Monday, February 16, 2009

The Perfect Mother

I googled 'the perfect mother' tonight

because tomorrow is my Mommy's Birthday-

and I wanted to find a nice way to celebrate her.

In 21 minutes My Mom will be a whole year older.

ehow has an article with 6 tips on how to be the perfect mother:

1. Understand your child is unique.
(She always did. She still does.)

2. Follow your instincts.
(She followed the Bible)

3. Be your own kind of Mom.
(Whatever this means, she did it : )

4. Acknowledge that being a mother is trial and error.
(This is one of my favorite things about my Mom.
She will always say "I am sorry. I messed up.
Will you forgive me?"
I think it takes a big person to do that.)

5. Treat this like a job.
(My Mom stayed home with me until I was in 5th
grade. I always knew that her favorite thing
in all the world was being my Mom.
She made me feel valuable
and special every single day.
I love that she raised us like that.)
6. Know when to step back.
(She let me make mistakes and she watched me grow.
She was always a safe place to land during my sad times.)
I've said it before.
And I am sure I will say it again.
If I can be just 1/10th of the Mom my Mom is...
Well, then, I know I will have done a great job.
She is perfect in every way.
I love her mightily.

What is one lesson your Mom taught you
that you can never forget?


smiles4u said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Now I know where you get your specialness from. The apple has not fallen far from the are a beautiful person and mother just like your mom!

Grandma J said...

Happy Birthday toyour mom! It's easy to see how wonderful of a job she did! She's the best, and so are you.

Liz said...

Great tribuite to your Mom. I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

April said...

OK, so this post put the biggest ol' lump in my throat...I can barely swallow! How sweet! You and your mom are so lucky to have each other! Such beautiful people, through and through! Hope she has a fantastic birthday!

Some lessons my mom taught me is to do the best you can with what you've got, love your children and your husband with all your heart and soul, and never stop laughing! Boy, I miss her!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so sweet. happy birthday to the "perfect Mom". She has to be pretty special to have YOU. :)
My mom taught me to be happy for who I am. I am still trying to keep it in the front of my brain.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Birhtday to your mom! She is the reason you are the wonderful woman you are! Apples dont fall from the tree you know!
Mama taught me to never put yourself in a situation that you can never take care of yourself. That way you will always be there to help others. I love my mom!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Happy Birthday to your mother! This is such a sweet and loving post!

Killlashandra said...

I hope she has a wonderful birthday. It's a very nice post for her. :)

RR Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! You are a good mom because you had a good example. Your tribute is wonderful.

He And Me + 3 said...

Awww, she sounds perfect! What an awesome mom the Lord blessed you with.
Great pictures and Happy Birthday to Mom.

Melinda said...

What a beautiful post and tribute to your mother.

Happy birthday to her!!

jlo said...

What a lovely post. Your mom is lucky that you appreciate her so. I loved the picture of all the grandkids (?) screaming!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Sniff sniff, oh goodness that pulled at my heart strings. What a wonderful post to your mother.
Happy Birthday to her!

TM said...

Thanks for posting to my blog on the faces pics thing :D
I really enjoyed reading your blog.
Your mom sounds awesome!!!!!!!

TM, a new reader :D

mimi said...

Your mom sounds wonderful!! What a beautiful tribute you just paid to her. She sounds like a gem!!

Ragan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rebeckah's Mommy!!! Hope it's a great one.

Anonymous said...

You do have a great mom ;0) I love the picture of her with all of the crying grandkids. so funny!

richies said...

Great post! A very nice tribute to your Mom. I think one of the most important things I learned from my Mom is to always be willing to help others. She took care of foster kids and eve now at 75 volunteers at the local public school.

An Arkies Musings

tollesons4him said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom! I hope she has the best birthday yet! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Mrs. E. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. My mom has been a cheerleader for me and I am thankful for her too.

Your "wonder" photo is perfect!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

this is a lovely tribute to your momma!!

R and R Stacy said...

What a great tribute to your Mom.
Thanks for stopping by.
You have beautiful children!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! What a sweet, sweet post!
My mom taught me to clean things really good and to have fun! Too extremes that are very valuable! ;)

Mom2Toribug said...

My mom always told me to be sure I changed my underwear every day in case I were in an accident or something. She also taught me patience and that I would make mistakes, but to learn from them. My mom has really gone downhill this past year and I remind myself daily to thank God for her. Thanks for the reminder too.

Amanda said...

I love when you said, "I always knew her favorite thing was being a mom..." What a huge testimony to a mother!

I hope and pray my children will feel that way some day as well..

Your mom is beautiful and so is her daughter!

God bless-

Gabe's Girl said...

What a wonderful tribute! Just beautiful.

Baby Favorite said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom! She did an amazing job raising you!

You are more like 100% your mom! It's obvious that you value your child way more than the average mother. You should be so proud of yourself, Rebeckah!

My mom did a great job putting herself in my/our shoes. She always made us feel understood. I realized, as an adult, there's nothing more that anyone wants than to feel understood by at least *someone*. You know? I think of that often with my own kids. I hope they always feel as understood and valued as I did by my sweet mother.

littletoesandcheerios said...

Happy Birthday to a great Mom! Sounds like a wonderful woman we could all learn a thing or two from. I really enjoyed this post.

DD said...

What a sweet way to honor your mom!

blueviolet said...

Your mom sounds so wonderful! Happy birthday to her! I'll bet you're following along in her footsteps and your kids will say these kind words about you some day (after the teenage years) LOL

thezeninyou said...

Wonderful tribute! Happy b-day to your Mom. She seems to be a really wonderful spirit :)

My Mom taught me to be open minded and follow my heart... Good lessons!

Homemade by Lisa said...

That was absolutely wonderful!
I just loved the quotes and to know that there are wonderful mothers out there like yours.

thedulls said...

Oh Becky! I love how much you love your mom and recognize that because she followed God you have been blessed. She must love having you as her daughter too! You are so sweet!!!

My mom taught me so many things! I love her and am thankful for her more than I can say!!

Brandi said...

That is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Cortney said...

She's a cutie. Happy Birthday to your mom!

The Mulligan Family said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute to your Mom. Hope her birthday was a happy one.

Kristin said...

Thank you for this post! I love the part where you said that you always knew that her favorite job in the world was being your Mom. That is going to be my goal from now on.....for my kids to know that my favorite job is being their Momma!