Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots of Links at Christmas time...

I love this site! It is a great place to get knowledge about MANY things! Lots of good recipes. Lots of good gift ideas.

This would be nice for all my teacher friends that still have school this week.

I should have given these a week ago... WHOOPS!

Scientific Proof about Santa's existence or non-existence.

Do you go to the movies on Christmas day? We are thinking about it this year since my family isn't coming over until the evening. Here is a list of what's playing.

I love this. Always have. Always will.
You are all done shopping right? I hope so!
Kaish and I went to see Quince yesterday.
He is very discouraged and sad.
Please keep him in your prayers this Holiday Season.


April said...

What great links, Rebeckah...thanks so much! I'll have to be sure to check them out! So sorry to hear that Quince is continuing to struggle. I'm sure it's especially hard with it being Christmastime. I'll still lift him up in my prayers.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that picture...she is holding Joseph's hand. So cute.
Love the links. I have always loved reader's digest too. I went over and already found a great appetizer recipe involving maccaroni and cheese...what could be better?
Quince is in my thoughts and prayers....Have they had any sort of therapy sessions? for his emotional well being, not physical.
Do you know how often I come over to your blog just to listen to your music? It is really a problem with me. Not a stalker, just love your choices. :) I put on your music and catch up on my reading or pay bills....
take care,

Grandma J said...

I love going to the movies on Christmas. My choice would be Marley and Me.

Daphine said...

Thanks for the links! The last two years, we have gone to see a movie late afternoon. We plan on doing it this year too! Sorry to hear about Quince. I will continue praying for him and his family. I have a couple of stocking stuffers left and we'll be done!

Have a great week ahead!

jennykate77 said...

I'll definitely lift Quince and his family up in prayer. My grandpa had a stroke a year and a half ago. It is a struggle. However, I know a big God who does great miracles. I'll be praying that his spirit is lifted.

Great links! I'm with Grandma J, my vote for Christmas day movie is Marley and Me. I think that is going to be a great movie! If you're looking for something side-splitting funny, go see Four Christmases. Too funny (in a Vince Vaughn sort of way) ☺

Live.Love.Eat said...

Sorry to hear your friend is sad. I can't blame him but I hope he gets better!

Anonymous said...

I love your friends David and Tina, Becky. They are such nice people. Love, Mom