Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Martello and Quince

I have a great best friend. Funny : ). Helpful. Kind. Blah Blah Blah.... I really love her.
Jen has these amazing parents: Mr. and Mrs. Martello.
I really love them too.
They have been a part of my life since 8th grade...just like Jen.
I told Mr. Martello about Quince shortly after he had the stroke.
Do you know that Mr. Martello has prayed for Quince every single day since then?
Every single day!
Mr. Martello wanted to send Quince a card. On Sunday I called him to give him the address. I told him I would be visiting Quince later and I would tell him that the Martello's were praying for him. Mr. Martello asked if he could come visit Quince with me. I told him that
Moss Rehab is at least an hour from his home. It was a dreary, rainy Sunday night. Mr. Martello didn't care, he wanted to come. While we were driving to Moss he told me this story.
I want to share it with you because I think it is an amazing testament to how God works.
Mr. Martello had been feeling burdened for Quince's family even though he didn't know them. He was praying and he wanted to do something kind for them but he didn't have anything to give. He had a van that he was trying to sell. It had been sitting at the bottom of his driveway for a couple of months. One Monday when he was praying for Quince he said, "God, if you bring a buyer for the van this week I will donate some of the money to Quince's family."
That Monday afternoon when he was coming home from work he got a phone call. There was a family waiting at the bottom of his driveway to look at the van. He got home and they took a test drive. They bought the van on the spot.
Mr. Martello was so happy to share his profit with Quince. It touched my heart.
Mr. Martello is one of my heroes. He loves his children. He loves God. He doesn't just talk about being a Christian, he lives it.
2 of my sweet blogging friends have shown great kindness for Quince and his family as well.
I know so many of you are praying and I am forever grateful for your prayers!

I know there are many, many more! I am going to try to think of a creative way to show Quince how people all around the world are praying for him.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this story. The Martello's sound like wonderful people and a great addition to your extended family. I am so happy that he was able to help with Quinc and his family. I have kept him in my daily prayers, along w/ my cuz Chris in Afghanistan, all the service men, the "helpless", my neighbors father, etc.....the list is long. I have to go to bed earlier and earlier. I know that made you smile.
Take care friend.

stargurrl13 said...

What an inspirational story!! Isn't it amazing how the human race can care for one another if we listen to our hearts and trust that God is in control?!?

I think it would be great to have a creative way to let Quince know how many people are thinking of and praying for him and his family!

I have a couple of ideas......let me know if you're interested and I'll shoot them to you in a facebook message!

It made me smile to chat with you in "real time" last night!

Your friendship is such a blessing to me!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I pray for him every night!
Great story and freindships like that are great!

richies said...

Great story. We often do not know how our lives are influencing others. I love your blog and think it deserves an award.

Brillante Weblog Award

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Quince really has a true friend in you. That is so special. You talk about others being so giving but you are just as giving if not more.
You make sure to give us updates and ask not only prayers said for Quince but for his family too.
You are the type of friend that I would want by my side. Not just in hard times but good also.
God bless you real good.

Grandma J said...

I'm not surprised that Mr. Martello is such a good and generous man. He is your friend, and you are probably an inspiration to him.

And, isn't he Mila's grandpa? The generousity gene and the love of God seems to be dominant in their family.

the word verification today is "uprope"!

Reader Wil said...

That is a beautiful story and very powerful! What a good friend Mr .Martello is! I too pray for your friend Quince. If he knows that so many people pray for him, he will feel comforted.

April said...


I, literally, got goosebumps when I read this story of your very dear friend's selflessness. about inspirational! God does move in mysterious and miraculous ways!

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God hears the prayers that are being lifted up on Quince's behalf. I have to trust that God will restore him. I believe Quince's faith will be strengthened and God will give him a powerful testimony to share with others someday.

Hang in there, girl...we're praying for you, too!!

Oh, have you ever heard of Caring Bridge? It's a website you can create for Quince to give updates on how he's doing. People can leave comments, as well, which can be read to him to give him encouragement. I have visited webpages of several people who've developed them through Caring Bridge and they're wonderful! Just a thought.

Daphine said...

What a beautiful and very encouraging post!!! I am postitive that the Lord will show you the most creative way to let Quince know that we are praying for him!
Loved this and you wrote it so wonderfully!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Rebeckah I have an award for you and a bit for Mr. Martello! You'll see it on my blog.

Baby Favorite said...

That is SO touching! What an amazing man Mr. Martello is. A true inspiration and role model!

Thank you for your wonderful comments about my hubby, btw! You are so darned sweet, Rebeckah! You brighten my days.

Prayers for Quince!

magiceye said...


my prayers for quince too..

Jules from "The Roost" said...

What a touching testimony! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am praying for dear Quince and will not give up!

big hair envy said...

Count me in as part of Quince's prayer chain. All things are possible through the Lord. He gives us our strength.

This is such a beautiful post. I hope it lets people know that we ALL make a difference, no matter how big or small.

BTW - Baby Addison has had a setback. I will post about it once I know more. Please keep this precious angel, and her parents, in your prayers.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

What a touching story! The Martello's sound like fantastic people!

Tracy said...

Hi Rebeckah,
What a gorgeous blog! That quote you have in your header is one of my all-time favorites. I read through a number of your entries.

Mr. Martello is quite a precious and self-less man! Another of your commenters suggested something I was thinking of...setting up a Caring Bridge site for Quince. Several people I know currently have one. It's a great way to stay updated on their progress. As to the patients, they have said they are a wonderful source of love and encouragement.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Always nice to "meet" new friends.


Mom on the Run said...

Sending healing throughts to Quince. Mr. Martello sounds like a wonderful person. Very spiritual.

Here's an idea for letting Quince know who is praying for him. Get a poster board. Paste photos or blog headers from each person you know who is blogging/praying for Quince on the poster board. Next time you go to visit Quince you can let him hang it on the wall.

Rebeckah--You are a great friend.