Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tips for a great New Year from the kids (December 2008)

Naji's top tips are:
Play a lot.
Run Fast!
Bria's tips:
Wear lip gloss every day (Your teacher will let you put it on in class.)
Be nice.
Kaishon's tips:
Make Friends.
Have fun.
Be as nice as you can be.
I couldn't have said it better myself : ).
Happy New Year!
What is your best tip for 2009?


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Now those are some smart kids!

My tip....Do something kind.

Happy New Year!

Grandma J said...

I couldn't have said it better.

My tip? reduce my carbon footpirnt by eating less and losing weight. Then I woke up!

The Incredible Woody said...

Wow - those kids are wise beyond their years.

My tip? Laugh.

jennykate77 said...

Great tips! I'm adding those to my list☺

Happy New Year!

richies said...

Have a Happy New Year. Thanks for the great tips

An Arkie's Musings

April said...

Happy New Year, Rebeckah! I love each and every one of your kiddo's tips. How 'bout...don't sweat the small stuff? :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe, too sweet. Simple but true tips. For me, strike more of a balance between taking care of what's around me and taking care of me!

Happy New Year my lovely friend!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...


My big tips:

1. Take life one day at a time. Find the humor, and the beauty in every day. Remember that you can't re-do the past, and there's really no sense in worrying about tomorrow.

2. Be nice to others, especially the grouchy ones. (You never know what someone else is dealing with.)

3. Stay positive. Bitterness will rot your bones (it says this in Proverbs, you know... )

4. Remember that God loves you more than you can ever even fathom. :)

5. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! LOVE GOD! (That's the "main thing" that Jesus told us all to do...)

That's all I got! :-)

Happy New Year, y'all!

Darlene said...

Great tips! Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year's Eve. I look forward to blogging with you in 2009!

Queen B said...

Great pictures and great tips! We would all do well to follow those...

Happy New Year!

The Mulligan Family said...

Wonderful tips from the kids. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year.

My tip... to be more thankful for what I have and for the things that "go right"... rather than stressing over the small stuff that I don't have any control over.

Baby Favorite said...

VERY WISE! Kids are often wiser than adults, I think.


big hair envy said...

I have no tips to add. Those wise children have covered all of the bases!!!

I made your Crab Rangoon tonight. YUM-O!!! It was a HUGE hit at Casa de Envy!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Word Verification: chrap
I hope that's not an indication of how 2009 will be for me!! Bwahahaha!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

That's priceless!!

And I had to just gaze at the last's perfect!

My tip: find a little time for myself each day...and that's tough!

Julie said...

those are great tips... have a happy new year and thanks for praying... it is an adventure right now!

Sarah said...

I love it! Tell them they are wise beyond their years :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I love this post! What we can learn from kids! Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

my best tip: facebook your friend in Ohio every day.

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