Friday, July 10, 2009

I need HELP

No, not with the boys.
Although that would be lovely.
If you are dying to provide respite support
just let me know : )
What I really need help with is
my blurry non flash pictures.
Do I need a tri pod?
I love the look of no flash.
That pretty soft light melts me.
But that blur-
it's driving me insane!
insane in the membrane!
So, when I saw what
was hosting this morning,
I just died with happiness.
Except I am still alive.
And I need advice.
Thanks a million ba jillion!
Oh, and this totally would be my
BEST SHOT this week,
if only it wasn't so blurry!


iHeartFaces said...

Hey lady! What ISO are you shooting at when you are shooting indoors? Many times I will take my camera up to the highest ISO possible (1600 on my camera) just to get more light into the photo and to help take care of the blur.

I then run a Noiseware program over my photo which helps to get rid of the graininess. I spent big bucks on my program, but I've heard (from Drew) that you can get a Noiseware program as a free download now.

Here's where I bought mine:

Hope this helps!

co-founder of iHeartFaces

Caroline said...

What is your shutter speed and ISO? If you don't want flash try shooting at at time value of around 100 to 200...but not much higher or it will be too dark. Then use a high ISO (800 or 1600). Play around and see how that works... Hope that helps :)

drewmark19 said...


You crack me up with your wittiness. I'm so relieved to hear that you're still alive after dying of happiness. :)

So, on to the picture. It looks like there was enough available light to take this picture without flash. The issue then becomes the settings. To maximize the light as much as possible, you would want to use as wide an aperture as possible (small number) and as high an ISO as possible. If your aperture is wide open, there is a chance of softness from that, so step back as far as possible to increase depth of field.

The free version of the noise-reducing software Angie mentioned above is called the Community version. You have to run it outside of your editing program and it is limited, but, hey, it's free! :)

Now, as far as a tripod goes, I just don't view it as realistic. For shots like this, you want to be in the moment, and it's really hard when you're trying to lug a tripod around.

Do you have any lenses that let you have a real wide aperture? I bought the 50mm 1.4 solely because my house a cave. Without it, I don't think I would have been able to go no-flash in my house.

I have resorted to using flash in some situations (night, birthday parties, etc.), but I use something called a Lightscoop that helps diffuse the light thus avoiding shadows and washed out skin tones. It was a very worthwhile purchase. Hope that helps! :)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Yeah, sometimes I up my ISO and that helps. I am shooting with a DSLR and it has a high setting. If your not using a DSLR then go to the highest setting or sometimes sport mode will not fire a flash if you need something quick!!! ;)

Good luck!

antoinette marie said...

don't know diddly about photography but love the playfullness of this shot! good luck! blessings...

SKELLER said...

Rebeckah -
:-) ... a tripod isN'T going to help you for an action shot!!

What you need is a faster shutter speed. If you want to go fully auto, then put your camera mode on the running man. If you want a little more control, then set your camera mode to shutter priority and specify that you don't want the shutter speed to drop below 1/125 second. If you want to fully manually tweak, then you'll need higher iso and wider aperture to get your faster shutter speed.

Cute picture of a total BOY moment!! (I see those often at my place ;-).

Catharine said...

if you follow these ISO and aperature tricks you are on the right path. The other trick I have found is when capturing my kid or other kids, sit with your back to the light source. This way you aren't shooting into the light and the light is hitting your kids. Make sure it isn't direct light though, this makes for icky shadows!

Melinda said...

Not that I am any where close to being justified in giving you any type of advice, but I too was going to ask what your shutter speed whas set at...looks like I was beat to that suggestion though by people who are ALOT smarter than me : )

mamamia said...

i can't give you adivce there, but I am enjoying your boys stories!

April said...

Thank goodness others have already given you some great advice! Why do I say that, you might ask? Because I haven't the slightest clue how to solve your issue with bluriness! I'm one of those folks who just points and shoots! I've had our Nikon D40 for about two years now...and I STILL haven't read the manual!

Grandma J said...

You crack me up! I wish I could take pictures half as good as you. Pass any hints you get on to me.

Lolli said...

YOu've gotten great advice. For me, it's all about the aperture. Some lenses can handle indoor shots and some just can't.

It's still a great shot, blur and all.

RR Mama said...

Wow a comment for IHeart!! I knew you rocked but now they know it too!! Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

Wish I could help. No idea here. Most of mine come out blurry. I need to take a photography class. Good luck. I love your photos by the way.

Becky Jo said...

Not sure how helpful this will all be, but here it goes.

I hate flash too. Yucky unnatural hard shadows.

What kind of camera do you have? If it's an SLR, I'd crank that aperature wide open to F1.4 or F2, which messes with your depth of field, but for a photo like this one, the back could be blurry as long as the boys were in focus. If you change the 'film speed' in your camera, I think it might mess with the quality. 100 or 200, I think, works best for people pictures, but in 'film' world, higher ISO = graininess. I don't know how higer ISO works in digital world.

Aside from all that gibberish I just typed, my best personal advice would be to get those kidlettes outside into natural light! I know, not always possible, but I used to shoot weddings and senior photos and outdoor natural light (usually shade) is fantastic for portraits w/o flash.

P.S. If you can, speed up your shutter speed. Any shutter speed under 1/60th of a second will be blurryish. You can maybe try 1/30th, but any more than that, and even your breathing/heartbeat will blur a photo.

There, now I'm glad my 2 years in photography school can help SOMEONE. :) Good luck!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

If you are gonna die, you might as well die with happiness (and live to tell about it!)

Wish I could help, but it looks like you got a lot of great suggestions...

Erika said...

Thanks for your comment! Love your blog. I'm with you--I don't ever want to use a flash, but then I end up with some blur. I'm a very new, beginner photographer. But one of my first purchases was a prime lens...50 mm with a f/1.8. I have to back way up to get much in the frame, but the 1.8 allows me to get many pictures without blur that I couldn't before. And the lens is only about $80. Excited to read the suggestions.

Carebear said...

Oh, I feel your pain girly. When I first turned off the flash on my point-and-shoot at the advice of a photographer friend, I could NOT get my pictures to be perfectly sharp. I tried EVERYTHING suggested here and more, but eventually learned that in the Pacific NW winters, there is not enough light to take non-flash photos indoors. So I learned to lower the intensity on my flash through the menu feature. Then I also taped a few layers of tissue paper over the flash to diffuse it more. I even sometimes curved a white notecard around the flash to bounce the light of the ceiling and give a softer, more natural looking light to my photo. Hope you find something that works for you!

Anna said...

dont have any constructive feedback but wanted to stop by and say hello! love reading your blog. such a fun shot!

Tess Jones said...

Hubs takes most of my pictures, but he tells me to put it in manual first and if I want to be really crafty then play with the iso, but I don't get all of that so manual does just fine on my point and shoot. Sorry, I am so not any help.