Friday, September 12, 2008

Peter Pan and the Darling Family are coming to our house! (Thank you Ebay)

It all started with a fight. Sabria was mad at Kaish so she told him she had a "friend" who had a whole Peter Pan action figure set and she was never going to show it to Kaish. Well, this news devastated Kaish (he just LOVES Peter Pan.) Ever since he first saw the Disney movie when he was 3 it has been his favorite. Sabria told him later that she didn't have any friends with Peter Pan sets, but he just couldn't get it out of his head.
We had never seen a Peter Pan play set. Ever. And we have looked! And looked. Kaishon desperately wanted this set. We inquired at the Disney Store and they said there was no set. We inquired at Toys R Us and they said there had never been a set. Finally we looked on ebay.
Of course they had a set. AN EXPENSIVE SET! So we planned our strategy and we have been sitting here at the computer since 6:30 PM hoping to win this AMAZING Peter Pen set...the set we just couldn't live without! It was hard to eat our meatloaf without checking to see if we were still winning. But...
We did it. We won! It will be arriving in 3-4 days from Spain.
Our Friday nights are so exciting.
Kaish is getting so big. 8 is OLD! I am glad he still likes to play with little figures. It makes my heart happy. If this will help him stay little for a little while longer, I am happy to have purchased it.
Do you ebay? What is your craziest purchase? Or happiest : )!


DD said...

Wow, what a story, who knew Peter Pan had action figures! Leave it to Ebay to have it! My happiest purchase was when Josh won me my Vera Bradely diaper bag in the last minute of the bid!! I was so excited,but did feel a bit bad for the high bidder before me.

Suz said...

First off, I have to tell you my girls LOVED peter pan at his age too. So much so that Lo was PP for her 8th halloween. We watched that movie over and over. I recently went to Disney w/ my Mom and that was one of our "must do" rides.

I do love ebay. I have bought scrap booking stuff and baskets. I have actually sold surplus stuff around my house, including concert tickets. :)
Pretty soon I will sell some Madonna floor seats that I bought for a good price and hoping to make a profit to pay for the seats that I will be sitting in.
I love the PP set. I hope he enjoys it for a long, long time.

Jessican said...

Very cute story. Who doesnt' love the trials and triumphs of Peter Pan (and Kaishon trying to find him)?

Jason said...

I have actually never purchased one single thing off of e-bay. Is that weird?

The thought hasn't even occurred to me.

Berthddu Suit said...

I love Ebay, I'm totally addicted! I have bought many things, and I love the rush of winning things at the last mintue. I'm glad you won the auction for Kaishon, so disappointing if you hadn't.

The Mulligan Family said...

I'm so glad you won the auction. That is always so exciting - even after all the times I've ebay'd. Craziest purchase?? Can't really think of one... but I've sure gotten some great "finds".

Glad you continue to enjoy the music on my site. I just love her... she's on my iPod constantly now.

Have a great weekend!

Reader Wil said...

This is a nice story I don't blame Kaish for being fond of Peter Pan. I have always liked this story myself!
Thanks for your visit.

Michelle's Rambling Woods said...

I'm happy you were able to get the Peter Pan set. I have never bought anything on Ebay which is probably not normal...

gretchen said...

I bought bunk beds for the girls on e-bay, but I did the "buy-it-now" option. I can't take the heartache of losing in the last minute. ;(

Bear Naked said...

I also have never purchased anything from e-bay.
I have a few friends who do though.

Bear((( )))

Grandma J said...

I love EBay. I'm so glad Kaishon won the Peter Pan Action figure auction.

My favorite is autographed books. Non fiction. But only with cert. of authenticity.

Have fun Kaishon, 3-4 days is a long time to wait for something that cool.

Mandy said...

I love ebay too. I got addicted while trying to find unitards for Asha for gymnastics. They are so expensive new and once I found them on ebay lets just say that she has more than she needs but they are so darn cute. I got a friend addicted now too. It's just so fun to look and even more fun to WIN!!

That is a really cool Peter Pan Set. Never saw anything like it not even at Disney World. Lucky find!! Have fun Kaishon!!

RR Mama said...

Thanks for the comment and the prayers. I appreciate them.

Abraham Lincoln said...

It is a cute story that I enjoyed reading.

You asked me about the name on the flowers on my blogs.

That was the name given on the seeds as I recall.

I also did a search in Google images and found the same flowers under those names.

Thanks for the visits and comments.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That's pretty scary that the Peter Pan set existed and Disney AND Toys R Us didn't know about it.

That's great that you won...and I agree about keeping them young. They grow up way too fast. WAy too fast.

I've never done e-bay. I am scared of the unknown especially since I have dial-up internet and it takes forever to load most sites. Well, I use that as an excuse. I'm just scared of the unknown.

photowannabe said...

Congratulations on winning the set. Its interesting that it comes from Spain. I wonder how old it is? Hubby and I are Disney collectors..mostly vintage. I don't remember seeing this but it isn't something that I would probably be searching for.
Love Ebay and both buy and sell all the time.
Great blog and have a good week.

Mom on the Run said...

My son loves Cars--the movie. About 2 years ago when he was 3, we collected the Cars toys from McDonalds. I drove to 2 or 3 McDs in one day to exchange duplicate cars for Cars we did not have. Finally the set was complete. One day I noticed we were missing Lightning. Couldn't find it anywhere at home. McD had moved on to another promotion. What could we do? Ebay! I searched and found one. I bid 99 cents, was the only bidder, and won the bid. Paid for shipping. Received the car. 2 weeks late found the original car under the stove...I was ticked!

Baby Favorite said...

I love eBay! You can find everything there.

My craziest purchase? Oh, let's see. That would probably be seven Italian charms that were about $3 each that I *had* to have.

The reason it was crazy? Because aparently my bank account, unbeknownst to me, was OVERDRAWN at the time. The purchases went through anyway. Yes, that was $35 per charm (overdraft charge) = $245.00. Not bad enough? How about a $5 per item PER DAY overdraft charge until I had money deposited into my account again.

The grand total for those seven $3 charms? $420.00.

And I'm still married. To a SAINT (who even covered the charges for me).

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Peter Pan is the best! And what fun you guys will have! Imagination is wonderful and, unfortunately due to TV, in short supply in MOST kids' imaginations these days!

I went through a very silly EBAY phase. First let me say I was the "last ant to the picnic" at EBAY. Really. Every one already knew all the pitfalls to avoid except ME and they saw me coming a mile away with "sucka" written on my forehead. :-) I have a tremendous amount of JUNK jewelry if anyone wants any! :- )

In fact, I bought this "anniversary ring" for myself (I'm embarrassed to admit it now) that looked SO beautiful in the picture and when I got it it looked SO gawdy and cheap. One step up from a Cracker Jack Box.

Oh well. Lesson learned. And, eventually, Hubster gave me a REAL one anyway.

Hope you guys have fun with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the gang!

Erica said...

Did you make Meatloaf?????