Sunday, November 16, 2008

Links for the week!

The best Grandma in my life right now posted a cookie recipe link this week and that got me to thinking about great cookies! What is your favorite kind?

Yesterday at the rehab center there was a group of people that were walking dogs thru. Quince wanted to go pet the dogs but he wasn't able because he couldn't leave his room. What a beautiful way to volunteer. Quince misses his dog at home and his family. He is so sad this week.

A link to one of my favorite stores in the world. Do you have this store near you? Oh my goodness it is SO fabulous! If you have never been, go check it out : )!

I liked this Pastor's blog page. I just saw it today when I was looking at April's page and I really liked him. He reminds me of my Pastor when I was little. He has great posts with relevant topics.

This girl paints really cool pictures. I love them! Creativity rocks in my book.

Shrek and Fionna's Wedding dress up clothes. Kaish loves this! Oh, yes, he does...

my friend Heather sent me this link this summer and I never got around to it. I think we might do it at Kaishon's Birthday party. Doesn't making ice cream in a can sound fun to you? It is a little cold today...but it still sounds fun, right?

I LOVE this idea. It is a search engine and it benefits charities. I signed up to do it for one of my favorite sites: Can Of Worms This organization is very cool. It was started by some Cederville Christian University Graduates. If you have never seen it before. Go see what they do.

An Arkie's Musings

I like this man from Arkansas. He takes great pictures. He works tirelessly for Relay for Life which is a cancer fundraiser. He has a cool car. He has a great heart. I would have never known what a pretty state Arkansas was before visiting his blog.

Do you have any cool new sites to share with me?


Grandma J said...

You are so sweet to mention me. I'm going to make one of the cookie recipes today. One that I've never heard of....Stained glass cookies. I'll let you know how they turn out. Let me know about yours too.

Some of your links won't open. I noticed a couple have two http:// things.

I'm so sorry Quince wasn't able to pet the dogs. I used to bring my dog, Charlie to the nursing homes...he LOVED it, and couldn't wait to climb up on the beds to get petted (and look for food). The patients loved him too. Maybe I should start bringing JJ around to visit once a week. I sent a large envelope to Quince with Mila's winning Walmart gift card and another one from Target. I hope they arrive at rehab ok. Let me know if he doesn't get them. I'll email you my address, I can't wait to see what Kaishon drew for me! I love you, Kaishon!

richies said...

Thanks for such a gracious advertisement for my blog.

An Arkie's Musings

For a great photography blog may I suggest

Sue's Daily Photography

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so good at sharing all of your finds. I will be looking into all of them. ***Thoughts for Quince*** I wish they could have brought in a dog for him to see. My good friend just went through training to have her boxer be a therapy dog. I may do this when mine get a bit older and not so hyper active.
homegoods is a store that I could live in. I could totally spend every dime we have in the bank there. (don't tell Coach) We have one here and it rocks.
you ROCK too.
Take care,

April said...

Hi Rebeckah!

Just to let you know that the pastor's link you posted is my cousin. He is a wonderful person AND pastor...he just lost his dad today. Please keep him in your prayers. I appreciate it!

Also, I thought it was interesting that you posted the link of the person from Arkansas...that's where I'm from, originally! It is such a beautiful state and his photos really capture it well.

Thanks for posting all the great links. I'll have to take some time and check them out. My prayers will continue for Quince.

Drop by my blog tomorrow...I'm having a giveaway for my 100th post!!

Lorrie said...

Hi Rebekah, Thanks for visiting me. I've enjoyed your blog and the links that you've shared in this post!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Here is one of many:

Her spirit is as sweet as her photograhy. Tell I said that;)

Becky said...

I don't have any new sites to share. I like simple cookies - no nuts. Chocolate chips, snickerdoodles, molasses, peanut butter... none of those super nutty chewy fruitastic chew things... just simple. Thanks for all the great site links.

DD said...

I love the search engine that benifts charities, what a great idea!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Hey there girlie! To get awards off people's blogs, you:
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Here it is to make it easy this time: let me know if you have any trouble;)