Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super Power? Super Duper Power!

It is Thursday and Mama Kat asked:

If you were a super hero,

what would your super power be and why?super 2

This is going to sound funny coming from me…

‘cause I really am not a self promoter,

but you know what?

I already am a super hero.super 4

And I think you are a too.

The minute there was Kaish,

my super hero power came.

The power of love.super 6

This love we feel for our children,


it is sort of scary.

It is SO big.

It is SO unexpected.

It is SO fantastic!super 1

So today, I am going to

revel in my super power.

I am going to kiss him goodbye when the bus is coming

(even when he is pushing me away)super 5

I am going to tell him

that God gave me the *VERY* BEST

little boy on the whole planet

(even when he rolls his eyes)

and I am going to give him money

for an ice cream treat at lunchsuper 3

because, some people might not think

Mommy Love is a super power,

but in my heart of hearts,

I know it is the GREATEST super power of them all!


super 7

Here is my very own Mommy

who showed me this incredible

super power love all my life.

"When I was a child,

my mother said to me,

'If you become a soldier,

you'll be a general.

If you become a monk

you'll end up as the pope.'

Instead I became a painter

and wound up as Picasso."

-- Pablo Picasso

What is one of your favorite qualities about your Mom?

My Mom is very, very kind.

I love that so much!


Erin said...

I Love this post, Mommy Love is a super power! And my mom....she's the strongest person I know, and I admire and love her more than she'll ever know. I hope my boys will feel the same way about me!

Sally's World said...

what a great post...and the pictures, heart waring as always... i call my mum wonderwoman, she's my seperhero, love is her power too!!! xxx

April said...

That was the sweetest post EVER from start to finish! My mom passed away almost 9 years ago. There's so much I miss about her! I miss her sense of humor and her kind heart a lot, BUT I think I miss the sound of her voice even more.

Marilyn said...

Great post!

Vashti said...

AWESOME! he is one handsome kid! Isnt being a mum the best thing ever?!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this! Thank you for making me feel like a super hero today too.
My Mom is very kind, funny and she loves me to death. She is my bigges fan and that makes me feel special all the time.

He & Me + 3 said...

Gorgeous pictures. Love all the close up shots. Kaishon is so handsome. My mom is a servant to all. She is the most unselfish person you will ever meet. said...

As a mommy I feel like I can tackle anything now! :)
I love how caring my mom was toward us when we were little. She taught me how to be a mom.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I truly LOVE your soul!!!!!!! You inspire me woman, you really fricken do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom? She's strong.

Mel Fraase said...

You are such a wonderful mom! This is a great post, you deserve a little self promotion from time to time!!!! My mom is the strongest most level headed person I know. She can really keep it together in stressful times and I hope I have inherited some of that cool yet affectionate and loving demeanor!
(and I haven't been here for a while, your header is beautiful!)

{Kiki} said...

Great pictures and beautiful tribute to your "love" superpower. Love is pretty powerful. I think I will take a cue from you and use it more in my daily life. I think I forget that I have that power too. Have a wonderful day and take care.

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Love you pictures! Made me smile, big huge smile!!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

I agree, Rebeckah... moms have super powers that can't be beat. Kaish is growing up to be so handsome. That second photo is awesome! =)

Nessa said...

i can't top that. Excellent post.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I don't share this too much on my blog-but my mom is starting the process of losing her memory...This has made me grip each moment with both hands. What is my favorite quality about my mom?? Everything-She is wise, she is a giver, she loves everyone she meets-and she was a fantastic mom, and now an even BETTER Nana-As a teen, I certainly didn't appreciate her how I should-but since I had kids, I tell her all the time she was the best ever-if only I can follow her footsteps----

antoinette marie said...

my mom is so selfless....she always let's someone else go first, gives up her seat, eats last at a function and so on....blessings!

Loukia said...

I loved this post... just beautiful! :)

Margaret said...

Such a beautiful post. Mom love is a great super power.

brainella said...

Wonderfully said. :-) Mommy Love is a super power -- just try to get between a mother and her child. You'll know power then!

McVal said...

Oh that's so cool!
Someone I admire was once asked If she could have any super power in the world, what would it be.
She said, The United States of America!
I didn't think of Mommy love as a super power before, but you're right! I'm a super hero too!

Trudy said...

My mom loves first and foremost and with a fierceness that is rare to find. I can't wait to see the love she will have for her new grandchild next Spring!

The Blonde Duck said...

My mother is very generous with her time and love.

Grandma J said...

I love your mommy superpowers!!!

My mother was the most giving, unselfish person ever. She would go without so much for her kids. That's why she's probably God's favorite angel ever. She certainly is mine.

Karen Deborah said...

You were very inspired today, this is a great post! Another blogger wrote today and asked "who are your favorite writers that never disappoint?" She was referring to the great heroes like Mark Twain.
You know what?
The first thing that came to my mind was, my bloggy buddies. Then I came here and I receive this great blessing. I'm right, it's not the heroes of literature, it's the heroes in our homes, blogger Mom's.
Super hero love.
How perfect.

My mom? I loved my mom's food. My mom was an incredible cook, people swooned at her table. She gave great hugs and kisses served up with mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and butter, fried chicken, stew, and pot roast. You know just your every day good home made food, *sigh* it was so great.

Stefany said...

I agree... mommy's have superpowers already. By the act of birth, our powers become real.

Great post!

Jen said...

You sure are a super hero. I like that all of us Mommy's are.

jen@odbt said...

What a beautiful post. We are heros!

Elizabeth said...

My mom is very take charge and practical. She could run the world!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Beautiful boy, beautiful family, beautiful pictures, beautiful sentiment.

I love my mother's ability to make anyone feel accepted. She is very kind too.

Gerri said...

Thanks for visiting. Loving your blog! Your little guy is adorable. I love the pictures. Thanks your the well wishes and the thoughtful comments as well. :)

RR Mama said...

Just being a mom is a super power! R1 got braces today!! UGH!!!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

You are such a beautiful person Becky...and this post was just too sweet for words.

One of my favorite qualities about my mom is that if I need her, she is there immediately. No ifs, ands or butts.

Even when I lived out of state, the second the phone rang to tell her that I was in labor with one of the kids, she was in the car ready to drive 8+ hours to meet me at the hospital. I love so many things about her...but this is one thing that always comes to mind. :)

ymK said...

So true. Mom Love is a superpower. Its amazing how you can keep loving your kids even after they hurt you, or don't listen. My mom amazes me with her power to forgive.

Emmy said...

This is awesome. You are so right, Mommy Love is a super power. It can heal cuts and bumps, it can give hope, it can transform little babies into kids, then into successful adults.

I never realized I was a super hero :)

Miss Angie said...

There are some mothers who never realize just how powerful their love is. You have the power to give your love. And if you give it fully then your children grow to become wonderful people who better the world.

If you don't give it, those children spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out why they never received it, and I think that's how we end up with a lot of bad in the world. Not all of the bad is this reason, but a lot of it.

With such great power always comes responsibility. You have the power to give and withhold love as a mother, and that also gives you the huge responisbility not only to your child, but to the world as well.

It's a beautiful and scary thing, and It's amazing to see you giving it so well and as much as possible! :)

H.K. said...

I loved this post and relate to it so much (I know I say that a lot, but I mean it) I didn't know what unconditional love was all about until I became a mom. great post!

Yaya said...

I love your pictures!

I love how my Mom always made us homemade cookies!

Rachel said...

Love this post!

And the older I get, the more amazing I realize my mom is. And the worse I feel for being such a butthead sometimes (ha ha).

You are absolutely right - simply LOVE is the best mommy super power!

Liz said...

This is such a sweet post! This will seem weird to some but my favorite quality about my Mom is that she allows me to live my own life. I have parents that are there when I need them but don't interfere. I have always liked that about them.

mimi said...

You are so wise my friend!!

Hugs from one super hero to another....mama love and all!

SKELLER said...

Goodness. You always say the most precious things in the most precious way. Kaish is so very lucky to have you as his Mom!!!

My Mom revelled (still does) in her mother-ness. I always knew I was deeply loved. What a gift.