Monday, November 30, 2009

Muddy Feet

You know those days?

Those days when you have a ton

of things to do for work.

When none of it is making sense?

When it is raining and dismal outdoors?

This is what happens to Kaish on those days:

muddy feet 001 Seriously.

On a sunny, happy fall day,

when muddy feet would make me smile,

they are no where to be found!

But when I up to my eyeballs in paperwork,

when I am racking my brain about what to make for dinner,

when I am popping advil like jelly beans…

This happens!

And he WALKS thru the house to show me.

I kid you not!

muddy feet 002 Now, I would like to say I handled it with grace and love.

I did NOT!

I yelled.

I think I scared the neighborhood kids.

Oh well.

After we got out to the garage and started getting clean.

I got nicer : )

and I smiled.muddy feet 003

And I listened to the story

of how they were playing at the ‘pond’

(which is really a sewer…in case you were wondering)

when Kaish fell in.

I thanked God for the precious boy

he gave me!

The precious, wonderful boy!

The boy who loves mud!

muddy feet 004

And then I did something that always makes me smile!

I forced them to let me take a picture.

Only Shoshi complied!

circus-and-cabellas-131 Did you play in the mud when you were young?

My Daddy used to take us

out to the edge of the cornfield

in the summer

after it had rained.

That mud felt glorious!

I have to ask my Mom

how she felt about clean up!

I am sure she was DELIGHTED : )

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Heart something other than faces…

I can’t even say what this week’s theme is.

I will just say this picture has one of them in it : )

My Mom is not going to be a fan of this theme!

I am nervous about the phone call all ready!

jessica 015 balloon walk 

The 50-50-90 rule:

Anytime you have a 50-50 chance

of getting something right,

there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.
Andy Rooney

logo i heart faces

The day after tomorrow

is the third day of the rest of your life.
George Carlin

If all the world's a stage,

I want to operate the trap door.
-- Paul Beatty

Do you take pictures of behinds often?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Adventure: Mercer Museum Doylestown, PA

Where do you take 2 little boys

with limitless energy

after they have been off from school

for 8 days in a row?  

castle 001Well, you take them to a museum of course.

Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pa.

Now, in my defense,

I thought it was a castle!

And it turns out,

there is a castle,

just a half mile away!

I went to the wrong place…

Whoops!castle 003 It was a very wonderful experience

despite being in the *wrong* place!

AND despite the fact that

Kaish and Shoshi are absolutely refusing

to look at the camera in any way!castle 004 They loved climbing the stairs!

And, oh my word, were there stairs!

And little hallways.

And little hiding places!

castle 005  They learned how to drive a sleigh.

And then they pleaded for me to find

a real sleigh for them to drive!

And you know how easy it is to

locate a place for children to drive a sleigh, right?

No? You have never heard of a place for children

to drive a sleigh? 

Me either!

That didn’t stop them from

begging and pleading to find one though…

castle 007I was going to tell you that my favorite thing today

was the windows.

The windows were amazing!

But then I remembered

the imagination room-

a little cove on the 8th floor.

Filled with instruments.

LOUD instruments.

castle 009 And even though it was a little loud-

(or a lot loud depending on how you look at it!)

castle 008 Their joy as they danced and jumped and rocked,

well, it was definitely my favorite thing about the day.

castle 006

Even better than the light from the pretty windows!

I think we will go to the Castle over Christmas break!

Does your town have a castle?

Or a Museum?

Do you go?sunday citar’There are no rules of architecture

for a castle in the clouds.’ 

~G.K. ChestertonSundaysinmyCity

Make sure you go and visit Fresh Mommy

and Unknown Mami today if you get a chance.

Great Quotes and Great pictures!

How can you go wrong?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thankful Story about Becky.

There once was a girl named Becky.

She was loved.

katelyn tutu 051 First born.

Adored by her Grammy.

And her Grandma. grandma kindel

She grew.

Sometimes it was tumultuous.

One brother. One sister.

siblings She survived.

Headed off to college.

baptist bible college Became a teacher

in Washington D.C.

mean-teacher Loved those children.

Loved that job!

Moved back home to 4

Became a social worker

in Philadelphia.

SocialWork1 Loved those children.

Loved the job!

Blessed by the miracle of Kaish.kaishon's smile

Life changed.

All for the better.

Met Gary.

Fell in love. gary_and_rebeckah

2 became 3.

wildwood new jersey 017Now she is:

Taking the world by storm.

Living the dream.

Thanking God for her life.

Fab prompt from

Writer’s Workshop!

Skeedaddle right over to visit!

She has 5 choices each week.

I picked this one:

Write a story in exactly 101 words. (winner gets a 25 dollar gift card!)
(inspired by Jennifer from The Peterson's Go Public)

I hope your Thanksgiving is very happy!

What is your Thanksgiving specialty.

My family asked me to please

refrain from bringing anything….

so I just contributed some groceries.


MAN, I wish I could cook!

Count your blessings!

‘You say grace before meals.

All right.

But I say grace

before the concert and the opera,

and grace before the play

and pantomime,

and grace before I open a book,

and grace before sketching,

painting, swimming, fencing,

boxing, walking, playing, dancing

and grace before I dip

the pen in the ink.’

~G.K. Chesterton

Such a great reminder…

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jonathon’s Skateboard

Jonathon got a new skateboard.

He is very excited.

He asked me to photograph it.scateboard I asked him how he would pay for my services.

You know, since I charge

every one and their brother for pictures…

(PSYCHE! : )

scateboard 001 Jonathon said he would pay me with a picture.

scateboard 002 And then he and Shoshi demonstrated

what he meant by ‘pose for pictures.’

Little punks!

Shoshi wants to learn how to skateboard too.


sunshine kaishi

Not so much….

Man I love him!

Do (or did) your kids skateboard?abc 7 clown 

‘When it is darkest,

men see the stars.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh to be a Senior!

 This is Jessica.jessica 012

Isn’t she gorgeous?

She is graduating this year.jessica 021 black and white And, oh, is she ever ready for college.

When she talks about it her eyes light up.jessica 024

 I know she is going to do B.I.G. things with her life.

Do you remember how excited you were

before you went to college?jessica 023 black and white

I could hardly stand it.

jessica 017

What advice would you give to a 17 year old

about to embark on ‘life?’

I hope she dreams big.

Life is short!

“Obstacles are those

frightful things you see

when you take your eyes

off your goal.” 

~Henry Ford

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I’ll take a little bit of sun flare, por favor!

sunflare 007

It’s Sun Flare week at I Heart Faces.

logo i heart faces

Oh yes it is!

Now the funny thing about sun flare is

no one ever likes it.

Well, except photographers.

Photographers just love it.

They get all weak in the knees for it!

The regular people I know

are like

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm, Did you make a mistake?

What is that?

Can you fix it?

We don’t like that picture!'”

So I am all like,

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm, you are kidding me right?

This is SO cool!

Photographers have the hardest time getting this.

Everyone LOVES it.

Did you change your mind

now that you know how cool it is?”

And they are like

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, NO!

We didn’t change our minds at all.

We think you are a psycho!

Now back away from our door

with your pictures Lady.”

OK. OK. Maybe they don’t really

call me a psycho!

They do want me to back away from the door though.

Back away so they can hug me : )

Cause even though they hate the sun flare

they usually like the other pictures.

And that makes me so happy.

Taking pictures makes my heart happy.

What makes you heart happy?

Oh, and P to the S!

I know this picture is not my regular style-

there is just something about it that I loved though.

It popped out to me and said

“Pick me! Pick me!”

(and you know, when a picture pops out

and screams at you….well, you just gotta listen!)

Wait until I tell you all about this fun couple.

They will make you smile!

Kelly and Jason


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dallas, Texas

Here are some of my pictures

from our fabulous Photo Walk

last week in Dallas, Texas

at the I Heart Faces workshop.

dallas 009They are in an unedited state,

so take them with a grain of salt…dallas 002 This store was filming a commercial

while we were visiting.

So cool.

I took a picture of the owner.

I want to edit her though.

She was very pretty!

And she had a great hat.

And an even greater smile.

dallas 003 I am a sucker for smiles….

This horse, Charlie, gave carriage rides.

He was a friendly foal.

I am glad I took his picture.

dallas 004 People were nicer in Texas than they are in Philadelphia.

Everyone smiled so much.

I love smiles!

dallas 005 We didn’t ride on the trolley.

They reminded me of Philly.

I don’t ride on the trolley in Philly either.

I do see them though : )

dallas 006 I want to edit this so badly.

Since I can’t though,

isn’t it the coolest picture of a dove?

I was glad to discover it!

The world is so filled with

amazing sights.

We just have to take a moment

to look around!

dallas 007 Here are the pretty girls.

Really amazing photographers.

I was surrounded by greatness.

dallas 008They blew me away! 

dallas 010 If I had to live in the city,

I would want a house with turrets.

Isn’t that romantic?

So lovely!dallas 011 Goodnight Dallas, Texas!

Thank you for a lovely visit!

dallas 012

Now I am back home.

Home with my heart.dallas 001

‘The real voyage of discovery

Consists not in seeking new landscapes

But in having new eyes.’

Marcel Proustsunday citar

‘The World is a book,

And those who do not travel,

Read only one page.’

Saint Augustine


Does your house have turrets?

Would you like some?

Ours does not!

I would like some.

Gary said I was odd

when I asked him if he wanted some.

So, I am guessing he does not care if we have turrets.

Kaishon just giggled when I asked him.