Thursday, July 16, 2009

Describe a situation that forced you to confront a neighbor.

This picture was taken from google image search.
It was not taken by me.
I wish it was though.
How adorable!
But anyway, on with the story!

OK, I have to tell you about our neighbor.
I mean, seriously, how can I not since
it's a Mama Kat prompt today.

Well first of all,
you should know,
I adore older people.
Oh. My. Gosh. ADORE!
Just love them to bits.

Basically, if you are over 40-
and there is any way
you could be a grandparent,
well, I love you!
And you are golden in my book.

So please imagine with me,
my absolute DELIGHT,
upon moving in our development
and finding out a Senior Citizen couple
was buying the house next door.

I was ecstatic.
Gary thought I was a little wierd
because I was so happy.
I imagined taking them muffins,
and listening to glowing stories
of days gone by,
and neighborhood bliss.

Well, the first day they moved in,
I happened to be working late,
so I didn't get to take them warm muffins,
or any other delectables for that matter.
It was on my list of things to do the next day!

Early the next morning,
Kaish and I were just about to leave
and there was a pounding on our door.
Not a knock, a definite pound!
There weren't a lot of people in the neighborhood yet,
so I was curious,
and excited about who could be pounding on the door.

Lo and behold, as I opened the door,
I saw a frail old woman.
My face burst into a smile!
I said, "Welcome, please come in,
so nice to meet you, yadda yadda yadda!

Well, the woman did not come in.
She did not smile.
She began screaming.
and I do mean SCREAMING.
I thought something must be horribly wrong.
Perhaps her home had been broken into.
Perhaps her husband was ill.
I couldn't understand her but I was very concerned.

Trying to calm her down,
I came closer.
It was then I understood the rantings.

She was LIVID.
Nope, not a robber.
Not a sick husband either.
She was livid at me!

Apparently, some noise
had kept her and her husband up all night long.
I felt so bad for her.
I vowed to help her find the problem.
I mean, after all, this is a dear sweet lady!

Oh no, she YELLED,
She didn't need me to help her
because she already knew the problem was us!

What in the world was she talking about?
Apparently Kaishon's LULLABIES at bedtime
kept her awake.

I have tried taking her muffins.
And taking her trash can in on trash day.
Shoveling her driveway when it snows.
Smiling and waving.
And she still hates me.

So, I didn't really confront her per say,
but gosh darn it,
I have tried to be kind.

Cross your fingers that one day
she might like us.
Oh, and for goodness sakes,
please, oh please,
TuRn YoUr KiDs LuLlaBy Cd's down low!

Do your neighbors like you?


antoinette marie said...

my neighbors hate me cause i call the fire department when their old-model car filled my condo with carbon dioxide from the hole they put in the dry wall....they hate me cause i call the police when the 20-something year old young man has a party under my bedroom window, drinking and even fist fighting with a bunch of other underage drinkers at 3am....the list goes on and on....which makes me either the 'complainer' they see me as or a bunch of nuts jobs who only care about issues that effect them directly...i've concluded it' the latter!......

her've tried to make amends for what was not even rude or questionable to begin with and she just rebukes you...probably shows she's just unhappy and looking for something to dwell on....dont' sweat it anymore! blessings...

Amber said...

Ha, ha! Your post made me laugh! My neighbors are fine. I don't see them often and don't even know their names. However, I did work in a nursing home for a short period of time. I, too, love old people. Most of them recipricated the feeling. One lady, Geneiva, I wanted to love because everyone else disliked her. Good ol' Geneiva ended up stabbing my hand with a fork because I could not let her eat a packet of mayo. (She was diabetic and I couldn't give it to her). So, I ended up loving her from a distance.

uncleawang said...

Well,senior citizen seem to be so sensitive now a my town normally we have a community call neighborhood watch and this is volunteer ..the duty is to monitor the housing area living in good harmony:)
Thanks for the visit & have a nice day.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. I don't know what to say about her...she must have a St*ck stuck up her Rear.
My neighbors love us. We do have loud parties, on occasion. But I always invite them. :-

Marilyn said...

What a sad story. I'm so sorry about that happening to you. Love my neighbors. Had them for 33 years. Never confronted any of them and none of them have confronted us. Just a harmonious bunch here.

Marrdy said...

Wow, what a nice way to meet a new neighbor! And that picture looks exactly like my Grandma...right down to the leg up and the cigarette hanging out of her mouth!

The Incredible Woody said...


We get along with our neighbors. Except for the occasional battle of the leaf blowers. One older neighbor is convinced that if the leaves fall from my tree, he should blow them back into my yard. Even if we have just finished getting the leaves up. Doesn't sit too good with Vol Fan!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Rebeckah, over the years and in different homes I have had to do the occasional phone call in the middle of the night to ask our neighbors if they would please turn down the stereo. Each time, the neighbor in question was extremely grateful that we confronted them directly rather than phone the police. They happily obliged knowing we had small children.

But your story reminded me of something that happened when we moved into our first house. My husband pulled his car onto to the street so that we could back the moving truck into the driveway. He didn't realize that one of his tires was resting on the neighbor's hand-laid brick curb.

She promptly came over to point out his error, and I think she was expecting him to argue. Jeff immediately apologized in his charming way and re-parked the car. I could tell that she was slightly disarmed, but not ready to be friends yet.

Over the next four years, we continued to make extra effort to be good neighbors and it paid off. So keep trying. One of these times you just might have a breakthrough.

themrs said...

oh we have the white trash neighbors from you-know-where! last summer, she came over and pounded on my door. she said that my five year old son threw a twig over the fence and it poked her dog in the eye. what are the chances that my son's twig went over the 8ft privacy and landed directly in her dog's eye?? i apologized and said i would speak with him about it. she said to also tell him to stop singing so loudly. he was singing "jesus loves me" and apparently that was annoying her. i told him to not throw things over the fence but that he could sing about jesus as loud as he wants :)

themrs said...

ooohhhh... i have to share another! our neighbor on the other side, who is a friendly but odd ex-military, conspiracy theorist kind of guy. we had a break in a few years ago and had to call the police in the middle of the night. he came over and told us that if we have any more trouble to call him because he has a rifle with night vision. then the single lady across the street came over and told us that she has a handgun if we have any trouble. now i'm more afraid that one of the neighbors will accidently shoot us than an intruder!

Becky Jo said...

I'm so sorry your neighbor lady is nuts instead of the grandmotherly old sassy-pants that everyone would wish for. I live out in the sticks, so my nearest neighbor that I talk to is over a mile away and she's fantastic! Some of my other neighbors don't live in the houses they own (ie. junk yard guy.. his junk lives there, but he doesn't), keeps to himself guy (who doesn't talk to anyone), and the DNR guy, who I don't think I've ever talked to in 5 years.

Again, I'm sorry old neighbor lady is witchy. Perhaps a sit-down, sorry-we-got-off-on-the-wrong-foot kind of deal? Take some baked goods, tell her it's your Mom's recipe and that she reminds you of your mother. Awww.... :) Good luck.

Night Owl Mama said...

OMG I am so sorry sometimes people have to b grumpy Hugs My neighbor n the right loves me so much they moved 3 blocks away to give me more space..oops

Come by for a laugh

He & Me + 3 said...

My neighbors do love us...thank God. I would be so sad if they didnt'. I hate confrontation and for people to be upset with me. People pleaser. Ugh.

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness!!

Well, that is good that you are still kind and gracious to her!! Maybe one day she will realize that!!!!

You're so sweet!

Foursons said...

How funny we both had cranky, old people stories. I too love 'em. My inlaws were in their 40's when they had my husband, so when I met him they were well into their 70's. I ADORED them! It the few crotchity ones that ruin it for everyone.

Unknown Mami said...

I have a really hard time believing someone doesn't like you.

I'm sorry that sucks.

Melissa @ The Best Nest said...

OMG, that is so unfortunate. I totally sympathize, I can't stand it when there is ill-feeling between myself and someone I have to see all the time, it ties my stomach up in knots!

Nurse Nancy said...

I feel for is hard when a neighbor is not kind to you. It is not like you will never see them again.

We had two great sets of neighbors and now we only have one. The homes on both sides of us sold last year. One due to retirement and one due to divorce. The retired neighbor was and is still one of our dearest friends. He sold his home to a great couple who have done so much to improve the house. They are very warm and kind people and we enjoy them. The divorce family sold there house to hermits! We never see anyone...the place is a mess and it is very disheartening.
Guess we have to be thankful for one out of two.

Jenny said...

Wow she sounds like a joy to live next to. I wouldn't try so hard to want her to like you, she obviously has issues and it's not you. We had a neighbor like that and thank the good Lord they moved.

the monkey's mama said...

WOW! what a story! we are the only ones with kids in our 8-condo-unit building but we try to keep our lullabies down :) ha! I hope they like us. i'd actually like to get to know them better but they're all business professionals who are busy busy...

Debbie said...

What I will pray is that she moves! I don't think you can teach an old, mad dog new tricks:)

mamamia said...

you are the best neighbor ever! What a sweetie. I am convicned you will get treasures in heaven for this! I had an older lady threaten to shove a "broom up your a**" because she thought I put a tampon in her toilet. ;0)

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Just keep killing her with kindness...that's all you can do. :)

~KC~ said...

I too love the elderly! It is something about old people that makes me just want to hug them =)

And you sound like a great neighbor! I wish we had neighbors like you!

Caroline said...

Oh gosh I can relate to that! In my 20's my husband and I lived next door to a very old couple. They gave us the eyes of death as soon as that saw us move in. We did not have parties. We didn't have kids!!! If the TV was turned on louder than a whisper he would bang and pound on the wall (with what I assume was his cane). I thank god everyday that it was a 6 month sub-let. We couldn't wait to get out of that place.

I just think some old people are angry. Angry for being old. Angry for being in pain or sick. It's too bad about your neighbor. But it's not you... I would avoid her like the plague...I can say she might just be that old dog that doesn't want to learn any new tricks!!

mummyof5monsters said...

we moved 6 months ago due to physcopathic neighbor, who regularly gor drunk and screamed abuse at no one/everyone. Even after he was SENT TO JAIL, the first night he was out, he came BACK to abuse us (yep, I had the nerve to get the police out oh, about twice a week during drunken physco rants) Aaah the joys of city living:) Now we live in the country, very few neighbors!

DD said...

Ok what I totally cracked up was your definition of OLD! 40 and over!!! Girl do you realize we are getting close to that! See as I get older my definition of old, gets older. Like old to me right now is 60!

drewmark19 said...

Our neighbors like us...probably because we are the least redneck on the block. :) Ha! We have been really lucky. Although we live in a not so great area, the neighbors all seem to be pretty nice.

Now that I think about it, we're slowly becoming the only people on the block. The house next to us and one two doors down are both foreclosed upon right now. Hate this economy!

I wonder if your neighbor is just a bit crazy. :)

Los said...

Don't count on it ... some old people are just plain crusty ... and you just can't get the crust off of them ... sad.

theArthurClan said...

You are making me even more thankful that we live in the middle-of-nowhere and all of our neighbors are way far away from our house. I don't even know most of them, but the ones next door are very nice. They also have four kids so we have really gotten to know one another and love hanging out together.

You poor, poor thing though. I definitely hope you find a way to break through her meanness...she so doesn't deserve an angel like you as her neighbor!

Liz said...

That is too funny! I am sorry she hates you so much. Doesn't seem like a good reason for her to hate you but some people are like. We have always had problems with neighbors so yeah, our neighbors hate us too!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I love old people too but this is crazy. You are so sweet and nice. Don't take it personal that is for sure. I know a lot of old people that would love your company. Keep your chin up. My other two neighbors fight all the time and cuss about touching each others fence. The funny thing is they are both so nice to us..

erica said...

You are an amazing writer Becky! You keep me interested that is for sure. Keep doing what you are doing. You are so kind and sweet. They will come around.

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

I have NEVER once had problems with neighbors hating me until we moved into a house about 1 year ago... it caused us to move out. But they just hated us. i never new why, I never understood why. our yard was always mowed, kept nice, weeds pulled... we never had wild parties... maybe bbq's but who doesn't do that... I just couldn't figure out why they hated us but they did. One day I came home from grocery shopping and it was in August so it was still warm and it was about 9pm at night before we got home because it was after Awana got out at church. Anyways I grab my 7 month old daughter still in her car seat and a diaper bag and a few grocery bags and left my two other boys (Ages 3 and 5) in the car with the door open. When i came out literally 60 seconds later from setting down groceries and daughter and begging my husband to help with groceries... I come outside to screaming neighbors saying I was an unfit mother for leaving my kids unattended in a vehicle... They threated social services on us and called the police... it was the worst incident ever. I couldn't believe how heartless and cruel and malicious they actually were. And to believe that this incident required cops and to have my kids torn from us was totally ridiculous. I think some people are just plain evil. They are angry, hurt, sad... and they take it out on those who try to be kind. You can't change them, you can be nice all you want... it will just make them more mad... but maybe they will come around... and thats when you know God intervined!!! But they are the reason we moved out of that house. it was too hard sharing a cul de sac with them. They watched our house and called the cops EVERY chance they got... even for reasons that made no sense. It was best for us to just move... NEVER had a problem since. My neighbors now are kind, sweet and if for some reason they have a problem they are at least reasonable enough to speak to us in person like adults... and not through screaming or cops! Good luck to you with your old women! Maybe she hasn't gotten any in awhile! :D LOL Just kidding

Anonymous said...

You know.... in our last house we lived next door to an unbalanced man.... I had to call the police on hims at least once (maybe twice, I can't remember). He was an absolute nightmare. I won't go into all the problems we had with him, but I almost felt we should list him as a separate "line item" on our Sellers Disclosure Form. :)

We were BLISSFUL to be leaving him behind when he moved.

He is still in that old neighborhood, still in that same house... and I'm sure he has caused problems for the new neighbors. Some people don't WANT to be liked and don't WANT to get along with others. Sad, but true.