Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barns, Bikes and Disturbing Food Choices

  barns 002You are going to be disappointed today

because I know,

I just know-

you wanted to see pictures

of every single relative we saw at the reunion.

You have just been DYING to see my

super duper relatives, right?

What? You haven’t been?!?!?!?

You don’t enjoy seeing picture after picture

of random person after random person?


Well, come back tomorrow

‘cuz you just know I am going to have to put

their pretty faces on the blog soon!

But for today,

in honor of the letter B at ABC Wednesday,


I am going to show you some barns.

Seriously, it just doesn’t get any more exciting,

does it? : )barns 004

This is the barn that was on my Grandparents farm.

The original barn.

After my Grandfather died,

my Grammy sold the farm

and bought a trailer because the farm

was too much to handle.

We drove right up the driveway to my

my Mom’s old house and said hi.

People in Clarion and Brookville are SO nice.

Very different than people around Philadelphia for sure!

barns 003  Oh no! Some people snuck in!

It’s my Mommy and her brother Tom.

The eldest of 6 children.

He is eccentric.

We love him!

He is raising Pomeranian puppies presently.

barns 005

He saw this bike by the side of the road for free.

He was very excited.

Kaish and Naji held it while we drove back to his house

to drop it off.

Never a dull moment in our family! barns 006 This is my Uncle Ray’s Barn.

So many great memories here.

My cousin Curt and I painted it one summer.

My Uncle Ray gave me $25 for helping.

I thought I was the richest kid on the planet.

Here is a corn crib.barns 007

Too bad it is B week and not C week

since that is 2 good c’s for sure : )

I thought it was pretty.

And it was next to the barn.

So lucky you,

you get to see it today.

I know that not only were you hoping

to see every. single. relative. that I have

you were also hoping to see a corn crib, right?

And last of all we have Naji.barns 001

He has taken to eating something interesting.

I have to let you guess.

It starts with C!

Trust and believe me when I tell you

I am sure you have never eaten this.

This is what his sister drank last summer.

Do you remember that?

I don’t think I knew you then : )

So answer two things for me today, K?

Did you have any barns in your life

when you were growing up?

Do you now?

And what in the world do you think

Naji is eating.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


James said...

Wow, that is great looking old barn. I love your bright colorful pictures.
And so what if Naji has a caviar habit. :-)

Mara said...

I've never seen anything like a corn crib before. Very nice to see!

Leslie: said...

I love the way you wrote the narrative here! Hmmm...now what could he be eating??? Starts with a C??? Will you tell us next week? lol To answer your question, Yes, there were lots of barns where I grew up but now that area is all "cityfied." But there are lots just outside of the village where I live and I've posted photos of them before.

Marilyn said...

You are just hilarious. Love those barn pictures. I've never seen a corn crib before and didn't even know they existed. No barns in my life. As for eating, Hummmmmm, c-word. Ok crawdad, caterpillar, Hummmmmmm, I do know boys so it has to be something to gross everyone else out with. Can't wait to find out and see those relatives.

RuneE said...

Such old barn (and other wooden buildings) are gorgeous subjects for photography - and you have performed it very well. I liked them a lot.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I adore the barn pictures..especially the black and white cow poking his head out. I grew up in Florida..not a barn in sight, and I have never seen or heard of a corn crib. IS this for baby corn? :) that was funny.
I am going to guess he is eating raw corn. The kids you hang with are silly.

April said...

Brings back some warm memories for me. My Granny and Grandpa lived on a farm and I played in their barn all the time. I just love all of your pictures! They get better all the time!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I even saw the word Brookville in the narrative. Nice post. I enjoyed it and the pictures of your barns.

Come back tomorrow and see some fried squirrel. Not so pleasant but a fact of life.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

Nessa said...

We just had our family reunion on the 19th.

I love barns. they were my favorite playhouses when I was a child.

I love pickle juice and olive juice and vinaigrette dressing.

I live across the river from Philly.

ness said...

i LOVE barns. Thank you for posting these!!! They don't build them like that in Arkansas and I miss seeing them.

Is Naji eating clover?

Babooshka said...

Just love old barns to photograph but not so many here. Fun narrative too.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

wow, kinda get lost in the fun of your story, you know?

mamamia said...

i love your new layout. did I tell you that, yet? It looks am
liam is typing with me. arg.+


Adrienne in Ohio said...

Love all the barns, Rebeckah. I love the little cow peeking out in the first one. I grew up on the edge of suburbia, so while we didn't have a barn, there were plenty to view anytime we drove somewhere.

I'm afraid to even guess what Naji is eating. But you can be sure I'll be checking in next week to find out!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love old barns. I want one. And I want to paint a quilt block on the side:)

Pam D said...

LOVE the barn pics, and the fact that you have a personal relationship with them makes them even more interesting. As for Naji..? Hmmm... cabbage? carambola? Capers (going along with the pickle juice theme..)? Cauliflower? Chick peas? Cilantro? Those are pretty much all of the crazy C food words I can think of right now... well, other than caviar, crab, and champagne, and poor you (literally!) if THAT'S the case!

Yaya said...

Oh I want a pom puppy!!!

Love your header up there!

gretchen said...

I love the pictures of the barn and the corn crib. You just stay on top of my RSS feed because no one posts as much as you. Have a great day!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love the blog makeover. Very clean! I loved all these pictures too. Fabulous. Just something very intriguing about old barns.
Love Kaishon's face when you uncle is putting the bike in the van.

antoinette marie said...

i adore how you can make such an interesting blog out of old barns....no barns for me, suburb/city girl here....i'm gonna go with corncobs for nahji's weird food!...am i right? blessings...

Tumblewords: said...

I knew some barns in my other life and still see one that I recognize as a barn but am not acquainted with! I remember corn cribs and I'm on the verge of recalling what Naji was eating last summer but...

Trudy said...

Not too many barns where I grew up. However, there was this perfect little red barn that we used to pass in a neighboring town on our way to my grandma's cabin that I just loved! I really love barns!

I hope Naji isn't eating curdled milk?! I can honestly say I've never had it!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Is it corn cake? Ooh, I want to know. Love your barn photos. I don't remember any barns during my childhood. Pretty sad, right? I've always wanted one, though. Does that count? :)

richies said...

The barn pictures are great, especially the first one.

An Arkies Musings

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Love the barns,just beautiful.

Not thinking it was food Naji was eating. Maybe chalk or cornstarch?

Karen Deborah said...

well girl as long as it is not c for cockroach I'll be fine. How bout cotton candy?
gorgeous shots as usual, you really need to be discovered your skills are 5 star.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I want that barn in my back yard. And I will take the wood shed too..Those are awesome!!!! ;)

Becky said...

Your layout is killin me ... I LOVE IT! I also love old barns. The Bossy Bell cow peeking out is priceless. :-D

Thanks for reminding me that abc wednesday is upon us... I would have missed it entirely.

Crystal Light!?!

Roger Owen Green said...

those old barns too. You're not going to save those random pictures for next week? C, after all, is for COUSINS.

Julie said...

those are great shots of the barn!!! Hey, how do you get your pictures so big? I am wondering if I have to upload them somewhere to do that... let me know :)

Sally's World said...

great shots, educational too, never seen a corn crib before xxx

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Love those barns!

jay said...

I love the old barns! Peeling, cracked and weathered and beautiful!!

I suspect Naji is eating crickets! LOL!

Bridget said...

I love pictures of old barns! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, it was nice to "meet" you!

I'm definitely going to have to come back to see what Naji was eating!

Martha in PA said...

Great photos. I LOVE old barns, and the corn cribs, bring back memories from the old days at Freddy Hill.. back when it was Oak Leaf Farms!

The Seipt's barns would be the barns of my past...they hay lofts and cow barns were my playgrounds! I still love visiting there. so many memories!

Mine is here

Life, Love And Lola said...

One of my favorite bars is named The Red Barn...Does that count??

I've never seen a corn crib....That's cool!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh, I never noticed that was Corn in there before...for some reason, I thought it was hay!!!

I have NO idea what he is eating....cmon give a hint....

Seriously...your word verifications are really great on your blog... pulaphab is on there right now...

Everytime I get dressed, I pulaphab (ulous) LOL..


Q said...

The Barns are great!
I am so happy to see you posted a picture of your Mother's Brother!
I shall wait and see what that darling young man is munching on...surely he is not eating crickets....

Martha said...

I just love your entry! Love all the barn shots - reminds me of my summers as a kid on my grandmother's property. Excellent B's :-)

Regina said...

Great shots! nice words and post.

Keesha said...

That barn is awesome. I have such great memories as a kid playing in the barn on my family's farm.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Caroline said...

Oh my! Those photos are amazing!

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

I love these pictures! Here in Iowa there are tons of barns, but I don't have one. But my parents in AZ have a barn - a big green one.

theArthurClan said...

I love pictures of old barns and you captured these perfectly! Absolutely stunning images.

Big Hair Envy said...

There were two barns on my grandparents' farm. My sisters, cousins and I spent countless hours climbing in the hay lofts, making forts and swings and just generally letting our imaginations run wild!! Thanks for the memories....they mean a lot:)

jennykate77 said...

LOOOK at your completely GORGEOUS blog page!!! I LOVE it! (almost as much as I love you. ☺) I also L-O-V-E love the barn pictures...they are fabulous! Man, I've been missing you. I've got to get out of slacker mode and get back to my regular blogging schedule. It's probably going to have to wait until AFTER vacation...it's all I can think about...I can't help it. I'm so ADHD. We have barns! I have played in barns...and on hay bales my whole life. I love barns...they're just full of fun and one's imagination can run wild!

Oh, and I have no idea what Naji is eating...maybe powdered donuts? I don't know. That's just what sounds good to me. :)

Hope you're having a super fabulous day! *muah*

drewmark19 said...

I can't believe I'm like the 47th comment down, and you linked to me in your site. That darn video Angie and I made took forever! Now I'm trying to catch up with everyone. :)

Okay, I'm guessing clover, because I can picture Naji playing outside and thinking, why not? I'll try it!

I did a search for unusual foods and got:
calf's brains
cock's combs

Yummy! I guess he could also be eating his cuticles. :)

I can't believe you're leaving us hanging on this!

Live.Love.Eat said...

What great pictures. Love them. No I nevere grew up around a barn but I think I would have been a great country girl.

Ok, I have no idea what Naji ate. But pickle juice? Hah, that's what Sam on iCarly did. She liked it too.

Dot O said...

Love those barn photos and that corn crib is really cool!

Becky, how far are you from Springfield, Delco? I swear we are fairly close but I can't remember how close.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Girl where in the world have I been. I love the new blog look! Amazing. What a fun post too!

Unknown Mami said...

No barns in my life, but that barn is beautiful. I have no idea what he is eating that starts with a c.

You've had a makeover since the last time I visited and I LOVE IT! It looks great!

angie said...

I CANNOT wait to see more. Those barns are fabulous. When we lived in the NE I loved taking pictures of old barns.

Joy said...

A free bike by the side of the road,how lucky. The only thing by the side of the road for free around here is someone who leaves free bags of manure, as long as you bring the bag back. Your wooden barns pictures are great.

Stillmary said...

I don't know what he's eating but I do know barns and I love your pictures. I grew up with a barn on our farm very similar to the one in your first photo so similar in fact that it must have had the same barn plan when they built it. I miss our barn too.

Tiaras said...

oh, love those photos - my father had a farm and I have not been back there in over 20 years (my aunt lives there now)

Mental P Mama said...

Chocolate Covered Crickets? Beautiful shots;)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Did you go and get a makeover and not tell me? How utterly fabulous is your site!

The letter B may very well be my new favorite letter after reading this post.

Well done!


Liz said...

Your barn pictures are wonderful! I love old barns! Well, I love anything that has to do with farming. I always want to live on one. I have no idea what Naji is eating! Can't wait to find out!

George said...

What a delightful post. I love that old barn. Thanks for visiting my site.

Run DMT said...

Gorgeous pics! Great shots! Thanks for stopping by today! Happy WW!

J9 said...

Your photos are beautiful!

Melinda said...

That barn is gorgeous! What a fun place to have spent a childhood. I'm from the city, so I can honestly say there were no barns for me while growing up. Now that I am an adult and live out in the sticks - well, that a whole other story : )

JAMIE ANN said...

wow. I love your pics. Gives me ideas. :) You do wonderful work and I live on a Dairy farm and we Milk Jersey (brown cows) I saw that on your fair pics. Thanks for shareing all that pics. Your blog is one I have to read becasue I never know what I will find LOL! I Have no clue what he was eating other than CORN> :)Take care and keep up the wonderful posts.

mimi said...

Love the barns.

No idea what he is eating...coffee? cabbage?

Do tell!