Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missing my Grandma

This week has been a little stressful.

Boys fight a lot.

A lot. A lot. A lot.

Holy Cow.

Sometimes I feel like all I do is yell.

And, well, even though I am no stranger to yelling,

I don’t like doing it all day.

Every day.

You know?

We are going to a family reunion this weekend.

Brookville, Pennsylvania.

It’s a very happening place.

I have awesome Aunts and Uncles.

Super Duper Awesome Cousins.

But I still feel sad.cookies

(My Mommy made this plate of Ginger Snaps at Christmas because they were my Grandma's favorite kind of cookie. None of us like Gingersnaps so we didn't eat them. They still sit on my kitchen counter so I can think about her thruout the day.)

Partly because I am the fattest cousin-

but mostly because I miss my Grandma.

She was so sweet.

The exact way I want to be when I am a Grandma.

She had blue, blue eyes.

And long hair that she wore in a braid

wrapped around her head.

She wore polyester dresses

and long ropes of pearls to church

on Sunday.

I never heard her say an unkind thing

about any human.

She was soft and squishy

and gave the very best hugs.

She gave people money

even when she didn’t have any left

for herself.

She loved Jesus.

She loved her church.

I still cry when I think about her.

I miss her so much.

She had a special copper cup

in her cupboards that all of the cousins

wanted to drink from.

cup 2She put on Vicks Vapor Rub

before she went to sleep.

She lived in a trailer

and I thought having a metal house was

the coolest thing on the planet.

She got water from a Spring.

Other families went to

Disney World or the Beach

for vacation,

but we went to Grandma’s house.

It was the best week of the year.

Her toy box was the best.

It had old spice cans, old purses,

and old dolls.

We just loved those toys.

I will think of her this weekend.

As I do every now and then.

And I hope and pray,

I can be just like her when I grow up.

grandma kindel

What is your best Grandma memory?


Martha in PA said...

Your Grandma sounds awesome! I spent the most time with my Nana B., my mom's mom, as she lived closer to us, but we visited my Nana M. frequently too. I thought of Nana M. this week when I made egg salad and added in some chopped up pickles. She made the best coffee cake in the world too... I think it had something to do with the wax paper in the bottom of the pan. LOL.

Nana B. was a business woman, which back then was not as common as now. She ran the business that her husband and his partner started after both had passed... that business to this day is run by my cousins. She always drove BIG Buicks. In her later years, she got lost, frequently, on her way home from places she had driven for years. That was sad. I went to church with Nana sometimes, and we would always go out to eat. I remember going to the laundromat with her sometimes on Saturday, and then going to the Food Fair next store getting the little mini hot dogs, and having them with baked beans for dinner! Nana B has been gone since 1983, Nana M since 1986.

drewmark19 said...

Your grandma had a lot in common with my grandma...

As soon as you said Vick's vapor rub before bed, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. My grandma did the same thing.

Our family vacations were the same thing. We all piled in the car and drove 8 hours away to Illinois to visit the grandparents.

The other day at church, someone made pecan rolls and they tasted just like the ones my grandma used to make...from scratch!

So many wonderful memories here.

Caroline said...

Oh how sweet! (btw girls fight alot alot alot too!). I am so tired of screaming!

Anyway, this is such a touching post. My Grandma let me put on her dresses and perfume. I loved her dresses. I never ever saw her wear pants...ever! She was so old fashioned and so sweet (but she drove my Mom I also loved that she always had Salerno butter cookies waiting for me. Remember those? They had a hole in the middle...I would put them on my fingers like rings.

ps. thanks for being a fan!!!

Dawn said...

what wonderful memories of your grandma! little gifts that you will always have to hold close to your heart. it will surley be tough to be around everyone and feel that hole... but i hope the rest of the get-together is great fun. are you bringing the gingersnaps?

Marilyn said...

AH, your post made me cry. Weep is more like it--more tender. So touching. I'm just so glad you got to have a grandma like you did. I didn't have that kind. But I make up for it by being the best grandma I can.

April said...

OK, I need a Kleenex! That was so touching and beautifully written! You were so blessed to have a grandma like you did. All of my grandparents have passed away, but my mom's mom will always hold a special place in my heart. Everytime we'd come for a visit, she's be standing at her screen door waiting to see us pull up. As soon as we got out of the car, she come running to us with her arms outstretched. Ahhh...what a feeling to be wrapped up in her arms and to know that we were loved!

Jennifer Bowen said...

What a beautiful post, Rebeckah! Your grandma sounds like a grandma everyone would envy you for having. You were blessed to have her in your life and vice versa.

It's funny that you should write about this because I currently have my grandmother staying with me while my husband is deployed. She also stayed with me the last time. She is as wonderful and sweet as any grandma can be. I don't know if I can survive without her here. And did I tell you she is the most amazing cook? I'm also glad my kids get to know and spend time with their great-grandma. We all just adore her!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Rebeckah, my grandma made gingersnaps, too! I make them every Christmas now, but then we actually love to eat them.

I miss my Gramma so much. We used to spend every holiday at her house. She loved costume jewelry and she would let my cousins and I rummage through her jewelry boxes and try on anything we wanted. I loved her dangly clip-on earrring the best.

I remember that she was my biggest fan. Quick to praise, even quicker to forgive mistakes. Nothing ever seemed to rattle her. I'm so glad I have Heaven to look forward to--I can't wait to see her again!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Grandma was wonderful and perhaps you will be just like her one day. You have read my grandma stories..she is a hoot and I love her so much and am so thankful that she is still with me today!
have fun this weekend.

He & Me + 3 said...

she sounds wonderful! You are such an awesome writer.
Enjoy your family reunion. Be safe

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Very sweet, and although I didn't know either of my grandmothers, I knew my great-grandmother and she would stuff me with baked goods until I burst!

Trudy said...

What a wonderful post and a great grandma! I have too many wonderful grandma memories...I did a tribute post for my grandma, who was my best friend in the world! She was just everything to me!

I hope you have fun at the reunion and completely understand the mixed feelings about going. Things aren't ever quite the same without grandma, are they?

God bless you Rebekah!

ness said...

My grandma always drove a white car. She had a license plate that said, "Let me tell you about my grandchildren." (She had 24) For your birthday, she and Grandpa took you to any restaurant you wanted except McDonalds or Burger King. And then they took you shopping for a five dollar birthday present. If she knew I was going to play the piano, sing a song, cheerlead, or give a speech, she would come and take my picture and usually cut my head off in the picture. She always had Bugles and Cheese Nips and could beat your pants off on in Chinese Checkers. She taught me how to shuffle cards. I miss her so much, it hurts.

And I love gingersnaps. And Brookville is a funny little place. And yes, boys fight a LOT.

Daphine said...

LOVED reading this post! Your precious Grandma sounds amazing! I was very, very, very close to my grandmother too! I used to think before she passed away that because so many people loved her that there would not be a place big enough to have her funeral. It was kind of strange to think of that when I was so young....but I did. There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't think of her. Okay....enough before I break into tears.

As far as the boys fighting....
Girl, trust me....girls are worse when it comes to fighting!!! lol!

Mental P Mama said...

What a special lady. My Ma was the best cook ever. I am still searching for anyone who can make chicken and dumplings as well as she did....

antoinette marie said...

my grandma was sorta a cross between 'joan collins' in dynasty and patsy cline (whom i adore!)...but her and my grandpa used to take us to either 'kings island', 'cedar point', or 'seaworld' every summer while my mom worked....when i got older i loved going to bingo with her too! loved your precious story and i'm sure that's exactly the grandma you'll be (with an edge, lol)! blessings...

Grandma J said...

Ginger snaps. Not only do I love them, but they are good for you!

Have a wonderful time at your family gathering, and I'm sure you will feel your beautiful Grandma right there with you.

Memories....a gift from God.

the monkey's mama said...

such a sweet sweet post for your grandma. thank you for sharing!

The Incredible Woody said...

Your Grandma sounds like she was a wonderful lady. I wish everyone could have a Grandma like that.

My Grandma died when I was five. But I still have some memories of her. She would get up SO early to milk the cows and then prepare breakfast for everyone (and that was a huge undertaking because there were LOTS of us).

I would get up with her and accompany her to the barn. In my pajamas carrying a chipped coffee mug. As she milked, she would let me dip my cup in her bucket. Oh my - that was the best stuff in the world. Turns my stomach a little to think about doing it now! Oh how I loved those early morning walks to the barn.

The Incredible Woody said...

BTW - Love the new layout!

Pilar said...

I feel the same way when we have family gatherings and I see my mom is not there :(

Marrdy said...

What a sweet post. I love your Grandma too! And I do so love Gingersnaps. You must have willpower to spare to not eat them! Have fun at your reunion!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I get those missing my grandma moments too!

I love that picture of the two of you - what a treasure!

Cole said...

Your post made me cry!

I credit my dad's mom a lot for who I am today. She was a military wife, mom and one of the smartest women I've ever had the priviledge of knowing. She taught me that the right guy is worth waiting for...and following ANYWHERE, ignited my wanderlust, shared my joy in reading a good book, loved God, made sure all the grandkids had good manners and most importantly - family is what really matters in life.

I miss her every day.

Ananda girl said...

What a lovely tribute to your gran mother! She sounds perfect and I am sure that is true.

My grand mother did not care much for children, but her mother, my great grand mother loved me to pieces. I remember most playing Chinese Checkers with her in the evenings after vespers. I think she lost on purpose.

Ananda girl said...

OOps! Forgot to tell you what I came here for... because your post was so nice!

Thank you for visiting Oodles of Funch tonight and for your kind words. I do hope you will visit again. I will come back here. :)

Superstar said...

What a hip chicka!

My Grandma taught me to drive the family truck a FORD. We were on a dirt road and we both started laughing so hard, I just about drove the truck off the road! LOL Obviously we both survived it all!

Becky said...

Oh my word! I am bawling! I feel exactly the same way about my grandma. I love her so much I want to be her and I miss her so much (she moved away). Everything you described (except the trailer) could have been my gramma. *sigh* *sob* I can't believe you still have those cookies... awesome! Everything, just the same.

Martha in PA said...

LOVE the new design!

Kathleen said...

Oh, your grandma sounds like such a lovely person! I'm so sorry you will be missing her this weekend, but I'm so happy you have such wonderful memories of her!

I was never fortunate enough to get to know my grandmas very well. I do have some memories of my father's mother. Her guest house was a trailer in her backyard, and I remember how cool it was to stay there--your "trailer" memory brought that to mind. Her house always had this very unique--but good--smell too. I can't describe it, but every once in awhile I catch that whiff somewhere else and think of her.

Love your post. Hope you have a great time at your reunion remembering her!

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Grandmother! I can see why you miss her so much.

Alicia said...

Oh, Rebekah, this made me want to cry! How incredibly sweet!!!!!!

sunnyme said...

Wow, your blog looks awesome.

Your Granny sound very sweet. I most enjoy cooking and baking with and for my grandma. I learned a lot of cooking skills and secrets from her. I think we both love to cook.

Stillmary said...

What a beautiful post. I hope some of my wonderful grandchildren feel about me the way you feel about your grandma. It shows how special she was but it also shows how special you are. I have a granddaughter a lot like you. She has loved older people since she was a toddler. I wonder if that's how you were.

mimi said...

Your Grandma sounds wonderful!! I have a feeling you will be that kind of grandma...I can just tell :) Pass the ginger snaps..I'll eat the ones you don't want!!

My nana sounds very similar to your grandma. She was a very special and unique woman.

Dot O said...

So sweet.... My grandmom lived with us and she and I (and my older sister) shared a bedroom. She passed away when I was 10. My favorite memories - the smell of her VO5 when she was putting it in her "blue" hair,watching Truth or Consequences with her each night and playing 500 Rummy with her each day, and taking a "swig" of her Milk of Magnesia just because "it's good for you"!! I hated the stuff but she said it'd be good for me so I did it. I feel her presence with me most of the time and have always felt that she was my guardian angel through life. I think I will dig out a photo of her and scan it and maybe post about her.... She passed away (I can't believe the time has gone so quickly) 40 years ago on April 27. There was a strong connection between the two of us that I don't think death has even come close to breaking.

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I lost both my grandma and my memiere (french for grandmother). I lost them many years ago. And there are times when it feels like a weight is wrapped around my heart, tugging it down.

I remember my grandmother loved chocolate covered cherries. She always had them. And she made the most wonderful pies. Many, many pies. And she had the most wonderful, old toys, just like your grandma. She was kind, I never heard her say anything bad about another person, either. She always looked lovely, with her big pearl earrings and her curled white hair and ivory skin pressed powder. I used to sit in the bathroom with her while she put on her makeup. I loved that.

My memiere was different. I remember her laughing all the time. She used to take her teeth out to make us laugh, and then she would laugh SO hard she couldn't stop. She lived on at the edge of a lake in Maine. Everything about visiting there was wonderful. Everything! She quilted, and made dolls, and stuffed animals and pillows and afghans for us. I still have mine.

What I would give to spend another day with each of them.

mamamia said...

i loved your grandma post. I love grandmas! I really loved mine! I miss mine, too! I recently went through my grandparent's house because they are going to sell it. My grandmother loved beautiful things. She was a great painter. I Now have a painting of a watermill that she painted. I have two beautiful tables that belonged to her. She was graceful and elegant and lively. She always made us laugh.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe, this was super sweet. You make me miss my Grandma too. She used to watch us after school. I remember eating potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream on this awesome speckled pink plate. And her vanilla eggcreams were to die for. Of course I speak of food huh.

But one of my funniest G-ma memories was when she toot tooted and then laughed so hard her big panties fell to her knees from under her house dress.