Monday, August 31, 2009

Skip my post today

Because I have got NOTHING to say!

katelyn bright Katelyn had a lot to say when

we tried to take her picture this weekend

A lot to say like “I hate tutu’s!”

Except she doesn’t really talk yet.

But believe you me,

all the screaming definitely equated to

“I hate tutu’s!”

You could never tell from this picture

that she had just been screaming moments before : )katelyn tutu 019I googled Funniest Joke in the world tonight!

(according to CNN in 2002)

Just in case you decided to read today

even though I clearly warned you not to with the title : )

katelyn tutu 037 

Two hunters are out in the woods

when one of them collapses.

He doesn't seem to be breathing

and his eyes are glazed.

The other guy takes out his phone

and calls the emergency services.

He gasps: "My friend is dead!

What can I do?"

The operator says:
"Calm down, I can help.

First, let's make sure he's dead."

There is a silence, then a gunshot is heard.

Back on the phone, the guy says:

"OK, now what?"

katelyn tutu 051

  Do you love pigtails?

I think they might be

one of my favorite things about little girls.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


“I don't think much of a man

who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” 

~Abraham Lincoln


i love facesAt I Heart Faces this week

they want to see a picture of your Skills

before I Heart Faces.

and an After of a recent picture.

sienna in 09 (2) Here is Beautiful Sienna in January of 2009.

She is Lovely.

I thought that picture of her was perfectly pretty!

And it is!

But here is a picture I took in July 2009sienna

I have learned SO much.

I am very thankful  for

I Heart Faces.

I hope to keep learning and growing in the years ahead.


Learning is a treasure

that will follow its owner everywhere. 

~Chinese Proverbsienna thinking


All the world is a laboratory

to the inquiring mind. 

~Martin H. Fischer  

What do you love learning?


Here is what we do on Sunday

Worship!katelyn tutu 076

Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength,

an ever-present help in trouble.

katelyn tutu 072

Take a drive in the country!

Admire the tall corn

that grows in Bucks County, Pa!

katelyn tutu 074Thank God for farmers!katelyn tutu 073Admire God’s creations.

katelyn tutu 001Play catch

katelyn tutu 070 Force my niece to take tutu pictures.katelyn tutu 029 SundaysinmyCity     

What do you do on Sunday

that makes it different than

every other day of the week?

Pop over to Unknown Mami’s to

see what other people are doing

this sunday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Crisis Averted!

  What would you do

If you were a VERY organized Mother

who had her kids in bed every night  by 8:00 PM

sofia tutu 056And your best friend called at 7:56 PM

and said she had an EMERGENCY

and she needed the girls!

and she had to come over THAT INSTANT?

sofia tutu 013 

If it was me, the most unorganized mother on the planet,

I would say, Come right over!

Kaish is WIDE awake!

sofia tutu 021My best friend said come over Quick!

She was not too thrilled to find out the EmErGeNcY

was in fact,

sofia tutu 052 black and white A tutu crisis : )sofia tutu 022You see, I had been to the store that day,

and stumbled on the most delightful tutu! sofia tutu 027   But remember, my model, Kaish,

is going thru Model HORRORS!

And truth be told : ),

I am a little glad he is not a fan of pink tutu’s!sofia tutu 033 black and whiteSophia was more than happy to run and play

in the new pink tutu! sofia tutu 035Isn’t she delicious?

I could eat her up she is so sweet! sofia tutu 037  Mila just lost a tooth.

I could eat her too : )sofia tutu 048 They modeled well past their bedtime for me.sofia tutu 052  I am so thankful to have these precious girls in my life!sofia tutu 030 Not just because of their fantastic modeling abilities either!sofia tutu 064

And I love their Mother : )

Jen is the most fantastically organized Mom!

And one of the best friends on the planet!

What is your Best Friends name?

best shot

I can’t pick one best shot : ).

These are all my best shots this week!

Isn’t she pretty?

FacesFixIt Fix-It26_-_jaclyn_thumb Fix-It26_-_jaclyn_thumb fixed

This is the Friday Fix it at I Heart Faces.

The  Before is pretty fantastic : )

And my fix?

Not so hot!

But at least I am trying, right?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The cats that came….and WENT!

You know how I participate in Writer’s Workshop?
mamakat What?
You don’t think I really participate
because I so loosely interpret each theme?
Come on!
I do participate!
(To the best of my ability.)
And we all know my abilities are limited.
Seriously limited!
So today, for this weeks choices,
I am picking:
My animals are making me nuts.kaish hiding in the cupboard
A long time ago (like January)
we adopted some cats.
Now before you think we are so nice,
listen to the WHOLE story.
Around here, there is always a WHOLE story.
It is never plain and simple.
And Happily Ever After!curt and company 046
Well, Kaish was disheartened about
the whole dog issue.
Remember those people that found the dog
and were going to let us have it?
On Christmas????
I am still not too happy about that.
Thanks for reminding me!
So anyway, Kaish was sad.
Super sad.
And Gary wanted a pet too.
So, I conceded.
We went to Pet Smart
where they have cat adoptions on the weekends.
It was the end of the day on a Sunday.
There were a few cats left.
A few cats with issues.
One cat was partially blind.
One cat had hearing and peeing issues.
We were going to just get one.
The lady said we should take 2
so they would have a friend.
I like friends
I can never EVER ever say no.
The lady said we would be the PERFECT family
for these special cats.
So, anyway, we adopted these cats.cats
Gary had to pay an adoption fee.
It was $85 a cat.
That is a lot of $ in our world.
But you know, Kaish was sad about the puppy,
Gary is rich,
and we were making the world a better place,
yadda, yadda, yadda.
So we take them home.
And we do everything they told us to do.
They gave us approximately 100 papers
about how to care for the cats.
(And I am not even exaggerating.
Sometimes I do, like when I say eleventy eleventy million.
There is no such number…)
We got the cats all situated in 1 room.
We put their food and litter out.
We made them feel safe.
Except, apparently they didn’t feel safe.
We were supposed to leave them
in the room until they came to the door
when it was opened.
We waited a week and a half.
They would come to the door.
And hiss.
All day long they hissed.
I love animals.
Like I love children.
I tried to get them to like us.
I fed them yummy cat food.
Remember, it was so good that Naji ate it?
Do NOT tell Gary or my Dad this,
because they would FREAK out!
I would give them tuna.
Not just any old tuna!
Albacore tuna.
You know how expensive that is, right?
Super expensive.
I just wanted them to like us.
But they never did.
Finally, after months of being hissed at,
months of PEE in the house,
months of Kaish being sad that his
sweet cats HATED him : )
We called the adoption people and said
we were having some problems.
You will never believe what they said.
They said
“Are you abusing them?”catladyzr1
Ummmmmmm, if I was a cat abuser,
would I have paid $ to adopt them?
Would I have called to say we were having problems?
Would I have fed them tuna?
Of course I told them no.
We loved them.
We tried to be their friends.
They just didn’t like us for some reason.
Then they told me
they would like to send out
to work with me and the cats
because they thought I had a problem.
Gary thought that was the craziest thing
he had ever heard.
He said we could keep the hissing cats.
I thought they belonged somewhere else.
Like a BARN!
Or something.
So, I politely declined the cat counseling
and said we could either give them back to them
or take them to the SPCA.
We simply could not keep MEAN cats.
Then we were on vacation.
Do you know the lady called one day,
and I didn’t answer the phone.
She left me a message saying
she was GRAVELY concerned about
the cats welfare and she wanted me to call
So I call her, from vacation,
and I tell her we are out of town,
and she says,
“Who is watching the cats?”
I told her the neighbor was caring for them.
I could tell she didn’t believe me.
She was a little high strung.
We finally returned them a couple of weeks ago.
I wish you could have seen the Director
and the workers glaring at us as we
took them in.
Kaish was crying because he was so sad.
Naji was crying because one of the cats
had scratched him when he was trying
to soothe it in the car.
And I was crying because
do you have any idea how hard it was
to get 2 partially psychotic cats
that HATE you in cages
and then in the car?
So, there you have it.
Our Cat Drama.
We will get a pet someday.
A pet that likes us.
And does not hiss : )
I had a cat named Sam when I was little.
Loved that cat.
I had a dog named Sam when I was little.
Loved him too.
What was your pets name?
Do you think the cat lady
was a little crazy,crazy cat lady 2
or should we have kept the cats?
PS Sorry this was eleventy eleventy million words long!
PSS I would like to name a baby Sam one day too.
Sam is a great name!

Cousins, and Uncles, and Cats! Oh My!

Were you hoping to see

eleventy eleventy million pictures

of my Way Cool Cousins and their children today?

Well, good!

Today is your lucky day!

curt and company 042 zuri in black and white removed hair in face uncle tom and naji xaviacurt and company 033 josh in color (His eyes are really this blue.

Completely unedited eyes.  Crazy cool blue, right?)naji in barncurt and company 024

that kitty again uncle ray   curt and company 023  curt and company 027 curt and company 038 the cat everyone LOVED

uncle don and mommy timmy ben jumpingcurt and company 043 curt and pop jessa is so pretty in black and white

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring,

close-knit family in another city.
-George Burns

 abcF is for family!

I love mine!

How many cousins do you have?

I have 14.