Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only Four - One Month Late

Grandma J tagged me to do
The Only Four Meme
exactly one month ago...

Four Places I go over and over:
Jen's House- we 'work from home' on the days when I don't have to drive all the way to icky
Philadelphia- I go here to visit lovely children who AREN'T GOING TO SCHOOL before going to Kaishon's school to pick him up after his LONG stessful days and then we head to
My Parents house where my Mommy always shares delicious suppers and her iron : ).

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
My Boss : (
Viagra (?)
An African man that says I have inherited a fortune
A mystery shopping company that wants to pay me ONLY $4 to go to a gas station and take 12 pictures...CrAzY!

Four places I would rather be right now:
Sleeping in a comfortable bed with the fan turned on high!
At Disney World with Kaish and Sabria and Naji
In a soft chair next to a fireplace with a brand new thick book!
In a Hospital having a baby (and, NO, sadly I am not pregnant.)

Four TV shows I watch:
The Cosby Show (TV Land is having a marathon right now)
Corey's In the House
Top Chef is starting soon I think! I am very excited about that.
I am never in charge of the remote, so this is hard for me!

Four things I have for breakfast:
Coffee (Dunkin Donuts with a shot of coconut and LOTS of cream and a little sugar, if you want to know : )
Special K Chocolate Orange Bars

Four Animals I like best:

Four Beaches I've been to:
Wildwood, New Jersey
Rehobeth Beach, Deleware
Puerto Rican Beach on my Sr. Class Trip in High School
Dead Sea in Israel on my Sr. Class Trip in College

Four people to tag? I'm changing this to FIVE : )
Well, my super cool friend GRETCHEN might do this.
My AMAZING NEW friend KATIE will probably do this.
My super SWEET friend Danielle who has the cutest little girl will probably do this too!
I will tag my friend, Heather, who might be too busy with her new relationship : )!
There is a blog I recently discovered, I told you about it on Sunday, The Roost, and I would LOVE to hear The Roosts list of Fours. Have you gone there yet? You will LOVE her stories and illustrations. I come away blessed each day : ).


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi Rebackah! Well this is a nice way to "meet" you...reading all this stuff! I am with you on the "thick book by the fire" scenario...I would have to amend that my daughter would be out of the house playing somewhere wonderful with a super-trustworthy person while this is happening, so that I can really relax! Looks like you have kids so I am sure you can relate! :)

Darlene said...

It is always fun to learn a bit more about our blogging friends!! Great stuff!

Suz said...

Very cute. I am jealous that you have been to Puerto Rico and Jerusalem. So cool.
you really need your own remote. Or just hide that one until you want it. ;)
evil. I know.

Katie said...

Hey there, I will have to get to this, but I will do it. Nice joke about another baby (: Don't say that not for a long long time... I just have my head above water now!! I saw those shoes, they are cute but probably not practical on little ones.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Cool Meme. Since you love Monkeys, here is some Monkey Love for you. I don't believe you visited me at this time.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

That was a fun way to get to know you a little. I get those SAME emails from African men claiming to have millions of dollars that they just need a bank account to transfer it too, and then I of course can just keep a large percentage of the money. Apparently someone out there falls for this because more emails come all the time. Anyway, I got sidetracked, but thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. HOpe to see you back again.

THE ROOST said...

Now that was fun to read! I loved the chair by the fireplace with a new think book:)

DD said...

Oh my word! I can't believe I got tagged! I am so excited to do this challenge. It will have to wait a day if that is ok, I am rather tired tonight and I want to think about these questions. Ok so seriously those are the 4 people that email you most often??? Viagra!! LOL!! I got such a kick out of that! You are too much!

Jessican said...

Top Chef is starting again soon? I will need to watch this! I love Top Chef!

I also supremely dig the Cosby show!


kouji said...

ah yes. i too used to receive much email from mr. viagra... :O

Pumpkin Delight said...

Haha! I love the regular emails..viagra, hahaha! I, too, love to watch the Cosby Show. What good, clean fun.
Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Katie said...

love this! I always like reading the ones that are different... and in a hospital having a baby?... odd, I smiled when I read that one. I guess I get you.

Thanks for the comment on my site... I always learn a lot from my fellow bloggers.