehow it creeps back in during the late afternoon/evening time. I think it's because I'm getting so tired of repeating myself with no one listening. I'm going to make a concerted effort to change my ways starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Tracey Axnick said...

Tell Shoshi I think he has THE most handsomest eyes I have ever seen (I was going to say "beautiful" but no young man wants to hear THAT....) One day, a young woman will get LOST in his eyes and fall in love. :)

Ellie said...

This is such a cute post! LOVE love love the photos - you have the cutest boys to photograph so they better be great :)

I think making great choc chip cookies IS a weakness! 'cause then you have to eat them. all.

(I'm a yeller too - how can we stop?)

Anita said...

You just had to mention that yelling! :) I'm guilty too. Not tooooo bad though. Mine is sophisticated yelling. lol

I also have a weakness for not following a schedule, but somehow, I manage to avoid chaos.

Beautiful photography (faces) as usual!

Jboo said...

Beautiful photos! Those boys are adorable!

One of my weaknesses -- not putting the laundry away -- that's the one that's bugging me the most right now! :)

Have a great week -- almost weekend! :)


RR Mama said...

I have OCD clean bathroom tendencies. I haven't really decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But needless to say I live in a house full of boys and then their friends, boys of course, come over. Need I say more.

lime said...

i have teenagers who would be all too willing to enumerate my flaws. i'll just say i come from the yelling camp too though. best wishes.

and thanks for stopping by for my POTW.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny.
Acting classes? I love it. Good job Mom.
Those boys are so gorgeous...I adore looking at their photos.

I used to be a YELLER. really.
you know what I learned? it took some time. But I learned that if I talked quieter, they leaned in to listen to me. It worked. Really.
I wish someone would have told my Mom this years ago....

I only yell on occasion....and only at the dogs to COME IN. they are hard of hearing. :)

Drew said...

A better question would be..what isn't my weakness? Hmm...I eat too much, play on the computer too much , procrastinate, rarely clean the house, spend to much money, on and on...ugh! Now, I'm thoroughly depressed. Thanks a lot, Becky! :)

Sarah said...

I would have pegged you as a quiet mousy mother, NOT a yeller :) I don't have enough space to type out all of my weaknesses! But bravo to you for admitting to one of yours :) I really DID think you were perfect -- you shattered my rosy image of you. I'm a yeller too. And I'm unorganized. And I'm not good at keeping the house clean. And I'm not good at sticking to diets. And I'm ... out of space!

christy rose said...

I would say that yelling is one of my weaknesses too. How do you get your point across with a soft voice? I have yet to figure it out!! :) God help me! I am weak!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You sure amaze me with such beautiful pictures!

My food.

Grandma J said...

All my grandkids under 10 think I'm perfect, so does JJ. The older ones? No comment!

YOU are a perfect friend.

Frau said...

I love that they all jumped in with many thoughts on your weakness. Mine is certainly chocolate or any sweets. I'm gonna ask Katelyn as soon as she wakes up. Lord only knows what she will say. By the way I have an award for you on my blog. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Lisa said...

Yelling is weakness? I thought it was a strength??? You have to be strong to yell, right???

How could strong be a weakness?

MMMM I don't know about this game.

Justine said...

Oh girl, which mom among us isn't guilty of the yelling thing? Sometimes a calm voice just doesn't get your point across!

Justine :o )

Queenie Jeannie said...

Being a non-yelling Mom is a good goal to have! Let me know how it works out for you because I haven't been able to manage it yet, lol!!!


This was a cutie patootie post full of adorable boys - as usual!

Dianne said...

in addition to his melt your heart smile Shoshi has the warmest, kindest eyes

I used to be a yeller
not so much as I get older, I conserve the energy ;)

I'm terribly, terribly sarcastic and it's not always funny or kind when people don't know me or don't get it

Grace Olsson said...

YOur photos are amazing. and the portrait are, simply marvelous.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Great post! Too funny...and I love the pictures! :)

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Great photos! When my son was young I was also a "yeller." He is all grown up now, and seems to have turned out okay...but I know, it just doesn't feel good. My mom used to always tell me to take breath and count to ten,and that helps, sometimes.

He Who Laughs Last said...

Love this...and your photos...amazing!

WackyMummy said...

You're photos are fantastic! Delicious! As delicious as those cookies look. ;)

anneawesome said...

What amazing photos! And, sadly, I'm a yeller too. You are SO not alone in that.

Jen said...

My weakness isn't yelling, but I have a tendency to let my frustration be known by the tone of my voice. I'm working on it!

~Mendie~ said...

Beautiful pictures...what bright eyes!

Candice said...

Those are some amazing photos!!!!! I just LOVE them!!!

Trudy said...

Love the photos!

My weakness...talked about it in my post today actually...can't clean for crap. I am so unorganized and cluttery.

Also, patience is a big one for me, so I may just end up being a yelling mom myself. If you have any tips to share after you become a 'non-yelling mommy' be sure to pass them along!

Amy said...

Might sound weird, but -- gritting my teeth. I'm not a yeller or grumbler; instead I grit my teeth when I'm mad or frustrated.

Not only does it cause headaches and now a non-curable TMJ problem, but everyone STILL knows I'm mad! It's not like I'm fooling anyone, anyway, so why can't I just get over myself and move on?! Easier said than done, obviously, but I'm working on it...sort of.

Brooke said...

i yelled at my niece for the first time ever (she's 6) during my big move. it broke her heart and seeing her heart broken broke mine. :( i think its something most of us could stand to work on.

the Lola Letters said...



You however, are practically perfect in every way (much like Mary Poppins).

I'm with Shoshi.

If I fly out to PA, will you make me some of that cookie dough? I get the feeling it would be worth it. (For the lovely company too of course...but I'm pregnant, so I'd do some pretty crazy things for warm C-C-Cookies!)

Dan said...

Great photos!

I can name your fault - you haven't sent all of us your chocolate chip cookies yet. {*grin*}

Melissa said...

This is such a fantastic, real post. Your photos are beautiful!

Cecily R said...

Mememememe! I have that issue too! And WAY more. I've decided that taking them one at a time is the only way to do it. So I'll focus on the not yelling thing today with you. Maybe with your help I'll be better.

So I want to know more about your contest. Especially since I'm already linked up. :) LOVE that your linky has a picture. How cool is that??

CraftGirlAlli said...

you always have such beautiful photos!!

Puna said...

Now that's a wise kid! And you are just like Mary Poppins, Perfect in every way.

Upstatemomof3 said...

What a great post!! Beautiful and endearing and awesome!! I have more weaknesses than I can possibly count. :)

Christina said...

I love this post! Kids say the best stuff! I am half afraid and half curious what my kids would say if I asked them this question!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Love this post. You are an amazing photographer. You manage to capture faces, and personalities, so well.

Mighty M said...

Since none of Kaishon's friends, apparently, have to change their underwear daily it's no wonder he tried to pull that card on you! :)

I definitely could stand to be a little more PATIENT as a parent.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Amazing, absolutely beautiful photos! (Shhh!! Don't tell those boys I referred to them as beautiful...but they are...) :)

The 3 Bishops said...

As always ... The pictures you take are incredible. You have a talent.
I really look forward to all your posting and you really do inspire me.

Baloney said...

You yell?
Oh that's awful!
Just kidding.
I'm working on keeping an even tone around here.
Easier said than done.