Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The cats that came….and WENT!

You know how I participate in Writer’s Workshop?
mamakat What?
You don’t think I really participate
because I so loosely interpret each theme?
Come on!
I do participate!
(To the best of my ability.)
And we all know my abilities are limited.
Seriously limited!
So today, for this weeks choices,
I am picking:
My animals are making me nuts.kaish hiding in the cupboard
A long time ago (like January)
we adopted some cats.
Now before you think we are so nice,
listen to the WHOLE story.
Around here, there is always a WHOLE story.
It is never plain and simple.
And Happily Ever After!curt and company 046
Well, Kaish was disheartened about
the whole dog issue.
Remember those people that found the dog
and were going to let us have it?
On Christmas????
I am still not too happy about that.
Thanks for reminding me!
So anyway, Kaish was sad.
Super sad.
And Gary wanted a pet too.
So, I conceded.
We went to Pet Smart
where they have cat adoptions on the weekends.
It was the end of the day on a Sunday.
There were a few cats left.
A few cats with issues.
One cat was partially blind.
One cat had hearing and peeing issues.
We were going to just get one.
The lady said we should take 2
so they would have a friend.
I like friends
I can never EVER ever say no.
The lady said we would be the PERFECT family
for these special cats.
So, anyway, we adopted these cats.cats
Gary had to pay an adoption fee.
It was $85 a cat.
That is a lot of $ in our world.
But you know, Kaish was sad about the puppy,
Gary is rich,
and we were making the world a better place,
yadda, yadda, yadda.
So we take them home.
And we do everything they told us to do.
They gave us approximately 100 papers
about how to care for the cats.
(And I am not even exaggerating.
Sometimes I do, like when I say eleventy eleventy million.
There is no such number…)
We got the cats all situated in 1 room.
We put their food and litter out.
We made them feel safe.
Except, apparently they didn’t feel safe.
We were supposed to leave them
in the room until they came to the door
when it was opened.
We waited a week and a half.
They would come to the door.
And hiss.
All day long they hissed.
I love animals.
Like I love children.
I tried to get them to like us.
I fed them yummy cat food.
Remember, it was so good that Naji ate it?
Do NOT tell Gary or my Dad this,
because they would FREAK out!
I would give them tuna.
Not just any old tuna!
Albacore tuna.
You know how expensive that is, right?
Super expensive.
I just wanted them to like us.
But they never did.
Finally, after months of being hissed at,
months of PEE in the house,
months of Kaish being sad that his
sweet cats HATED him : )
We called the adoption people and said
we were having some problems.
You will never believe what they said.
They said
“Are you abusing them?”catladyzr1
Ummmmmmm, if I was a cat abuser,
would I have paid $ to adopt them?
Would I have called to say we were having problems?
Would I have fed them tuna?
Of course I told them no.
We loved them.
We tried to be their friends.
They just didn’t like us for some reason.
Then they told me
they would like to send out
to work with me and the cats
because they thought I had a problem.
Gary thought that was the craziest thing
he had ever heard.
He said we could keep the hissing cats.
I thought they belonged somewhere else.
Like a BARN!
Or something.
So, I politely declined the cat counseling
and said we could either give them back to them
or take them to the SPCA.
We simply could not keep MEAN cats.
Then we were on vacation.
Do you know the lady called one day,
and I didn’t answer the phone.
She left me a message saying
she was GRAVELY concerned about
the cats welfare and she wanted me to call
So I call her, from vacation,
and I tell her we are out of town,
and she says,
“Who is watching the cats?”
I told her the neighbor was caring for them.
I could tell she didn’t believe me.
She was a little high strung.
We finally returned them a couple of weeks ago.
I wish you could have seen the Director
and the workers glaring at us as we
took them in.
Kaish was crying because he was so sad.
Naji was crying because one of the cats
had scratched him when he was trying
to soothe it in the car.
And I was crying because
do you have any idea how hard it was
to get 2 partially psychotic cats
that HATE you in cages
and then in the car?
So, there you have it.
Our Cat Drama.
We will get a pet someday.
A pet that likes us.
And does not hiss : )
I had a cat named Sam when I was little.
Loved that cat.
I had a dog named Sam when I was little.
Loved him too.
What was your pets name?
Do you think the cat lady
was a little crazy,crazy cat lady 2
or should we have kept the cats?
PS Sorry this was eleventy eleventy million words long!
PSS I would like to name a baby Sam one day too.
Sam is a great name!


Melinda said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry about your cat issues and I am even more sorry that I found this story so completely hysterical. I mean seriously, a cat counselor?!?! Hahahahaha...

Erin said...

Aww they were pretty'll find the perfect pet sooner or later!

The Incredible Woody said...

That is hysterical! I'm sorry it didn't work out but it sounds to me that those cats were not suitable for adoption. I've always found that the free kittens the family is giving away in front of Wal-Mart make excellent pets!

Unknown Mami said...

Stressful cat situation. I didn't know that Cat Counselors existed.

mamamia said...

i am laughing out loud. this is too funny. funny in a sick and wrong way that only cats can create. I am sorry that the lady thought you were abusing those darn cats. I am glad you sent them back. maybe their next home will be a farm. I like Sam. it is a good name.

Grandma J said...

I can't relate to cats...and I've tried. Dogs are my type of pet

That cat looking up at you looked mean, seriously, and we know you didn't deserve that "look".

You should have let me handle that cat adoption lady.

Raine said...

that lady was a biatch! i know they probably deal with tons of people that do abuse their animals, but they have to realize that not everyone does. It may have been neither your nor the cats fault, maybe it was just a bad match, that lady is a bad adoptioner (word?)

ymK said...

I am so sorry but the part where all you guys were crying made me laugh hysterically. I am sorry.
I hope you find a better pet soon who loves you and that can be named Sam.

Martha in PA said...

I am sorry that the cats didn't work out. I adopted a crazy cat once, kept her for 14 years. She never once let us hold her, until she was sick at the end. You did the best you could. With kids you need a pet you can cuddle.. too bad I couldn't have given you one of mine! They were all great pets, but they have good homes now. I miss them!

Liz said...

I just love the way you tell a story! I am a HUGE cat lover (not crazy about dogs at all) and it sounds like these cats just weren't a match to your family. My little babies do not like children at all. And mainly that is because they have been raised in a house without children. That could be the case with those cats. That lady shouldn't have accused you of abuse. She should have known the cats better so they could be properly placed. I hope you and your family find an appropriate furry family member soon!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Sorry about your cat drama. We have one cat that is spoiled rotten and two dogs even more so. Take Grandma J up on her offer to care for the cat counselor.

When the right pet comes along you will know it.Dont settle for anything.

drewmark19 said...

Forget animals...bring on the babies! (Yes, Gary, I'm talking to you!)

That is so strange how that lady reacted. Let her take those cats home. Maybe they offer a cat counselor so they can rake in more money for counseling fees.

I once had a kitten. It was psychotic. It made me scared to go into my apartment. Eventually, the cat went to a barn. Sorry, but I like my skin scratch-free. :)

Kimberly said...

Wow, that is quite a cat story. I'm sorry you all had to go through that expensive ordeal. Hopefully your next pet will be easier and nicer than the cats. I can't believe there is a Cat Counselor occupation! Very interesting post!

{Kiki} said...
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April said...

You are one fantastic story teller! First of all, let me say that I don't care for cats. I'm allergic to them, for one thing, and I think that everything has to be on THEIR terms. So, those hissing cats would have been HIS-TO-RY a long time ago, if it have been up to me. That "CAT LADY" is as crazy as a bessie bug, I'm sorry to say! What in the world is a cat counselor, anyway? That is completely NUTS! Poor Kaishon!

Let me recommend that one day, when you're ready, you get a Shih Tzu. Just look at my photos of Bella. She is PURE LOVE and has the best personality of any dog I've ever seen. Plus, unlike Maddie, our dachshund, she doesn't shed, which I love!

When I was growing up, I had a dog named BoBo...we were TIGHT! Would you believe that my mom even bought me a Persian cat...whom I named Kitty? That's when I learned that I'm allergic to cats! :)

Jen said...

Wow what a story. You tried so hard with those cats but sometimes things are just beyond repair. I am sorry. But try again, maybe with a kitten so you can start fresh and not pay for someone else's mistakes.

{Kiki} said...

Great post. Laughed the whole way through it. I needed to laugh this morning. Sorry about your cat situation, and those awful people not giving you the dog on Christmas. Santa did not visit their house I tell ya. I am not a fan of cats. I am allergic, and think they have an evil stare. I think solitary animals are not meant to be pets. Defeats the purpose of having a pet. My BFF has two cats and they have been with her for almost 11 years. They are still mean, still pee everywhere {like on her sheets daily} and scratch the dogs, etc. Dogs are the best. Get a Golden Retriever for Kaish. They are the best dogs and the sweetest and the kindest and the best friend for a family. I am not biased...I have two Goldens. Find a Golden rescue chapter. You would be surprised how many people turn them away. The chapter will also not give you any trouble in giving the dog back if there are problems. You also get a trial period to test out the dog in your home. We adopted our pup Chief and he is the best. There are posts and pics of him on my blog. Go to my labels sections and click "our dogs". I hope someday y'all get a pet that brings you joy and laughter. Take care.
P.S.- My Writer's post is on my other blog, The Babble Bubble, if you get a chance, check out my crush.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a sad cat story. Makes me appreciate my three felines a bit more because there is very little hissing going on here. Apparently, these cats were not taken care of before you got them, for they did not know how to act. I don't think they should have pressured you into taking 2 of them either. One may have been better without the other.
I like the name Sam too.

Gigi said...

Seriously? A cat counselor? Where do you go to school for that!? Great post!

Ragan said...

Yeah, that lady sounds pretty crazy! When you are ready for another pet make sure it's a kitten or a puppy and not an adult that already has issues (because it's best that their issues come from us as their owners!).... or, just get a goldfish!

Jody said...

Some cats just do not warm up to people and the way the rescue people handled that SUCKED!

Sorry you had to go through that.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Cat counselor? That is funny. Sad about the kitties but funny that there was counseling.

Mental P Mama said...

You absolutely did the right thing. Poor Kaish. Go adopt a puppy;)

Dan said...

Sounds like you are too close town. Cat counselors indeed!

Having adopted all our dogs, I can tell you it usually goes better with dogs.
As a board member of the local Humane Society, I can tell you that adoption for cats is process that seems to have a low long-term success rate, perhaps because cats that come up for adoption are often feral and don't do well after adoption.

I'm sure K and the rest of the family will eventually come up with the right animal to be a part of the family - or the right animal might find them.

blueviolet said...

No, you did the right thing. Those cats were not meant for a family or children or anyone other than a cat counselor.

Mom of Three said...

LOL I love your post. And I think Sam is the best name ever (I am biased). And those poor cats probably drove each other crazy and thought the pet store lady doomed them to spend eternity together and so naturally they were in a bad mood! Tell Kaish it wasn't him. It was the high strung pet store lady.


Thanks for leaving such a kind post for me.

Ms. Lovely said...

Those cats sounded insane!

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

I am sooo not a cat person...

Get a dog.

Something with poodle in it.

A cat counselor... FUNNY... but... animal gets therapy before me... lol!

Try a dog.

Awesome post.. it was sooo easy to read...

Queenie Jeannie said...

Some cats have had such a tough time of it that they never recover. They should have NEVER let you adopt them in the first place!!!!

So sorry you are all so sad!!!!! I'm in between cats myself and reallllly am missing one. But you can't just get "any" pet. They have to be special and right and you'll know it when it happens!

Hugs all around!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out but this is hysterical. You are WAAAAAYYYYYY better than me. One hiss and those cats would have been at at PetSmart faster than you could say "smoked salmon".

Jeanette said...

Wow, that was some crazy cat lady!

Yara said...

Oh wow! Crazy cats, creepy strange lady, scratches, sad kids. I'm about ready to cry here : (
Get a fish. They do not hiss or scratch. We have a fish and he's now my favorite pet ; )

Holly said...

though I am not a cat person, we have a cat at the barn I board my horse at that I would seriously think of taking. Her name is Frosty and she is named that due to losing the tips of her ears to frostbite.

Frosty is a Saint in cat clothes. She's a wonderfully friendly, self confident, appropriate cat. she's an outstanding mother, and every single one of her kittens has the same lovely, outgoing temperament.

However, I will probably enjoy them THERE, and not at my house as I had a similar experience to yours only it was just one cat.

Miss Angie said...

OMG! You're poor luck with animals! I have tons of baby kitties, you could have a nice little one if you wan... But I'll bet you're far away. LOL.

I hope you have better luck sometime soon!

MommyBrain said...

I have heard of kitties with issues before ... but that story just about take the cake ... aside from my friend's cat who poohed on her pillow!

Anyhoo, I have an awesome little kitty man - who thinks he is part dog! His name is Louie because I am originally from The Lou (St. Louis, MO).

Thanks for checking out my crushes today :)

The Animator's Wife said...

I agree. I LOVE my Sam.

Melissa Stover said...

crazy cat story but so funny! thanks for all your comments.

Midtown Girl said...

It seems as though the cats were abused early in their lives and that's why they were so mean. The people who you bought them from def knew this - they just wanted to have them adopted. There's no way this is a shock to them trust me.

Don't feel bad, your kids safety & happiness is more important and these cats would have made their lives and yours, simply terrible.

Next time you get a pet, go with your gut instinct - get the one you feel connected with - that's the one!


Angie - theArthurClan said...

Some pet people can take things WAY over the top (send me an email and I'll show you the perfect example if you'd!) and it sounds like this lady was one of those people. I can't believe how much you put up with from these cats before you returned them. God bless ya!

Oh my word...I'm really sorry for you, but I'm laughing hysterically right now as well. I'm laughing WITH you...not AT you. Right?!

Marilyn said...

I'm trying to remember what I said in my vanished post. I know I said that I personally knew how hard you tried with the kitties. You are kind and loving and that lady needs to learn to be kinder and more loving, if you ask me. I hope that someday Kaishon will have a 'Sam'. Pets, that aren't so traumatized that nothing helps them, really fill up our hearts. My little boys all 3 have their own cat. Jack's likes AJ better but then Jack is a wild man. But I know you tried and I just feel so badly for you that this happened and that you thought I was upset. Take care and I hope this post gets there. Love ya, M

Tiffany said...

I could not help but laugh here because we were going to go through the same process for a dog and while I love animals tremendously we felt like we were adopting human children - it was incredibly intense, back ground checks and everything! I mean, hello, we live at a well-known dog kennel, we can't be that bad, right?! Well, better for your sweetie to have an animal to call his own and make a friend time.

mimi said...

That story was wonderful. I was seriously hanging on every are not only a great are a wonderful writer too. Go girl!! And the cats....ugh.

Miss. Candy said...

I am so sorry, but I can't just help but laugh at the hissing cats! Your blog is so cute and we have had our own "run-in" with shelter power trippers!!

If you get time, stop by my blog and play my new "Fairytale Friday" for my first ever "Back to School Bucks" $50 giveaway!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Yikes what a nightmare! But seriously, your story totally amused me. Loved it.

Cats...I just can't feel the love for them...

Los said...

Dogs are much more lovable than cats ... go with a dog next, maybe a smaller dog, like a beagle.