Tuesday, January 29, 2008

baby shrek

Kaish wanted to get a baby Shrek when we were in Blockbuster on Friday night. It was in the clearance bin for $2.47. I started to say no since we have millions of silly stuffed things all over, but I could tell he loved this baby (and he had a good day at school : ). Kaishon was just walking around the living room patting his baby on the back. He said "Do you know why I wanted this baby, Mommy?" I said "No," and he said, "Because I want to practice for when I grow up and have my own babies." You can't tell me he isn't the nicest kid in America. You just can't. I love him. Big meeting at school today. He is starting counseling soon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

BIrThDAy pArTy

Mila in the locker room. Cute as can be!
Jourdan contemplating getting into the ICY (90 degree) water
Spencer from School
Kaishon and Kyle from school
Kaish and Bria
DJ getting ready to make a basket.
The best 8 year old I know.
Sweet Sabria
Wild and Wonderful Ben AMAZING Jamal!

Tony's brother, Josh, and Luke.
Levi and Benny
Nikkita scaring baby Levi, Jourdan and Jamal
Luke swimming,
Isn't Kara the cutest?

Sienna eating her cupcake in the dressing room.
Our sweet neighbor Winter, and DJ, the best basketball player on the planet.
Mila in the water.
Jaylin eating her scrumptious cupcake
Luke jumping into the water

Valerie and Bria
DJ and Kaish
DJ Kaish and Kyle
Justin and Kaishon
Paul, Sofia and Kara

Baby Levi
Baby Lloyd...
Baby Jourdan

DJ, Paul and Spencer at the Basketball hoop. Spencer is in Kaishon's class, Paul is our neighbour and DJ is on Kaishon's basketball team, the Pisstons.

Caleb (super HOT brother in law) Ben and Kaish

Kaishon and the FAMOUS Kyle...

Sienna, Sabria, Kaishon, Luke and Justin

Jaylin and Sienna. Beautiful girls!

Jamal and his cousin. He was grumpy at first, but he definitely got happier as the day wore on.
Kaishon's Birthday party was just what he wanted. A pool Party. It was at the Harleysville YMCA on Sunday, January 20 from 3:30-5:30. Kaishon and his friends played in the pool the entire time. We made cupcakes for everyone to take home as they were leaving. Kaishon was VERY tired that night. Gary wasn't able to get off work in time to come to the party.
Jourdan and Jamal and their cousin came with Nikkita.
Sienna and Mila came with their Dad, Dan.
Justin and Jaylin came Tiffany.
Josh and Tony came with us because their mom thought the party started at 12:30 and brought them 3 hours early...
Will and Winter came with their Dad.
DJ from basketball came with his great grandfather.
Levi and Valerie came with Mrs. Antonuccio
Benny and Levi came with Betsy and Caleb.
Spencer and Luke and Kyle came from Kaishon's class.
Paul, Kara, Sofia and Lloyd came with their mom, Sarah.
Sabria came with us.

the cupcakes and thank you boxes

dancing kids

Sabria and Kaishon had a fun time dancing the night before his Birthday party. They ROCKED it! I am so thankful for each moment I have with these precious children.